Folks how we doing we're going to do our Top 10 tractor attachments of 2022 today Plus we've got some surprises some Predictions and the top five discount Club members too before we get started We had a prediction last year I was Guessing a bit of a premonition that the Land plane would crack the top 10 for This year's list so Now's the Time to See if I was right okay I'm going from 10 to 1 going to rank it by number of Units sold all right so number 10 the Tiller rototiller you might hear it Called a couple different things could Be forward or reverse rotation we've Sold every single one is actually can be Either one forward or reverse rotation a Lot of folks probably don't know that But a rototiller is excellent of course For prepping for a garden if you want to Do some landscaping and get a new yard Put in or take out all the bumps in the Hills of a field just kill everything Off start over from scratch it's really Hard to beat a tiller they also work Really well we've used them for driveway Preparation you want to get some of that Topsoil out of there run over it with a Tiller once or twice makes that top soil Very loose nice to reuse it somewhere Else takes up all the side shot wraps it Up a good use for it before I forget Everything we see on this list today we Can help you out with goodworks we sell and ship all over The country okay number nine the core Plug aerator these are very popular you Know we have a really good source now With dirt dog where they make an Affordable four foot five foot and six Foot version great for the normal Residential application you know we Actually have some folks using these as Part of their landscape service Portfolio a really quick payback that Way too and like pretty much everything Else on this list we've done a video all About it so check that out if you want To learn more number eight was only in This position because we had a limited Number of units that we could get if we Could have gotten more we would have Sold more most certainly but the Flail Mower continues to grow in popularity Every year with good reason it's very Compact just leaves a cleaner finish Compared to a brush hog does an Excellent job the ability to offset and Get outside of your tires if you want to Cut underneath a brush line on a fence Row maybe even into a ditch a Flail Mower can do that where a brush hog Really can't we sell a variety of Del Marino flail mowers there's a series to Fit your machine no matter what you have Number seven pallet forks and these come In all shapes and sizes but it's one of The main reasons I say make sure you

Have a quick attach on your bucket if You have a John Deere well you're Basically guaranteed to have the jdqa Unless you have a utility tractor you May have something else for everything Else make sure you're getting the skid Steer quick attached you'll see some of The oh Yanmar has their own quick attach LS has their own quick attach there's a Couple other goofy ones out there I'm Telling you get one of the standard Systems either jdqa or ssqa you're doing Yourself a favor you can get Forks among All sorts of other attachments but it's No surprise to see this staple on the List next up my very own Versa bracket And so the Versa bracket is a well Multi-function tool it's first and Foremost it's going to be a weight Bracket so you can hang suitcase weights On there ballast weight is very Important here every tractor needs it so That's the biggest function but we've Added more to that it has a two inch Receiver built in it's got a pair of Chain hooks on it it's got a well we we Started out calling it a chainsaw holder Which it still is but it's also a big Flat shelf so you can put a toolbox on There or you can repurpose it to use it For whatever you want so if you already Have suitcase weights we sell the Versa Bracket as a standalone item if you want To get the full package with the weights

As well we sell that too before we get To the top five let's go through the Honorable mention really quick these Almost made the cut very close right in The cusp but we have the brush hog which Took a back seat to the Flail Mower and Continues to every year still good Option considerably cheaper and then we Have our grading tools kind of mixing Together the Box plates the land planes And the rakes if we lump them all Together they would certainly be on this List but as Standalone items they're not Quite there and for you Keen listeners That means I was wrong the land plan did Not make the list this year okay number Five this year was the CMP dethatcher we Carry the 60 inch dethatcher it's a Multi-purpose rake one of the cheaper Tractor tools that you can buy out there Ships UPS ground comes in oh five foot Long box only nine inch by nine inch Wide takes about an hour to put together Great for dethatching as the name might Suggest but that's good for scarifying To overseed in the fall or in the spring Or a new landscaping job if you have Some final cleanup to do at a new Residential construction or remodel Fantastic for that some light driveway Grading Leaf cleanup The list just goes on and on hooks right Up to your category one three-point Hitch and is quick hitch compatible too

Okay number four gives us our surprise Entry on the list this year and in fact I don't even know if this time last year I had a even an inkling that this could Happen but early this year Chris and I Bought Rhino hide canopies and so while That is technically a different company From Good Works tractors It's still kind of all rolled together In the same thing so Rhino hide canopies Takes the fourth spot this year as the Fourth most popular item there's a Solution for just about every compact Tractor out there the Rhino hide canopy Is lightweight nearly indestructible and Easily removable for transportation and Storage okay number three on this year's List the HLA snow Pusher again a variety Of shapes and sizes another reason you Want a quick attach on your loader swap Out from that bucket to a snow Pusher to Forks to a grapple and so on makes life So easy I think Speaking on behalf of all the customers That buy these the reason the snow Pusher is so popular is because you Don't have to take your whole loader off Right it gives you that versatility to Switch back and forth plus the snow Pusher is simple there's no moving Parts There's no Hydraulics there's no Electronic anything it's just easy less To go wrong when you're out there in the Middle of winter and the cold and

Blowing snow and everything else plus It's good for a variety of conditions it Can be wet heavy snow light fluffy snow Just an inch or two for cleanup a foot Or more to clear it out of the way Number two on this year's list is Another one of my own Creations not that It's the only one on the market I think I just make the best one and it's the GWT stump record we now have a mini Version and an HD version available yet Another tool proving the usefulness of a Quick attach on your loader you take Your regular bucket off you put this Mini shovel this poor Mass backhoe Whatever you want to call it right on There gives you just a concentrated Digging force a digging point there on Your loader to to pop stumps out to pop Boulders out to dig a trench to plant For trees to pop out old Landscaping all Sorts of uses for it available in John Deere quick attach and skid steer quick Attached to before we get to number one Really quick my predictions for next Year I think I think I'm going to be right on This I don't know where it's going to Land but somewhere on there is going to Be our latest creation which is the GWT Hitchhanger all right and so this mounts To a quick hitch it could be the Speedco Quick hitch or a similarly sized quick Hitch the Harbor Freight one for example

We also have the John Deere eye match Hitch hangers so a version for each one You can hang up to six suitcase weights On there get an extra up to 450 pounds Of ballast weight on the back side of Your tractor again you kind of see a Theme here we're really big on that that Safety tractor safety and counterweight And so this is another solution to help Out with that I think it's going to make it next year Folks I want to take just a second to Tell you about our Channel sponsor Rimgard they are a liquid ballast Solution they line up with exactly what We do here on Good Works which is Talking about tractors and tractor Safety we see it as simple as this if You own a tractor you need rim guard in Fact some attractors include rim guard As standard out of the factory liquid Ballast is simply weight all right and This weight hides inside your tires it Stays there all the time it's a safety Concern because tractors are almost Always too light and too Tippy out of The factory the number one attachment Used by every tractor owner is their Front end loader so when you pick up Something heavy on the front end your Back end wants to pick up off the ground Rim guard liquid ballast helps keep your Back end planted to the ground but Beyond safety is going to help maintain

Traction because if those rear tires Those power driving tires are on the Ground you have traction to go where you Need to and you're going to operate more Efficiently because if those rear tires Aren't on the ground you're not going to Pick up as much as you need to or take It where you need to go rim guard is all Natural that means it's safe it is the Heaviest per gallon all-natural product On the market it's not going to freeze It's not going to corrode and it's Available at over a thousand dealers Nationwide to find a dealer visit to make your Tractors safer today and number one this Year for the second year in a row and I Don't think it's going anywhere anytime Soon is going to be the spico eh quick Itch all right for category one tractors A tractor like this a 1025 a BX all the Way up to a tractor as big as a John Deere 4066r a Kubota l6060 and even some Of the smaller utility tractors I've got A Kubota m4d071 it uses that if you have A tractor that's Cat 1 and Cat 2 Compatible then a cat one quick hitch Will fit on there check it out this Version does not use any bushings at all Okay so the bushings really add up on Costs if you get them for all of your Attachments not to mention we just did a Video recently showing how it's a Hundred dollars cheaper than a John

Deere image all right now time for our Top five discount Club partners that we Work with and again these are companies That you go right to their website you Buy from them but you use code GWT you Save at least five percent sometimes More off of your order now in no Particular order starting with the Tractor PTO link okay tractorpto their solution makes life Easier connecting your PTO shaft to your Tractor it can be a real pain this moves It out into an easier to use location a Lot of times the PTO shaft is just kind Of well it's it's either corroded or It's got dirt on there it doesn't want To slide on and off very easy so this Eliminates that pain it's no surprise That they're on the list 511 Grille Guards we just had Justin back out for An another video time and time again we Have so much positive feedback about his Grill guards how well built they are the Fit of them the finish of them not only Do they look good but they serve a Functional purpose to protect the front End of your tractor so if you're doing Grapple work other kind of nasty Condition type work a grill guard can Really save your tractor ju fabworks has Both on rackets for virtually every Bucket that's out there these days They've got a Universal Design if you Don't have one that'll fit with the John

Deere or the Kubota buckets these allow You to have tie down points points to Strap to to hold things in your bucket Points to drag material from very easy To install relatively cheap a pretty Good Christmas present too Summit Hydraulics no not not Summit tractors Not to be confused separate company Summit Hydraulics makes DIY solutions For your tractors so if you don't have a Third function on your tractor up front Or you want more remotes on the back of Your tractor going to a dealer is a Really expensive option it can be done But you can do it yourself in a couple Hours time and save a whole lot of Loot And last but not least is going to be Loop shuttle these guys have an Excellent just Superior greasing system In every way takes the pain out of Greasing they've got a manual pistol Style and they've got an electric style Grease gun as well you can swap Cartridges they're recyclable they're Reusable you're not going to have the Leak down that you have and a mess on Your floor to deal with so Loop shuttle Check them out that's a wrap for us Folks if you thought something else Should have made this list I'd love to Hear about it if you've got a product That you think everybody would love I Want to know about that too if you're Looking for something on this list you

Can find everything at I'd love to have You follow along so hit that subscribe Button right down below I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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