Tractor Attachments on a Mini Skid Steer #firewood #excavating #miniskidsteer #firewoodbusiness

Artillian attachments on a Baumalight 620D mini skid steer

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I've got big plans for the new bomal Light mini skid steer but until I get Some more attachments for it I'm Primarily going to use it as a firewood Machine here you see me using it with a Single artian grapple which is narrow Enough that I can cut all the way down To a 16in round I also need it to be Able to handle a full tote of firewood Which weighs around 1,500 lb it's able To move these totes as is but I've Ordered some counterweights from bomal Light because it's a little bit light in The rear this next attachment is a stump Bucket that artian also calls a front ho It's good for digging out saplings or Rocks or making a shallow Trench

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