Foreign [Music] Folks this is a monster mini grapple all Right it's a big mouth mini 322 From Precision manufacturing and in fact I've had this grapple for I don't know Has it been a year months I don't know I Have too many products and I just don't Have enough time to show them all but we Just got this grapple set up as well as Another variation I want to show you in A little bit I want to tell you more About them I think Look at the scale I mean I'm six foot Three and look how big the stinking Thing is it's monstrous it's a 48 inch Opening on these Jaws you're going to See it's a double jaw unit here as well This bad boy is made in America you know What we ship these all over the country Let's tell you more about it I want to Show you another product too if you're Looking for a grapple and you don't have A quick attach bucket you're stuck with A pin down bucket we've got a solution For you stick around for that all right So this bad boy is 59 inches wide okay We talked about the 48 inch opening all Right so it's freaking gigantic But it's made for a small tractor like To Summit tx25 a John Deere 1025 Kubota BX Kubota B series LX your similar Coyotes mahindra's LS whatever you name It all those small tractors incredibly

With the ssqa skid steer quick attach it Only weighs 264 pounds And jdqa it's 276 pounds so 270 pounds Give or take a few pounds either way That's perfect for a small tractor all Right and to have this kind of grappling Ability is quite impressive so how do They do that you know you have a big Grapple but not a lot of weight and so a Couple of things first you can't really See but it's made out of a high strength Steel called AR 400 and so it's a Stronger steel so you don't need as Thick of Steel you don't need as much Steel because it can take more of a a Beating so to speak all right so it Costs more all right you're paying for a Premium steel but it gets you what you See here to be able to use it on a small Tractor and secondly you're going to see All these cutouts right They put a lot of engineering time into This cutting out the weight where you Can okay to make it more usable and Functional give you the strength you Need you still see these serrated edges Up and down the top and the bottom Jaws Spacing is about nine to ten inches Apart depends on the exact model that You get but right in that ballpark there This thing will clamp completely closed Independent jaws with independent Cylinders up on top that are going to Clamp if you have an uneven load they're

Going to clamp unevenly that way it's Still clamping tight you don't have you Know just one side clamping down and the Other side's not grabbed on anything That other side will doesn't squeeze Tighter if it needs to and there's some Other little details you might not Notice as well right now we've got our Our parking stand and the store is Positioned you can just pop out a pin Here and take this parking stand put it Down underneath and then it'll stand Upright instead of falling over so That's a nice touch behind each one of These Corner plates here is where your Cylinders are at so they are completely Protected they're not going to get Damaged by you know scooping up into Branches or logs or anything else like That and there's going to be zerks of Course where you need them on the on the Pivot Points hinge points here on both Sides where the Jaws open and close and So this is in general a very good Overview of the design of precision Grapples but they're going to have them In a lot of different sizes they have Them smaller than this they have them a Lot bigger than this too so anything for The small little subcompact tractors Through the biggest of compact tractors Into utility tractors for skid steers You name it they have a solution and in Fact one of the more popular versions of

Grapples that they carry and we have one Coming from demonstration soon it's Going to be an added grapple for pallet Forks and so you can take your pallet Forks you kind of slide them through These little slots on there clamp them Down and tighten them to your pallet Fork frame hook up your hydraulic hoses And then you have an added grapple just That top jaw that clamps down against Your forks a really handy way so if You're looking for Forks you want to get Something well maybe you want a grapple Too but you want to save a buck who Doesn't get an added grapple for forks And you're in business and now these are In my opinion a premium grapple that's On the market all right and you're going To find cheaper grapples out there so I Just want to put that out there right Away if you want to save money this is Not the grapple for you if you want a Top of the line grapple this is what you Want Now if you do want to save some money Still get a grapple functionality well Let's show you this next product here And see if that fits the bill you're Proud to be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory

Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at so folks this is The added grapple for a bucket and the Cool thing about this is that whether You have a quick attach bucket or a pin Down bucket this will work for you of Course you still need the extra Hydraulics all right to operate it it Has this extra cylinder here so you need To have an extra remote somewhere on Your tractor whether it's up front or Way in the back and you run some hoses Up here to connect to it one way or Another you need the extra Hydraulics Now of course the summit to cx-25 comes Standard with an extra hydraulic set up Front and on the back side so take your Pick there But most tractors don't now if your Tractor doesn't have the extra Hydraulics you can get those through Precision as well or our other discount Club Partners Summit Hydraulics okay Where you can save five percent off of

All your Hydraulic Solutions over there Now back to this grapple all right Pretty simple But it's genius I love it you're going To see it's got an inner and outer bar Okay they slide in and out so it's Adjustable okay these work with a a Range of bucket sizes on there and and There's a mini a standard a large a Double depending on what you want they Are fairly lightweight because it's just The top half of a grapple right you're Utilizing your existing bucket so Account for that weight and then you're Just bolting on and hooking up the Hydraulics for the added grapple but What a cool way to enhance the Versatility of your bucket and again if You have a pinned bucket where you Really could use a grapple function and You you just can't quickly you know move From one attachment to the other just a Great solution for that in general And these guys are going to be a Fraction of the price compared to a full Complete grapple anyways and so even if You're just looking to get the grapple Functionality and save some money a good Solution worth looking at so all sorts Of information on our website and on Precision's website too including charts Okay so you can do all the measurements You know get the measurements on your Bucket the width and the depth that kind

Of thing and then pick out the right one For you that's going to work it's really As simple as that guys so that's going To do it for us today again a good Overview of a couple great options kind Of at both ends of the spectrum there on The price points too but very high Quality made in the USA products so Whether you're looking for one of these Grapples or maybe something else for the Front end loader or the three-point Hitch we can probably help you out check Out prices Include free shipping rewards and Financing too if you own a tractor then You probably need to subscribe to this Channel hit that button right down below Completely free new videos coming out All the time and check out our Collection of over 600 videos already Out there who knows maybe you'll learn Something new I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon Thank you Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign

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