Tractor Pro Tips. Third Function Quick Connects

Tractor pro tip people sometimes have Problems installing their third function Attachment for the front of their Tractor unless your third function lines Have something hooked up to them it'll Be considered deadheading and what that Means is their pressure will go here and There's nowhere for it to release this Pressure is caused sometimes because of Temperature changes or we inadvertently Press the button on the third function While the engine is still running the Pressure is actually fighting against us Your third function lines run from the Front of the tractor back to your third Function valve now this valve is not Manual it is an electronic over Hydraulic valve and that valve has to be Energized with the tractor off to Release pressure if you run into a Problem where you can't hook up your Third function attachment turn the Ignition key to the on position Then push the buttons on your third Function left and right left and right And what this will do will energize your Valve without the hydraulic pump running On the engine and release all back Pressure in the tractor side

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