Tractor Flail Mower as a Forestry Mulcher??? Baumalight FMP260

[Music] Hey welcome back to the channel if You’re new to the channel i’m tony and This is tony’s tractor adventure but Today we got a special guest we got Brock He’s from rock hill farms i really Encourage you to check his channel out They do a lot of the same things we do And most of it done better I wouldn’t say that for sure yeah but Today what we’re gonna do We’ve done a lot of testing on this Flowmower and we just you just seen that Little clip there we mowed down through This pasture it does wonderful job Mowing But this is not just a flail mower it’s Set up as a mulcher and it can mulch Quite a bit and we’re going to take it To the extremes today and just bring it Back in the woods set it down over some Small trees And create carnage you up for that yeah And i can tell you i own a couple of Pieces of bombalite equipment and it’s All high quality but i was especially Impressed with this flail mower from Your videos so i’m looking forward to See it in person well You said what what gauge of material can It cut well I think it’s rated at like three i have Already

Surpassed that and without any issues Whatsoever don’t do what i do Use adult supervision so let me talk a Little bit about this fillmore this is The monolith fmp260 it’s 60 inches wide And it has Bombalight makes a lot of forestry Mulchers for skid steers and you can Definitely tell the lineage Just by the the size the thickness of The material that it’s made in this is About 950 pounds of goodness So It’s got this one’s particularly set up For mulching it’s not only a mower it Uses some really heavy steel hardened uh Teeth Uh that is made up for three inches of Diameter of pretty much anything we’ve Already played with this off camera a Little bit but today we’re going to show You Our results in real world conditions We’re not going to be shy about going Over that three That three inch limit This thing has a slip clutch in it so i Feel pretty good about that it’s set up Correctly and it also has it’s belt Driven so there’s multiple safety things For your equipment built into this i Feel really comfortable that we can do What we’re going to do with today Let’s get to it

We are out here in the woods and As you can see right around here we use The flow mower to clean this area so This is pretty pretty done a pretty good Job this is our other smaller flow mower But we This particular foam ore is rated a lot Higher So what we’re going to do is just do Some do some field testing and obviously I don’t want to necessarily run over you Know 8 or 10 inch stuff But I want to give it an honest test and i’m Going to i’m going to run it some we’re Going to put brock on it he’s going to Run it some and then we’ll give you our Honest opinion afterwards it’s got Really a lot of talking through this So just sit back and enjoy the traction Work we’ll try to get you some good Angles and let you see how this thing Really does this is some pretty tough Terrain to work on we got it we’re hilly We got all this debris on the ground and It’ll be a good test there’s quite a few Small trees out here i’m just going to Back over and then on the other side of The road there we’ll get over there There’s a like very very thick uh Growthless groves of small trees that Are they’re they’re not native to our Area uh so they’re invasive and i’m Trying to get rid of all the invasive

And just give the trees that are native Here a chance All right listen Game on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So [Music] So [Music] [Music] Whenever i’m doing it i’m going to keep Going straight back where you went We want to clear everything all this Stuff out Find out the good healthy trees play Those and then Um Let me probably kick this Maybe either don’t go that way or Purposefully Yeah Just keep going down just back in there And keep going there’s things that might Be stopped right here though There’s still right there don’t tell her There’s a bunch of mushrooms that’s more Stumped than you want to hit you look at The mushrooms back here All right so we have broccoli’s gonna Get hit the world he’s itching to get on This thing and get back in the woods and

Chew some stuff up so I love doing this kind of stuff it makes Me a little bit nervous on someone Else’s machine but yeah i’m enjoying it It’ll be all right It’ll be all right what’s gonna happen Is we probably could we could break Something and it won’t be the last thing That i break i promise you probably Won’t be the last thing you break right But just go slow and steady that’s Always worked for me and i’ve seen you I’ll send you work your equipment you’re Very cautious and that’s the reason i Trust you on it Don’t hit the mushrooms [Music] [Music] So He just backed over a bunch of small Brush And as he pulls forward it’s going to Really Really pull out [Music] Pull it all out Get a little braver with it now [Music] Okay we are Done demonstrating You had a good little run at it running Back and over and mulching stuff up What’s your thoughts Well

That is one heck of a unit it feels like When i’m using the mulcher that i’ve I’ve ran them ultra a little bit on my Skid loader and it’s A little bit similar to that and The big difference for me is also the Size of your tractor compared to my Little guy but You could do i mean for clearing what You’re clearing this is a great setup Right we’re doing it at our own pace and I can turn right around and go mow my Pasture with it and i was not worried About tearing up your mulching head as Much as i think some Lighter flail mowers i’ve seen yeah I think they got it right this is this Is not just a flail mower it’s a flail Mower with the ability to mulch i i’m I’m pretty pretty impressed with it when We first tried it back in the woods i Was a little a little scared you know And then now i just if it’s like a Rotten log i don’t even it doesn’t phase I don’t care what size it is it just Destroys it and splinters it into a Thousand little pieces obviously you’re Not gonna run over like Fresh hickory trees and we give our Disclaimer tony’s not recommending you Do that to yours No but it’s impressive you’ll get used To what it can do and in in most in the Worst case scenarios you break up you

Break a tooth off and they’re very Inexpensive to change when you take into Account what it would cost somebody to Come back here and Do the kind of acreage that we’re going To do here what we’re clearing up is a Lot of acres we’re going to clear like 20 20 plus acres of doing exactly what We’re doing right here so if i have to Buy 10 or 15 of those over over the Lifetime of what of this job This unit’s going to pay for itself over And over oh yeah what you would spend on This kind of clearing astronomical so Thousands of dollars yes yeah we had had It looked at it’s like We can do this ourselves and it’s more Fun yeah who doesn’t want to do this My wife’s back behind the camera like Smirking at me She likes it too It’s a great unit though yeah it’s a Good unit hey i appreciate you coming up Here and trying this thing out man i Dude i’m glad you come up we have a Blast it’s awesome oh we got to get Together again This is again this is brock from rock Hill farm i guys you’ll love his channel He does he does some awesome stuff i Really want you to check him out you i Promise you won’t be disappointed thanks Tony [Music]


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