Too Many Grapples! #tractor

Kind of funny how these different Grapples set differently right so we Have two ironcraft grapples here and a Precision grapple this is an Ironcraft Utility root grapple okay just sits nice And flat like that now this one doesn't Have a parking stand or anything this is How I chose to uh have this one rest Which actually works out really Well and I like the fact that it keeps The the rod see how that Rod is exposed They say long-term exposure you can Corrode them or something I don't know If there's any truth to that but nothing Exposed there and here's here's the Precision grapple it does have A little parking stand There but yeah we sell all sorts of Grapples and other attachments these are All the things that I use for videos They kind of come and go but go to Goodworks I do like to put Things on pallets when I Can goodworkstractors decom we sell all This stuff brand new Shi it nationwide

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