Tractor Attachments on a Mini Skid Steer?

Artillian attachments on a Baumalight 620D mini skid steer

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[Music] [Music] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to try out some New attachments on the bomal light mini Skid steer so I've known this machine Was coming for a little while but it Only came with a bucket and a bucket's a Handy tool for a mini skid steer but It's definitely not going to do Everything I need to do and then one day It hit me that I already have an Attachment system that will work on this That will let me use a wide range of Attachments actually so let me show you What I'm talking about so this is a mini Skid steer quick attach from our Aran And if you have been following my Channel you know that I have a bunch of Attachments from Artian but they just recently came out With an adapter that lets you use those Same Attachments with a mini skid steer and This is a very new thing for them they Haven't really sold many of them yet so I'll be kind of the first guinea pig to See how well their attachments work on a Mini skid Steer so what we have here if you're not Familiar is a frame that you can attach Different things to but before we attach Anything to it we have a receiver right Here so we could put something like a

Recovery Solution that that goes into a Receiver into this opening here and use It for pulling you can put an actual Receiver in it and uh use it for moving Trailers I have a receiver mount winch That I could put in here if the machine Was stuck I could actually use a winch To help pull the machine out and then You've got chain hooks right here so if We don't want any extra weight because The mini skid steer has a somewhat Limited lift capacity if we wanted to Lift a maximum amount we could lift it With chains in these built-in chain Slots and have the weight all the way Back here so just by itself we've Already got some versatility with this Artian Frame I was about to move on but I forgot something else I have that's Receiver Mount I have a spreader that I Use for spreading ice melt And grass seat and different things that Hooks up to your battery and mounts in a Receiver so I could use a spreader on The front of this and I probably will Once the weather turns and we have some Snow and ice since this is a new product For artian they hadn't tested it on Every brand of mini skid steer and for Mine I had to cut out a couple notches To get it to drop down in Far Enough I've sent all this information to artian And if you were to order one of these For your mini skid steer I'm sure

They'll have this little issue fixed but Anyway that's enough talking let's put The pallet Forks on it and see what this Thing can Lift I would say for a lot of people the Primary use for one of these mini skid Steers is residential Landscaping or tree service that sort of Thing but for me one main purpose is Going to be a a firewood machine so that Means I need it to be able to lift these Totes and these totes weigh about 1,500 Lb the way they Set and according to the operator's Capacity operating capacity the machine Ratings I shouldn't be able to lift this But I'm going to try it anyway let's see What Happens Yeah [Music] [Music] I [Music] So one thing you may not have been able To tell about the way it handled those Totes is that I was not running out of Power to lift the tote I was easing into That handle and I would stop when I felt The machine starting to tip the Hydraulics could have continued to lift It there's just not enough Counterbalance I've already sent an Email to balite and told them I need the

Weight kit there is a weight kit that Add like 310 lbs to right in between the The tracks here by the rear sprocket and I think adding that weight kit will Solve my problem and I'll be able to Move those totes which was one of my Main task I want to do with this machine So we've knocked out pallet Forks we Know I can use a spreader a receiver Chains pallet Forks let's move to Something a little more interesting Which is a front ho Bucket if I haven't shown you before how This system works you set these notches Down into these notches to get the Attachment on then you lift it up and Slide it and lift it off of those Notches now the Bottom's locked in tops Locked in you put these Keepers through Holes in the back to keep it from Sliding side to Side and that's how you change Attachments on this system all right so What do we have here and why do I want One on the front of my mini skid steer This is what artillian calls the front Ho I typically call it a stump bucket Because most of the time I have used it For removing stumps or not necessarily Stumps but like saplings and stuff like That it's like a back ho bucket on your Loader or on your boom in this Case it's also got replaceable front Teeth there are several different teeth

Designs you can put on the front of this It's got a serrated Cutting Edge the Reason they call it a front hoe is it's A poorman's replacement for a back ho Whereas a back ho is A5 to $110,000 Attachment for a tractor you can put This on the front of your tractor it's Like having a back ho bucket it's not as Good really as a back ho but when you Look at a couple hundred versus you know Several Thousand it's a decent alternative so Where I think this is going to be a lot Better on the mini skid steer is Visibility when I use this on my tractor My specific tractor I can't see the Front of this and kind of fumbling in The dark if you will with the mini skid Steer I'll be able to see it especially I have the long one up there this is I Believe the 12 in and they've got like a 24 in or something that's a lot longer But I thought we'd just start with this One but I'm going to be able to see the Front of it and tell exactly what I'm Doing so let's do a little bit of Digging dig a little short trench not Try to make too big of a mess and then Maybe go find a couple saplings to pull Out [Music] [Music] [Music] For

For So that was interesting I'm going to say I've never really used this that way but They show it being used that way on the Website I thought I'd give it a try I Was able to pull out some of these huge Rocks I mean big rocks and that's where I've actually used this attachment on my Property said dig out individual rocks That were sticking up out of the ground Does a good job for that and then the Saplings I made a trench here that's I Don't know 12 to 18 in Deep [Music] Come [Music] No [Music] The next piece of equipment that fits on This same frame is the Iron Fist grapple And the regular grapple for that matter But we're going to use the Iron Fist and Most of you have probably seen that but If not I'll put a couple clips of the Tractor using the full Setup it would be possible for me to use All three of these pieces but I'm not Going To the reason primary reason is this is A heavy grapple and this machine has Limited lift capacity just to be Reasonable about it we're talking it can Lift maybe 1,500 lb but the safe amount

For you to drive around with is closer To a th000 this grapple the way it sits Weighs like 300 lb no reason to put that Much weight on it so I'm going to take One clamp off of this and use it as a Single grapple and I like the idea of The single grapple better Anyway because I'm going to use this for Firewood and with a single grapple you Can cut all the way down to the last Round lift your log up in the air and Just slice down it with a wider grapple It's harder to do that I did have to Take the fittings off of that grapple And get some of these flat-faced skid Steer couplers and adapt it down Come [Music] Is Everything you just watched me do was The first time I'd ever tried that job With that machine so there's always a Little bit of a learning curve but there Was only one thing that's actually a Problem that has to be figured out and That is the grapple it opens and closes Way too fast it's slamming hard enough That eventually you'd probably tear the Grapple up so this grapple primarily Designed to be used on a tractor this Mini skid steer has a much higher flow Rate It's possible that there's an adjustment On the mini skid steer I'll have to

Check with the manufacturer And read the owner's manual see what I Can find out it's also possible that Maybe I need to put some orifices in There for a flow reduction to slow that Down I don't really know yet I'm sure It's going to work I just have to do a Little bit of figuring so I'm really Glad that I had these artian attachments That have the versatility to be used on Different types of Machines it's saving me from buying More attachments right Now so if you guys have a suggestion on The open and close on the grapple or Anything else you saw today let me know But I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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