Tractor Forestry Mulcher/ How Big Will It Cut?

It's going it's going Hi good morning and welcome back to the Channel we are going to clear some land Today we'll be using the tym t474 we're Going to be using the bomolite mp348 Chainsaw chaps possibly even the stump Grinder if we get enough time today and We're going to take down some big tulip Poplars and some other stuff for the Sawmill let me bring you back to a Conversation me and Tanya had earlier Today Excuse me what'd you find buddy got some Got some moles in here huh so You want to save these little treats yes I want to save these little trees right There Coverage for the cover a no fly through So I want to keep it you know as much So they don't know they don't know what You're talking about because this is Going to be the chicken area yes all This right here is going to be my Chicken area trying to keep a few trees In here so the Hawks can't swoop down So I hate to do it but we've got this Big Poplar here which is It might be okay to leave this here but That other big Poplar is sitting right Beside that Oak and we want that Oak to Stay and I think so we go ahead and take These two these two tulip poplars down They will make some of the beams that we Need for the greenhouse uh and also it's

Going to give the old time it's going to Give it an opportunity to grow there's a Whole bunch of others up there flying Well that's awesome yeah go away Yeah so all this is going to get cleared Out yes all this got to be cleaned up Because how much poison ivage you put up Here I don't know all the Poison Ivy From The Sawmill was brought over and Throw through right here but we it's Been out there for a year so we'll we'll Just mulch it all up and it'll be fine You just stay away from it yeah yeah I'm Not allergic to it she's a little bit Allergic to it Let's not try to try it no not push your Luck right yeah and I try to push my Life so I think I'll come in here with The chainsaw and Chop this piece up right here it's a Little easier to get out that way I Don't damage it trying to get that one Got to go right there it's leaning over So sure If y'all want to keep those trees right Here for sure I'll chop this up as best I can with a chainsaw so we can get it Out and we'll try to keep these two Trees I mean if they don't if we if Something happens it'll be okay we can Always plant another one here yeah I'll Dig it up with a backhoe somewhere else And bring it over here I may end up Doing that anyway well the girl's gonna

Love this area so and my boy all right Let me get my chainsaw chaps on and all Right Chop Chop let's go Have y'all seen this stuff right here What is it it's called Mud I've heard About it Not this year I haven't I heard I hadn't Heard about mud very much this year but That's like legitimate mud Guys it has been dry here this year so It's the first time that I've seen mud In probably three months it's been Terribly dry All right we're going to take the big Neotec Chainsaw here And get in here and see what we can Clean out Yeah get rid of those fryers babe yeah That that uh Mulch is gonna be nice I'm just gonna Back into all that We'll probably take the tractor and push All this off a level here And then yeah that'll be A little bit extra work but It'll be worth it you love me don't you I do love you That's why you create my chicken area Foreign I think I got enough of this stuff cut Down that I can get the Big pieces out and get the Mulcher in Here and mulch all the rest of it up

Once we get it all cleaned up Um I'll take the Mulcher and come in Here and clean around these trees so It's a little safer to run the chainsaw Because there's a lot of we've kind of Pushed a lot of stuff up over the years Around these It's a gizmo do you like the chainsaw No It's also like you don't like the Chainsaw you don't like the chainsaw I'm Going to take all this stuff over here And put it in the burn pile okay So since it's so close okay Okay Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Go away Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign We just took us a little break but I Just wanted to you guys that are Following our Channel you know that We've tried to use this uh forestry Mulcher in the in that drought that We've had over the last two months and It is absolutely so much fun today Compared uh there's no dust today and

You can actually see what's going on uh And I'm actually able to operate the Forestry muscle better because I can see Where I'm going and if you look at some Of the previous videos man it is just Fogging dust and you can't I couldn't Tanya couldn't see me with a camera so I And I couldn't see what I was mulching Up so this is so much better and so much More fun first off this is just amazing What that thing did this was all just a Big giant mess and within I don't know Two hours we've cleared all this off and Just made it usable it's pretty pretty Amazing so we take this toilet Papa here We're gonna take it down first kind of Just lay it down through here this Poplar will go down through there and Then once we get this cleaned up out of The way this big giant tulip poplar Which I I hate to cut down it's a really Good healthy tree but we really want That Oak behind it to to be the dominant Tree so we're going to give the oak a Head start So I changed my mind this tree's already Got a natural lean to towards my burn Pile so I'm gonna go ahead and lay it Across the burn pile and then when I top It the top will already be at the burn Pile Maybe I can get lucky and do that on a Couple of them Foreign

Foreign That one's about perfectly balanced she Does not wanting to fall over Dude's not giving up Well I could have done that if I tried Again It's literally leaning that way Well It looks like I'm gonna have to cut my My wedge My strap's too strong Foreign Hmm Foreign Well it fell exactly where I wanted to Follow but Man if you told me that was going to be That hard Tulip poplar snap easy I don't know why I'm out of breath just from that So next time I'll cut my back cut a Little bit deeper so what I was afraid Of if I I was afraid I was going to cut my back Cut and and the tree was going to Sit back on the on the saw and then I'd Be in a predicament So I could I kept moving the saw and Feeling if it was if it was still make Sure it wasn't binding and but I was Still a little bit worried about that I Felt like I was far enough in that I Could snap it off but dang

That didn't work out at all It might yield us one If this was not good for nothing why did You cut my tree down Because I don't want to hear well I Wanted it Yeah but I had the chainsaw so I was in Charge Again I had to chainsaw I was in charge I said I'm not sure this is going to Yield it'll probably yield one six by Six And the rest of it's not any good And then you said You said don't cry I didn't oh yeah I Didn't respond if I know that it was no Good good for nothing I was just gonna Leave it but you gung-ho on cutting all My trees down Listen I told her my wife had I said I Had the chainsaw so I was in charge yeah Yeah I know will you sleep yeah Go to Mercy They gonna they're gonna know how we Really act with each other Is Who We Are She wants to keep all these trees this Thing was You can see it was boogered up pretty Bad at the top Yeah it was no it wasn't the one I Really hate to cut is that big tulip the Big one Well I don't it's gonna it's gonna

Smother out that Oak and I want the oak To thrive Down leave the other one no because the Tulip poplars will snap Like if there's a real strong wind they Have a tendency to snap And a oak tree they have a tendency to Last like forever yeah but Huh Well it's the first time that it's been Open to by itself like this When they do it when they're in the Woods together They the they slow the wind down Together When you have this big one by itself Also we're going to come back here and Find that land across our sawmill It'll be okay with you long as I have my Chicken area yeah come by and find them Laying across your chicken Foreign ER Foreign At me I think blowing at you I don't know why he don't want to move To sit there snarl at it Huh I Quail Buddy You could move There's an eye you could just move out Of the way

He's funny about that he wants to be Close to where it's happening Gizmo Gizmo Hey you need to stay with mama say our Daddy's way Hello I'm talking to you look here Look here Crazy dog Are you gonna get Daddy He's afraid he's gonna get left I think He's ready to go home I know it All right so the last tree was smaller In diameter and I was very conservative On my face cut probably should have been A little bit more aggressive on it The tree was really straight up and down So it didn't have a really a natural Tendency lean And it just hung out there and kind of Got me in a predicament The little tree that could right And now this one here is a little bit Bigger I hope that it'll fall a little bit Easier I'll make a little bit more Effort to read the tree sometimes I get Lazy on the small trees because I just Don't think about them as much get the Big trees and I'll study those pretty Hard I think probably I'll end up Hurting myself if I if I get hurt it's Probably gonna be in a small tree Because I'm not paying attention I think It'll be easy

Just be careful be careful and I try to Keep kids more over here We're going to lay it the same way Hopefully it'll call right across that Uh burn pile and let us leave the top of The tree in the burn pile Oh wow That's totally don't want to fall It's going Come on A little paint I thought about What we thought about It absolutely it's my day Nothing's wrong I ain't hurt got hurt It went down Yeah with some yeah that was a really Kind of an odd one The way it's laying He's kind of going across the road with The ditch in the middle of it and It's not laying laying very well I'm not Really worried about it Just part of it Are those wife proof too wife approved Hearing protection absolutely I can put This on and life is bliss Laughs If we go right here That's roughly a 16 foot a little over 16 foot Or 16 feet from my proper English Speaking people Mmm

All right I guess I'll go ahead and knock that Stump out over here Get it out of the way I can't spend earplugs huh it works good Don't he Ard Foreign Wise hearings turn back on Her husband's hearing I guess to turn Back on I had earplugs in my ears for a Husband you know is that what you did Yeah Yeah all right so I got this uh the big Neo check out for this one and I don't Need the big one I could end it with the Other one but I hadn't run this saw in About two months so I'm gonna go ahead And crank this dude up and See if I can or see if I can get cranked Up first though Foreign Foreign Not the man I once was I don't like it do you huh Everything all right buddy Everything's all right That's what you get for being sweet I guess that's a one straight log that Is a big old tree I need to go get some gas for this thing I'm probably gonna be running out here In a minute that's the only reason I use That big saw that big saw

I probably need to go down to like a 24 Inch bar I think it's just too heavy for Me I do need more muscle Back in the day I could have handled it Yeah same once upon a time once upon a Time Um Foreign We're gonna wrap this up got this log Laid up tomorrow we're going to throw These on The Sawmill Gizmo tired here we Go the house he done had all he want him Like trees falling listen appreciate if You subscribe to our Channel God bless Have a great day you ready to go home Buddy yes I'm done we didn't put in too Many hours or time for some chicken Strips God bless

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