Tractor Forestry Mulcher Works Great, But????? Baumalight

Look at how much it has sunk in I mean It is crazy we’re going to need a Miracle to get this tractor out of here [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Hey welcome back to the channel today is Going to be a fun video we get to play Again taking this afternoon off to play A little bit with the bomolite of Mulcher you’ve seen it in the previous Video and it’s still as dry as it ever Was we we still ain’t got rain but I Still really really need a trail to the Back of the property so this is the Mp348 Mulcher this is actually a true Forestry Mulcher that goes on the back Of the of a compact tractor this one’s Rated up to I believe 50 horsepower and The the t474 it’s a really good match It’s 48 horsepower at the engine let me Show you what we’re going to do So I think I’m gonna go ahead and clear This out And kind of angle down that way we were Going this way I believe it’s going to Be better to kind of turn back this away And possibly Do a a what you call a Switchback like On the mountains because we don’t want The water to come rushing down through Here and wash this out make me some Trails baby make you some trails get rid

Of those Briars Yeah that’s the big deal get rid of Briars all right I see our first real Challenge this is an old rotten stump From when the woods was cut about 20 Years ago it’s still got some To it so we will just back into this Real gentle and see I think it’s soft Enough that the the the Mulcher will get Rid of it well if not I just got to get The stump grinder if not we’ll have to Get some stump grinder and come back and Hit it or we’ll just go around it like Most Trails do all right So this will be our first challenge Right here [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Challenge accepted that looks to be like An oak stump that’s probably been cut For oh every bit of 20 years and just Sitting here rotting I wouldn’t Recommend backing into a solid oak stump That’s just been cut that this won’t Work but for this it really did a good Job and this is Yeah there’s like pieces of that stump Scattered all up and down through here That’s impressive gizmos approving

Yeah just mulched it up I mean there’s Little bits of pieces here and there Got you all choked up buddy Dust is a big problem again you know I Said we really need some rain bad Because as I’m having a I’m having Trouble seeing so we’re just going to Take it in steps and then let the dust Clear and keep going well at least the Wind’s Win yeah though at least the wind’s Blowing the direction that we’re going So it’s it is taken away from us pretty Fast I’m still pretty dusty though What do you think Ismail Um [Music] [Music] [Music] So I see uh there’s Vines holding that Up Normally it will knock the tree over And stuck it up in there so luckily I Got the grapple on here I’m just going To snag it down and then we’ll run it Over [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] I’m just going to keep going down

Through there kind of at it I’m going to Try to see if I’m going to turn the Angle this way okay because this is Going to wash if we don’t do something We’ll not put rock or something here The only what we’ll do is is if we’re Going down we’ll just put those little Cross trenches where the water diverts So it’s not always going straight down Yeah it’s just I mean this is it turns This into powder this is just talcum Powder It makes it where I can’t see what I’m Doing I have no idea what I’m doing Which is dangerous I could drive off Into a hole or something and We’ve walked this so I pretty much know What’s here but I’m going to keep going Because I ain’t got a lick a sense [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you What we got down here guys is is dry as This is I told you on our new property We have a spring When I found it it’s wet and muddy and I Just buried the tractor uh so I’ll stop Him before I get it too bad so I’ll go With the other tractor and then me and Tyler pull this thing out Yeah so I didn’t want to get too too far Into it because it wasn’t it’s not Coming out on its own all that weight of

That mulchers on the back so we’re going To find a different Trail down here These little Springs pop out in just Different places and we’re going to have To figure out Yeah this is going to be one of those Things this is really marshy down here Mm-hmm there was that one air I was Showing you earlier to go that way When I walked right here yeah but you’re You’re looking at it from your seat and I’m looking at it from the big stumps And well no that was a clean path that Was just like only like little tree Where’d it go then you just make a cool Go around it My past still see all them Limbs and Trees laying out through there yeah but If you but if I why you had gone in This way right here they have the same Top and there’s no big trees the only Thing you have in white but you can’t go Around is a tree stump these are just All the little trees well that’s as far As we’re getting back there we can cut Back and go this direction No I just drove right off into a spring Yeah and it just happened Instantaneously I just felt it it was Like fall It’s too bad too because that was pretty That was going out to that level And this is the driest we’ve been in Gosh

Years normally we don’t we don’t get This dry it’s just a very rare last time I remember this dry we had a real bad Drought in the 80s and it was like this But we’re this This far into a drought and it’s still That wet down here on our property so It’s a good sign for building a pond Back here yep well go get the tractor And I’ll and the chain and I’ll pull you Out I’m just gonna cook around my loader The easiest thing to do from here Okay so I want you to do Is you’re going to get in the tractor And like I said you’re going to pull up The hill put tension on the chain And then whenever Whenever we start going If your wheels starts spinning then you Have to let off a little bit okay Because once you start spinning that Means you lost traction and that’s the Same thing I’ll have to do okay and uh Hopefully we can get this out with this And if not we’re going to get a bigger Tractor All right just so you know [Music] Because it’s downhill Well I’m not real fond of this either It’s nothing really that dangerous so Just keep going straight uphill So you’re gonna like turn and go that

Way Always keep your nose uphill never go Sideways okay so over there on your foot The heel right here That button to push down I’m gonna put My Right here On your heel okay right here all right So Crank It Up What does it do again it locks the back Wheels so it makes both the back wheels Spin so it won’t spin well it makes both The rack will pull if not all the Weights go all the spinning is gonna go To this tire and it’s going to slip Okay So You’ll feel it fall down into it Take the foot off your brake Keep your foot on this take your foot Off the brake Put your foot on that other thing push Down you’ll feel it getting that go Forward you’ll feel it fall in now You’re never going to take your foot off Over there You have to keep your foot on there the Whole time All right pull forward a little bit All right stop All right Paul [Music] Hey no spinning Back up We gotta put something on these tires

Because the dust is so powdery I’m not Going anywhere Well it could be the 7 000 pounds of Tractor back here too I can’t get no Traction well baby that’s a 3 000 pound tractor going up a hill so You maybe maybe you’re pulling up with An extra If you put the chain on the other side Move that chain over the other side Maybe I can pull it out more because Right now it’s A good uh some limbs down and stuff like That from something to do no no all it Does is pull it up under the tractor and Get it stuck worse okay Go back up some pressure off this All right back up What you’ve done is dug you’ve dug Yourself holes I told you that’s what I Said when it starts spinning you have to Stop because all you’re doing is dig Yourself holes now you got to get out of These holes right so you’re making it Harder because you dug tractor your Tractor has to get out of a hole now Jesus you feather it in feather in It I barely touched it you were a Rooster telling stuff out in the back That ain’t better Do you want me going a different angle Because right now I’m just going up peel And I think yeah let’s back up All right you’re gonna go that way yeah

Turn this way Like that huh All right go [Music] [Music] [Music] All right so this is our dilemma I could Not pull them out with the little Tractor it was just too heavy And look at how much it has sunk in I Mean it is crazy I mean we didn’t even knew it was that Wet back here that if we hadn’t known it We wouldn’t gone that far but look at That I mean it is buried in there And the other side is a lot worse than This Oh my Lord look at that I mean it’s like I don’t know how to describe this That is deep I mean you can even see the back of the Tractor It is buried This is the other side We’re gonna need a miracle to get this Tractor out of here so we went to the Store and got us a wrench and hopefully That will pull this tractor out This is just crazy I love fries with all my soul Foreign [Music] Okay I’m gonna put a block in your

Snatch Block in here the winch is 2 000 Pounds of pressure And if you go ahead and put a snatch Block in and run it back to the tree Then all of a sudden your two thousand Pound winch becomes four thousand pounds Minus mechanical leverage which We’re Not gonna get into that right now Because it’s going to be so small the Mechanical Leverage is going to be so Small it’ll be lost So if you just want to be conservative We’ll have instead of 2 000 pounds of Pull we’ll have 3 700 Pounds full And then hook it I don’t want to test you at all [Music] Foreign So I looked at the bottom it’s not the Bomb lights in the mud it’s the back of The tractors all the way in the mud [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] There’s no cheese [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] Okay [Music] Last woman I pulled you up that’s right So look at that hot mess right here What a mess Definitely needs a bath And this is what we got stuck in And There’s a natural spring right here it’s Filling up with water already This reminds me of putting It’s like if you have a bowl of pudding You put your hand in there it’s got all Squishy like that and it popped out But yeah we’re not going to be working Down this area because it’s going to be Just like it right here so Definitely a natural spring down here Hey listen guys I hope this video was Fun today we had a good time other than Getting stuck we that’s part of it you Know you just you know you can get mad And be mad but the reality is you’re Gonna work with the tractor you’re gonna Get stuck first time in three years I’ve Been stuck so that’s not too bad listen Give us a thumbs up leave us a comment God bless have a great day bye everyone [Music] Open

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