Today on the Christmas tree farm: fall herbicide and reviewing summer heat damage.

So it’s the first week of october uh We’re gonna go kill some grass out in The hayfield so uh the The grass has been dormant The Rains have finally come in and so it’s Starting to green back up and grow again So it’s a good time to kill it uh it’s Putting a lot of energy down into the Roots so we’re gonna spray some rose Where we want to add christmas trees and All the tree the new rose that uh died Because of the extreme heat this year We’re gonna just spray right over the Top of those and kill off that Grass so that we can Grow more christmas trees there without The stuff there the weeds there we’ll Have to spray again in the spring but This will knock back a lot of it and It’ll make it so we don’t have sod and Roots and everything when we’re trying To plant next year I i just have some roundup here today Normally don’t like to buy a roundup Because it’s overpriced You can get the same stuff off-brand You know it says for best results six Ounces Per gallon but I have a 25-gallon tank and this is Small enough jug but i can’t even fill It all the way up i’m gonna end up with About four gallons

The nice thing is Getting 13 gallons in here I’m just gonna put the entire contents Of this in there Anyway normally i should have more Gloves on and whatnot but i’m not Measuring or anything i’m just Pouring the entire contents in Gonna fill this half full Drive around the field for a while well The the water going in right now is Going to help mix it up but then i’m Going to just drive around the field for A little bit Slosh it around and then we’ll turn on And start spraying the rows Got to do a couple modifications today i Have a six foot boom sprayer my rows are Five feet wide and there’s a center Sprayer uh obviously i’m just trying to Spray the rows where the trees are being Planted i want don’t want to spray the Middle so i’m just going to take the Center nozzle off i’m just taking a Plastic grocery bag Doubling it over i can put the filter And everything back in And i’m going to shove this in with the Plastic bag Tighten it down It looks ugly But No uh Norbert side is going to come out here

And then i’m going to need to turn both Nozzles this is a six foot sprayer and It’s designed to spray out each way uh I’m gonna turn the nozzles on the Outside and so that they face back Inward since uh the rows are gonna be Inside my six foot boom spreader All right we now have We now have the center Plugged and the outside shooting in so They’ll be spraying towards five feet On center and it’ll spread out from There obviously these nozzles are not Designed to spread this way so uh i’ll Have to get out there start spraying and Double check and make sure it works It’s just a little bit of modifications That you have to do Working on a small farm You might say hey there’s black plastic There what’s going on the stretched out Uh grocery bag didn’t work so i I jammed The nozzle full of black plastic and Then i used a garbage bag an outdoor Garbage bag and so now there was It’s full behind the nozzle so it Couldn’t push down and it’s a stronger Plastic so it’s not dripping My nozzles are spraying a little bit too Much to the inside And it was spraying clear in here and in Here So i do want them spraying in but not

That far i’m going to adjust them out Backwards a little bit again And then test it again One of the things that’s become apparent While i’m testing my nozzles when i plug The middle one and shooting the other Two is and i should have thought about It is the fact that once i got the Middle one plugged the amount of Pressure Coming in the other two is going to be Increased so it’s spraying farther so When i’ve turned those all the way in They were spraying all the way to the Middle so i had to turn them back out a Little bit So that they’re not spraying all the way To the center and they’re actually doing The five foot rows of christmas trees Or you strip a couple wires or a wire This is just to pair it together and Strip the other end connected to the Terminal of the battery And then You hear the motor running You can run that out from underneath the Seat up here and then clip on and off Out here so one Will stay clipped to the battery one You’ll connect out here but uh i keep Telling myself i’m going to Either bring another battery or i’m just Going to Get a permanent wire here and with an on

Off switch which would be quite easy to Do but uh Always in a hurry after i get done i Throw put everything away and then don’t Think about it again until i come and Turn this back on [Music] [Music] So [Music] Okay people thought i was exaggerating The death toll on the new planting This is literally you can see on the Right This is this year’s new planting on the Left i’m actually pleasantly surprised That they had holed up but you can see The bare root seedlings that are on the Right every single one is crispy brown If you look to the left last year’s Seedlings they didn’t grow much this Year but they’re green almost Every single one of them Is green on the left Praise god and we planted 3 000 of those Last year And most of them are making there’s a Dead one there But everything on the right is brown and Literally All 1600 Bare root trees that we planted this Year Are dead there’s a few

Plugs that May make it But then most of last year’s trees Looking good So as we pan The field Of the new planting Everything you see is there brown you Turn to last year’s planting And you’ll see a bunch of green little Suckers there so Anyway These guys over here on the right are Just gonna have to Help carry us and there’s a bunch More of those intermixed in the Larger trees over there And these guys Sorry you’re gonna be replaced Thanks for joining me on the flanigan Homestead where christmas trees are my Business teaching including horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects are my Passion I love it when you make comments like Subscribe share whatever and be blessed Everyone