Folks I just got done finishing off kind Of rehabbing this pole barn out here and While it wasn't brand new from the Ground up I got to make a lot of Decisions a lot of choices and There's one thing I completely forgot About even though I went through all the Articles and all the videos online about What to have in your barn when you're Doing it what people regret there's Still some things out there that weren't Covered so I'm bummed out that I did not Get this done before everything was Finished off in here but let's go Through the big regrets at least 10 of Them here that way if you are going Through a brand new pole barn building Process or you're rehabbing one Finishing one off kind of fixing it up Like we did here you can make the best Of it all right so first the one that I Completely screwed up myself was Plumbing all right and so this line that Comes into the barn has actually ran all The way from our house out here there's No separate well or anything like that That's what we have right there this Sink was already here I'm gonna end up Doing something But I didn't have any foresight to take Any plumbing through the walls so I can Have Outlets or water anywhere else in This bar no other spigots anywhere else Nothing was ran before this this shop

Area right here that we're in was Already here but everything else in the Barn was unfinished and exposed and that Was the time to run it didn't think About it I don't know why I don't know How that didn't pop into my head but at This point I'm kind of stuck with Keeping the water in this area unless I Want to run something exposed and I Don't want to do that so Plumbing that's My big regret let's see what else there Is electric all right and that's pretty Obvious right but you want to have Lights you want to have power in Different locations we went kind of Crazy but we went inside and outside Just like you would you know do it by Code putting Outlets every so often I've Got 240 in several different places here For maybe an air compressor maybe a Non-demand water heater a welder Whatever I might want to do down the Road I just want to have the capability To do that and it's all in the walls Hidden and buried which is really nice We've also got exterior lights got some Gooseneck lights out front have some Other overhead lights that are above the The garage door Bays they're all Controlled by a timer so they come on Automatically at dusk can change that Obviously as the days get longer and Shorter but everything got got redone I Should pop this off Bice electric did an

Amazing job it's it's super organized Underneath here again existing Barn I Think 16 years old something like that So working with what we had down here This was Um that was for the cattle fence we Don't have any animals but that's what That was for down there so we're not Going to use that at all but other than That don't forget your power We paid a lot of money for that power But it's better to have it oh and also Even put some dedicated circuits outside So we can plug in um if we have um block Heaters that kind of thing for whether It's tractors or trucks or anything else We have out there we have those Dedicated circuits too okay next up Insulation all right so here is some Spray-on or spray foam insulation had it Done on the inside of these doors too we Got to finish these off as well and put Some some weather stripping out here but Uh spray insulation all the way around All the walls had a quote to do the Ceiling too but it was Like I think double the price of doing The walls there's a lot more surface Area up there so we elected to finish The ceiling off and then do blown in Insulation up there Um it was way cheaper to do it that way Versus doing this stuff up there Obviously not something you can do after

You have things finished off if you're Going to go that route it's a very Expensive cost to do so obviously right Now we are reaping the benefits of that It's very comfortable this is where we Shoot a lot of our YouTube videos in the Winter time so we need a big Studio or a Shop or whatever that's comfortable for The winter but uh really nice it's one Of those things you hate writing a check For but it pays for itself down the road All right so we have two different Climate control systems this guy was Already here a little mini split Um I didn't know much about these until We went on a vacation to Puerto Rico in Like every place that you went to had Mini Splits worked really well so it was Pretty cool seeing one here already but This keeps it Warm and cold depending on the season so It works really well the rest of the Barn is heat only and we had to find the Right solution for our needs there all Right so the heat for the rest of the Barn we're gonna have three of these Systems here so these are radiant heat Tubes it is propane Um We needed something that was quiet and You're seeing the worst case scenario us Being at the same level as it right now This is it You hear that it's not very loud we're

Basically right next to it it's not very Loud but we didn't want forced air that Was going through it and you know just Making noise all the time I I had a a Forced air heater in my garage and it's Just it's it's a it's a loud one so we Wanted quiet heat and that was important To us um it's a really nice heat though Too it just kind of warms up everything To the touch it's just a it's a Comfortable heat so there's a lot of Options out there you know and and we Weighed a lot of them we got a lot of Quotes a lot of price differences in This so another big investment that it Hurts to do all this stuff up front Especially if you're not financing this If you're paying cash out of pocket for The stuff to happen then it makes those Decisions I think even more important on The direction that you go obviously a Lot of guys use wood burners of some Kind to heat their places or boiler Systems an option we were going to Really consider if this was new and Didn't have any Concrete in it yet was Going to be in-floor radiant heat I Think that would have been a really good Route to consider but you guys that are Out there I know you'll have a lot of Advice and a lot of input and good Solutions or maybe maybe you're stuck With a bad solution and you want to let Somebody know about that too folks if

You're watching this there's a good Chance you own a tractor and you're Going to need more attachments in the Future check out what we have to offer At we sell and Ship all over the country every day of The week we are proud to be sponsored by Rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at height okay do not Build Too Short it's going to cost a lot More per square foot if you build a a One level Ranch that's just sprawling Versus the same square foot that's just Built up in a smaller footprint and the Same concept applies to your barn too And You're going to see 16 foot Interior height here which is tall Enough

We've hit these lights like two times With basketballs you can shoot Three-pointers in here all day or Miss Three-pointers in here all day with a 16 Foot height ceiling I think if you go Any lower you're going to be in trouble We have two 12-foot doors then we got a 14 foot door this door right now is Inactive okay we took the tracking and Everything off didn't want to interfere With this side of things so we've got Two doors over there but one of the big Reasons you want to have a minimum of an Interior 16 foot height is because of What's over there and that's going to be A loft area which you could use for many Different things but you get some Vertical storage a second level of Storage this is extra square footage Right here that I can use for whatever I Want to do I'm six foot three I'm Standing up here comfortably okay we've Got our shop down below us just fine we Have walkable usable storage that's up Here too it's a really smart use of Space and yeah you could do it if you Had A couple feet less but then you're Everything's getting smaller right if You're a taller guy you're hunching over Or if you want to get a piece of Equipment down underneath potentially That's not a possibility anymore so Again build it tall enough

And then also another regret this did Come up online was making sure you build In A mezzanine or a loft or whatever you Want to call it this kind of usable Space here really adds value To your setup okay so next up I don't know if you can see it out there It's too cold I'm going to close this Back up there's a lot of attachments out There for my tractors all right and uh I'd like to keep them covered So if I was building a barn new what I Would have done is put An overhang or a lean-to on both long Sides most likely and put all my Overhead doors on these ends here and in Fact when I was going to build a barn at Our other chunk of property that's Exactly what I had designed in the plan Was like 12 foot overhangs on either Side so there's plenty of space to back Them underneath there get them out of The weather out of the sun no matter What the angle the time of year that Kind of thing too That's a valuable space that's really Cheap on a cost per square foot and you Don't need attachments to be stored Inside but if you can get them away from The Sun so that they're not getting Faded any hoses on them or not Deteriorating quicker that kind of thing And they're not buried in snow that

Makes a big difference so that's not Factored into your your interior square Footage but it's a cheap add-on in a Nice way I mean if you build a hundred Foot long barn by 12 foot on either side That's an extra 2400 square foot of Covered storage which I could really use All right so what are you going to do About your floor concrete floor is Awesome two-thirds of our barn was Concrete when we moved in here The third that's on the far end the North End was dirt because uh the Previous owner used this for equipment Storage but also a cattle pen Essentially so some some indoor space For them and while they were not outside In the pasture they were in here we Don't plan on having any animals so what We did is we finished that end off in Concrete as well Again expensive option but way better Than than dirt or sand or or gravel or Stone in my opinion it's just a lot Easier to keep clean you know this is All stained up and everything else I'm Thinking about doing something To kind of clean this up a bit might I'm Probably not going to epoxy it man That's an expensive cost to do but I Might see if there's something I could Do and I'm open to suggestions as well If you've got something that can get rid Of some of these stains polishing it to

An extent Um I'm not sure but I everything else is Looking so nice That I want to make the floors match all Right so I made the decision on the Newest area of concrete that we poured To not put a floor drain in and I did That because we were going to primarily Use that to play basketball you know for The kids to have a cool place inside in The winter time to hang out and I didn't Want a floor drain and a slope floor Right in the middle of all that but in The existing area we've got two drains We've got one underneath this Kubota Actually one under the other Kubota too And you can see where these puddles just Kind of slowly slope and drain and and Go towards that direction there it's not A perfect slope and I think the folks That poured this originally well they Started I think too close to the doors Because with it rains really hard all The rain was to come inside instead of Sloping away outside so not ideal but Floor drains are critical we power wash These floors last summer and the floor Drains actually backed up a bit Eventually they drained out but we could Never find where they exited down on the Hillside somewhere I'm assuming but I Don't I don't know where they went Eventually they did drain out but That's kind of the downside as you do

Need to stay on top of them to keep them Clean big decision I remember this when I was laying out Our other Barn that we were going to Build was what I was going to do where I Was going to put Overhead Doors how tall Overhead Doors entry doors windows all That kind of thing and I you know it's Really nice people to drive all the way Through a barn but that also means that You can't permanently put any racking or Other kinds of storage there you have to Dedicate that space to kind of like a Runway and so I didn't really like that Idea so much but we've got three Overhead Doors here we're using two of Them now I think that's plenty for me For my needs one would be terrible I Think you need to at least have a couple Doors on there entry doors same thing You know I would like to have one on all Four sides we've only got one on two out Of the four sides so if you're over on The far side for whatever reason or That's where your Project's going on It's it's kind of an annoyance to walk All the way around not the end of the World but an entry door is pretty cheap In the grand scheme of things as far as Windows go yep those are an added cost But it's really nice to have natural Light coming into your building when you Can I think a smart way to do it is to Get those windows up high so that way

It's not a security issue depending on The area that you're in you know you Can't just easily smash out a window get Inside makes a little bit more Challenging that way if they're up high They're self-facing this is our South Wall here you know I would have liked to Have seen a few more windows in there But that's the side I would put them on If you're trying to save some money Don't put them on the North side right Just put them on the south side or the Areas that are going to get you know if There's trees that are blocking it don't Put them there put them in the areas That are open and gonna get the most Sunlight and natural light Makes a big difference and talking about Lighting it's very important to us using This as a YouTube Studio you got to have Good lighting for video Spent a lot of money on lights and in Fact a lot of these are going back Because they ended up not being bright Enough we did a whole lighting layout Wanted to average 180 foot candles on The whole place you know there's some Spots that are brighter some that are Darker there's reflectiveness that comes Into play if we do Do something with this floor to make it A little bit shinier that's going to Also increase the foot candles as well But we started off with 28 24

000 lumen light fixtures we ended up Switching out the middle rows to 30 000 Lumen light fixtures because we were not Getting the average foot candles that we Needed and honestly it is very bright I Love it in here I would go even brighter I think part of that's because I'm blind But it's really nice to be able to see What you're working on right if you're Wrenching on equipment or if you're Doing some welding projects or other Fabrication whatever you want to do in Your barn to have good light cannot be Understated and again this is this is Overkill for most folks and I understand That but the lighting that we had in Here to begin with was just a handful of Crappy old lights that You could hardly see anything you can Tell if it was day or night in here Basically it looked like it was dusk all The time but what helps the lighting in General again besides the windows that We talked about You can get away with less overhead Lights a lower expense there too if you Are going to finish off the inside of Your bar You go with something white or very Light in color like this and that's Going to make a big difference too so Everything kind of works together to Help Brighten the space up and make it just

More Usable and a place that you want to be So that's another big decision right What are you going to do With the interior you're going to leave It unfinished gonna finish it off And and steel you're going to put Drywall up you're going to put Four by eight you know plywood up what What are you going to do to finish off The inside of your barn or or you're not Going to do that at all and Um obviously this is one of the last Things that you would do and you can Push that expense down the road and Maybe just finish it off section by Section if you want to to lower that Expense as well but it's nice that it's At the end right because it gives you a Lot of time to think about what you want To do gets you a lot of time to to put That plumbing in the wall to put that Electric in the wall gas in the wall if You want to do air compressor lines Maybe you wrote those in the walls and The ceilings whatever else too Gives you the opportunity to do that I Love the way that this looks it just Finishes it off makes it look great It's nice to look at it it's clean it's Just what I'm looking for in a barn and This isn't what everybody needs right But for me this is what I was going for And I'm really happy with the results

For me something I did not have a choice In was position on the property where The barn is located at and that was a Big factor for me in our other at our Other property where I was going to lay That barn out and and a lot of thought Went into that and I don't love this Location for our barn on the property It's towards the very back of it and Right in the middle sort of where it Just kind of want I'm an Outdoorsman I Hunt and I would like the whole back of The property to be just for hunting and Now this is a big disruption right in There and I would have put this Barn a Lot closer to the house further towards The front of the property towards the Road where it's Well it just feels interrupted back here I guess there's a way to put it so for Me I don't like that Um that's a I think a big miss that the original Owner did here at least for my purposes It doesn't align very well but there's Not a lot I can do about it now and I Think the most obvious one is going to Be you're not building it big enough Right and so Just like trucks trailers gun safes pole Barns are the same thing build it as big As you possibly can if you think I don't Need more than a 30 by 40 Barn Well you probably do okay that's that's

Not very big by the time you you put Some workbenches in it some shelving Around store a few things in there too You're not going to have a lot of space Left over to walk around and do things And you got to build and plan for down The road and you can get away with that If you do things like put those lean Twos on as well that's going to give you That extra kind of bonus space if you Build it tall enough and get some Loft Space up here too and really take Advantage of things and do them in a a Smarter cost effective way But still I'm telling you if you think Yep that's what I need go bigger than That all right I I have learned my Lesson over and over and over buying Other things at trailers I don't even Know how many chairs I've had I've had So many trailers because I always need More which means that I need bigger Trucks to tow them too gun safes have Gone through a whole bunch of gun safes Too you know your collections your Things just continue to grow we don't Like to get rid of things all that often So maybe maybe you're better at that Than than I am and you can get rid of Things when you get something new But oftentimes you never know when You're going to need that old thing so You keep it around too so hope that Helps I'm sure there's some things that

I forgot but that's a pretty exhaustive List I think so What are your big regrets when you were Building your barn leave a comment down Below so you can let other people know About what it is help them out let them Not make the same mistake that you did Now our business is selling tractor Attachments so if you own a tractor you Need something for your front end loader Or your three-point hitch maybe a Grapple a snow Pusher pallet Forks a Rototiller a brush hog a Flail Mower go To goodworks we sell and Ship all over the country every day of The week and if you enjoyed today's Video and you want to see more see What's going on around here hit that Subscribe button down below it is Completely free I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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