Tractor Land Plane Makes Gravel Driveway Maintenance Easy – How To

Hey welcome back to the channel we've Got a paying job today so one of my Neighbors seen us grading our drive and He asked us if we could come down and Take care of his even though it's wet And it's not going to do a great job I Explained that to him his driveway is Like a washboard he said so he'd really Like to get a little bit of smoothness Done to it [Applause] There we go Together The tractor is kind of it's got Everything's out of kelter it should be Like back in snap in and go but in my Case The Bland plane was unlevel the tractor Is totally unlevel So this is how you pick up a little Extra work you know this Christmas hey I'll take the money that's right it's Right I didn't even have to put the Tractor on the trailer we just drove Right down to the our neighbor's Property and you can see here that it is Pretty washboard uh it's got a washboard Effect to it and uh this should be Pretty pretty easy job to make an extra Little bit of money for Christmas and Who don't need a little extra money for Christmas so let's go ahead and get it Done so in a previous video we uh we're Talking about this land plane and how

It's a little bit oversized for this Tractor uh it did okay this is 600 pound Six foot wide land plane and one of my Viewers pointed out he says you didn't Use your inner axle lock and I didn't I Didn't it didn't cross my mind to use The interacts a lot and that would have Made it handle it better Still I don't think I'm going to change My opinion that this is a little bit too Big of a land plane for this tractor However for this type of work I don't Think you could ask for anything better It's going to be this is going to be a Pretty smooth job just we're just Knocking off the top leveling it out so Let's get to it All right I use my hydraulic top link to Level the lamp plane out I want to Pretty much be perfectly level for front To rear [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Give it a try maybe check it out see What it's all about [Music] But the traffic was fast and the money Was slow the people I met you never get To know I kind of missed this place I Used to live back Up he's pregnant My friends are still the same

Right I'm On Fire on No matter [Music] Yeah I ain't here to try to change your Mind trying to save your time in case You're thinking about breaking out the Bucket list girl you can skip this For business The bear it's complicated Down here everything is understated That's all right by me I got everything That I need but there is [Music] [Applause] [Music] Still the same [Music] [Applause] Cause I'm happy with the simple life [Music] Man all my friends are still the same [Music] On a cold night If I Die [Music] [Applause] [Music] Well I'm absolutely pleased with this uh I am by no means an expert with a land Plane but it really You can take an amateur like myself with Just some general tractor knowledge and

It really makes you look good We took all the washboard out this is Really nice I uh I'm pleased with it Hope I hope the homeowner is listen guys I appreciate you watching our Channel if You like stuff like this leave us a Comment and hit that subscribe button And the thumbs up we really appreciate That God bless have a great day Foreign [Music] [Music]

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