Folks how we doing you know I got some Good news today all right and we're Going to do a video that we've done Before but just the current version of It all right the 2023 Edition and I say It's good news because a lot of folks Are sending me emails inquiries messages Whatever it is what should I get on my New tractor what options should I Consider which new tractor should I get Comparisons this that the other thing Right which is great and the reason I Say that is because you know you always Get Doom and Gloom in the media right The sky is falling it's easy to fall Into that trap of you know we're heading To a recession and and this that the Other thing but the reality is is that There's still strong demand and it's not Demand like there was when it was Through the roof that was unsustainable For the last couple of years but as a Business owner myself I want to see what is actually happening Not just what I'm being told is Happening out in some little Fairytale Land and so the reality is a lot of Folks are out shopping for tractors Still Um and even in the Auto industry right And part of this is probably due to Backups at other points in production But Ford set a record smashed it sold Almost 100 000 Super Duties

It's either October November I think it Was November they set that record almost A hundred thousand Super Duties in one Month Those things are like I don't know What's an average price tag on a Super Duty 70 grand A lot of them go for more than that so That's pretty crazy anyway so what I Want to talk about today and And give you guys perspective all you Folks out there shopping for a new Tractor maybe it's going to be your First tractor maybe you've already had a Tractor it's time to upgrade but I had Two more emails just yesterday or the Day before that were the same thing one Was going to buy a brand new tractor he Was decided between the 4066 and a 50-65e or four Series in a 5 series he Settled on the 4066 wanted to know what He should get on it when he's building That out new the other gentleman was Upgrading he had a 30 33r wanted to Upgrade to a 4 Series uh his local Dealer that he was working with had a 40-44r and a 4052r some differences There but the same price point almost Older the 4052 was older 200 hours the 4044 was a 2022 in like 20 hours or Something but the same price and so Really this conversation applies to new Or used but the idea behind it is Getting a tractor or purchasing it set

Up the way that you want and a lot of us Don't because we don't know any better And there are solutions you can get Afterwards that will set it up the way That you want but they can cost more Money we do have partners that you can Save money buying through as well and so Really this applies to new or used Tractors you just want to have it set up The right way and in a sense that's Really why we had the summit tractor Here behind us so I'll tell you some More about that too as we go through This but this applies to Kubota John Deere Mahindra coyote LS whatever brand You're shopping the same Common Sense Approach applies all right so for some Of you folks out there that you've seen These videos before Let me know do you agree with what I Said did you follow the advice did you Go a different direction what worked for You if there's something I don't mention Today that you think's worth getting Point it out because that's important Information for folks to know all right So we'll start at the front of the Tractor move our way back and so we're Going to start out with the front end Loader all right right up here the Business end and you've seen the Interchangeability forks a pusher a Bucket a grapple a bale spear Probably other tools as well there are

Other tools I just can't think of them You need to have a quick attached system And be that the John Deere quick attach Which is only going to be on a John Deere tractor or they call it hook and Pin as well everybody else will have a Skid steer quick attach two levers that You can pull and release your bucket There's going to be some funky systems Out there too Yanmar and some of the Certain series of Yanmar have their own Specialized quick attach we don't sell Anything that's the end mark quick Attach out of the gate we can special Order it and we're talking about maybe Having a stump bucket version that is Yanmar quick attach but just get a skid Steer quick attached just just get a Skid through a quick attach just like The summit has on it you'll be good to Go okay just moving just behind it You're going to see a couple of outlets Right there those are going to be third Function or diverter outlets and they're Going to be positioned up front because They're going to connect to a grapple or An angling a hydraulic angling snow plow And you're going to need that third Function to operate those kinds of tools And so the summit tractor does come Standard with that third function up Front but most companies out there do Not there's going to be a couple here And there but most manufacturers don't

So you're going to have to add that on Take a look for the option it's not Uncommon for it to be 1500 or 2000 You'll find a dealer here and there That'll be a bit less than that as well If you need to get an aftermarket Solution go to Summit Hydraulics website You can get a DIY solution Do-it-yourself at home it's going to be Like a fraction of the cost you can save Five percent with code GWT okay so one More item on the loader all right so This version here is a self-leveling Loader or a mechanical self-leveling Loader an MSL mechanical self leveling Is what that means and so as you raise Up and down like if you have pallet Forks the best example right if you want To lift a pallet up you want to keep That level the whole time no matter how High or low you're raising it and the Self leveling option helps do that it Just the extra brackets and the magic And the geometry out here gets that done It is an extra cost you know there's Some other benefits to that as well if You're using a a pusher or a bucket for Example 2 and you want to keep that that Level all the time and you're raising Your loader up and down you don't have To worry about the curl roll function Just up and down will help keep it level Two now I can make a case either way you Know on getting a non-self leveling or a

Mechanical self-leveling loader there's Benefits to both and there's times that I I'm happy to have it there's times That I'm not I've had a lot of tractors Without it and it's the same thing right It's it's a nice to have feature maybe That's going to be dependent on what Your primary use is or your primary Function but either way it's a nice Option to have it is standard on the Summit tractor included in the base Price something minor and actually is Really not common on open station Tractors I don't know if it's available From any manufacturer on an open station Tractor beside Summit but thinking more Along the lines of cab tractors because Um that seems to be what most folks are Emailed me about lately are going to be Mirrors on your calves all right and and I don't think that those are standard I'm sure there's some companies out There that do have them standard but Make sure you ask the question uh Because it is annoying like I just Actually even I bought a Polaris Ranger Recently and my last Two utvs both had mirrors outside and it Must not have been an option because I Pretty much checked every option when I Was buying this thing and I don't have Mirrors on there and it annoys the heck Out of me every day so same concept with The tractor especially a cab tractor

Make sure you're getting the mirrors Added on I used to buy and sell a lot of Used tractors and and particular the cab Tractors I had many of them came in Without mirrors on there maybe they just Broke off but I'm thinking they're not Standard now the seat is an important One you want a nice seat there's certain Series of tractors out there the John Deere 3E series the John Deere 4M series The Kubota standard L series for example Those are all Pretty basic tractor seats not a lot of Good suspension in there so some of the More premium series attractors will have A very nice suspension seat on there and That's what's going to be included on The summit tractor there's an upgrade Even from that on a lot of machines Which is going to be an air ride seat And years ago my opinion has changed on This I used to not think it was worth The investment in that because it's not A cheap upgrade I feel like it's a Thousand dollars or more to be honest With you it's really expensive but Boy the more time I spend on tractors The older I get the more I value comfort And so that's where a really nice seat And suspension comes into play and so if You can get that upgrade I would Seriously consider it because you got to Remember you're hopefully not buying This tractor just for right now but for

Years down the road as well and it's Going to cost you more no doubt to Upgrade down the road than it is to just Do it right now okay a couple of points To make down here and we talked about This recently as well on a l6060 that my Buddy down the road is buying I love These tires I absolutely love the Goodyear Titan R14 tires I put them on My John Deere 4 Series which has the Same tire size as the Kubota l6060 so if Your tractor dealer won't do it see if They'll work with a local Tire Shop and Swap those out for you you know I have Swapped out tires buying trucks from car Dealers even if they didn't carry those Tires or work with that brand it depends On your dealer some dealer is going to Be better to work with than others That's just the bricks of the game so The Goodyear R14 is going to be a Available pretty much on on this size Machine here and on up the Carlisle Versaturf is what you're going to see on The subcompact tractors your 1025rs your Kubota BX a typical size is a 26 12 12 On the rears no matter which version You're looking at they're going to be Taking the best of three different tread Patterns you're going to take the R1 AG Tire like the old school Farm tires that Have the big V tread on there you're Going to take the R3 Turf Tire which is Obviously for Turf in a very

Non-aggressive pattern and then the R4 Industrial which is a thick bar Tire It's the most common one that you see Out there in the tractor world today Kind of integrates all those together And just makes a very good Traction Tire For all different kinds of conditions so If you're in mud if you're in snow if You're on your lawn it's not going to Damage the lawn unless you're Doing something goofy to it you know You're going to have the best chance for Traction in those off-road conditions And nasty conditions as well tires are Something you do not want to overlook You really want to give it a lot of Thought and be a stickler about the Pattern that you want to get because They're going to be very expensive to Change out later on and if you go with The R1 AG tire for example if you want To switch to an R14 or do an R4 down the Road you're likely going to have to Replace the wheels as well and so it Becomes even more expensive to do so and The same thing can be said if you start Out with turfs on some tractors you're Going to have to get different Wheels to Go to the R14 or the R4 or anything else So anyway these have been out for a Couple years now I think and so there's A lot of reviews out there on them so Check the forums read tractor by net Make a post on Green Tractor Taco

Whatever it is and get feedback on there What other people are thinking you're Going to have folks always that say well I don't know my whatever pattern works Great for me but it's a big investment So just do your research all right so of Course you're not going to see the rim Guard liquid ballast or beet juice Inside these tires but this is a credit Critical ballast weight component and I Think something that virtually everybody Should get unless there's a real reason Not to have it tractors in general are Tippy front to back okay so if you're Lifting a heavy load with your front end Loader the back end just normally does Not have enough weight so you need to Add more weight onto it a significant Amount a thousand pounds or more even For a little compact tractor so if You're new to our Channel I am a big Proponent of tractor safety I'd feel Guilty otherwise if I didn't preach About it so I want you guys to be safe Out there get liquid ballast inside your Tires a great option to consider and Pretty much pretty much every tractor Dealer out there is going to offer some Form of liquid bells to put inside there Right up front so and some won't sell Without it all right some are not even Going to allow a tractor to go out their Door without liquid ballast in their Tires it's not going to help keep your

Tractor planted to the ground but if Your tires are on the ground then you Have better traction right and you're Going to have better loader performance So it's just a good thing all around add More Bell switch to the back side to the Three-point hits when you can Wheel weights if you need to so the Summit tractor is going to be one of Those companies that comes standard with Rim guard inside the tires and we are Actually sponsored by rim guard that's How serious I take tractor safety I want Everybody to know about it you know I Was just telling Chris I don't know how The heck There's a lot of dirt on this blower but Uh and I don't think I I got it marked pretty good it must have Been dirt that's on the driveway but It's all melting off now it's it's Supposed to be 50 degrees today And uh middle of winter and go figure so Anyway next point Rear remotes all right so if you can get Every single remote you can that's what I would do if you're if you're spending 50 60 70 grand on a tractor like a 4 Series tractor costs these days then pay The couple extra Grand or whatever it is And get all the rear remotes on it that You can get the the third function the Fourth function the fifth function the Power beyond just have it you're going

To be grateful at some point down the Road because a lot of the attachments That you can get for it are going to Require extra Hydraulics or if you want To get a top and a tilt kit that's two Hydraulic circuits right there I mean They just add up very quickly And I highly doubt you're going to Regret it so really quick what a rear Remote is this is a rear remote and this Is not two okay this is not two rear Remote this is one you have to have flow That goes both ways hydraulic flow goes In and out all right so if you have You know I'll say this is a hydraulic Chute rotation on this blower and you Push a lever that's up here on the Tractor you push the lever one way and It sends a hydraulic fluid through all The circuitry and everything and it Rotates the Chute One Way well hey guess What now I want to rotate it back the Other way you pull the lever back the Other way and the flow is going to go The opposite direction so that's one Circuit there that's tied up for that Hydraulic function so that's going to be Separate from the function that you have Up front as well all right so there's That separate grapple function that's up Front sometimes called a third function You're going to have your rear remote Now you're going to have mid remotes as Well you're going to have two of them

There in the mid remote switch kind of Think of that as the one and the two Scvs or selective control valves and so Two of those Outlets which is one remote Controls up and down on your front end Loader so you can't sacrifice that the Other two outlets which is the second Remote control the curl roll function of Your bucket and so that's why you need Something in addition up front to run The grapple to open and close the jaws Of the grapple you still want to rock And curl the grapple whether it's open Or closed so you need to have two Functions to open and close it and Rock I can curl and then if you want to raise And lower we're going to give it pinched Down and rock back that's the third Function there so you have to have those Three functions that all work in unison Up front you know and I would say Something like rear emotes gets easier To justify with the more expensive of a Tractor that you're looking at now Probably the granddaddy of them all as Far as options go is going to be a Factory cab and so to me a factory cab Is one that it comes delivered to you From the factory with the cab on it all Right and and it's going to have air Conditioning and heat it's going to be Just integrated right into the structure The the the wraps bar is taken off and The cab becomes your rollover protection

Structure that's on there That's something you cannot add on after The fact and and yes Curtis does have a Cab an aftermarket cab with heat and air That you can add to the Kubota BX line I Think it is but that's that's really About the only thing and it's not going To have the fit and finish unfortunately Like a true Factory cab is where it's Just it's like Structurally sound it doesn't rattle it Doesn't have that reverberation that Echo chamber kind of feeling inside There either it's just a really nice cab But you're gonna paint June hey hey That's enough Hey No thank you and I was reminded of that Wonderful convenience just recently when I was blowing in a blizzard using this Snowblower right here and I um well I Was covered in snow by the end all right It was like minus 11 wind chill the snow Was blowing all over the place and if Summit had they're coming out with it They're coming out with a factory cat Version but if they had the cat version Then you can sure bet I would have been Inside it but I wanted to give this Machine a shot using the snow blower and See how it did and it worked well But man it's hard to beat a cab not just In the wintertime right for the the snow

And the cold and the wind and everything Else and just having that heat in there But the same can be said for the Summertime with dust you know for for Allergies Um for bees and other bugs and stuff you Might get into that just sting you for Even the sun beating down on you it's Just nice to have the air conditioning And be out of that nasty stuff that's Out there when you're brush hogging or Doing anything else so again one of the Main reasons that I chose to even Feature the summit tractor on my channel Is because of the good value that it is And a lot of these options with other Manufacturers are standard on the summit Tractors the skid steer quick attach is Standard the third function is standard The self-leveling loader is standard the R14 tires are standard the rim guard is Standard the mirrors are standard the Rear remote is standard but no matter What tractor you get make sure you have It set up the right way don't have any Regrets so that's thousands of dollars That come standard that are not going to Be an up charge compared to many other Brands out there so I thought it'd be a Good time to address summit's rollout Plan and you can get more information on Their website too but a lot of folks are Frustrated that they can't get a summit Tractor in their area or there's not a

Servicing dealership OR technician in Their area right now and that is on Purpose all right this is a controlled Rollout where the Summit is Released and opened up and a certain Small segment right now to prove out There all the Kinks in their system all Right and so they're to that point where They're getting ready for that stage two Of the rollout and again you can look on Their website and see all the the Retailers where you're going to be able To buy this either now or soon you know Coming spring of 2023 gonna be another Launch phase of this which is great and They're going to have not only just the Retailers where you can buy the tractor But they're also going to have the Locations on where you can have it Serviced too because that's the idea is They don't want to sell these tractors And just have them for sale all over the Country if they aren't yet set up and so They're going through they've hired all Sorts of technicians they've trained Them they're to that point for the Distribution to scale that up and so While frustration is never a good thing Um to me I I kind of view it as a good Thing just because there's a lot of Demand for the tractor out there so That's a reassuring feeling to know but I get where you're coming from as a Consumer if I see something and I want

To I want to buy it now as well but just Know that summit's looking at this from The right right angle they don't want to Just get you a tractor say you're up in Maine and they don't have anybody yet That's servicing you they don't want to Sell you a tractor up there and not have The service there available and ready to Support you if you need it so be patient It's coming soon I promise just keep Tabs on their website Summit tractors You'll get all the information you'll Need so that's going to do it for us Today if you did enjoy today's video you Want to see more about tractors in the Future as you start your tractor Journey We'd love to have you tag along hit that Subscribe button right down below and if You need an attachment for your tractor We want to help you out we sell the ship Tractor attachments all over the country Every day of the week check out if you don't need An attachment but you still want to rock Some GWT swag check out our merchandise It's all made to order it'll Ship Direct Right to you we don't keep any of those Profits they all get donated right to Charity thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] Foreign

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