Tractor Problems – Intake Manifold Pressure Fault

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And this is a video I don't want to be Making today But I've got a problem with my tractor I Don't know if it's a minor problem or a Major problem or a one-time problem but I want to document everything that Happens So if it happens to someone else this Can be a reference for them so I'll give The really quick version of this story Just to tell you how this problem popped Up how I first saw it two nights ago we Stayed at a hotel we were traveling for One of my kids events and I come out Yesterday morning walk out to my truck And my driver's side rear window is Shattered and someone had went around Parking lots in the area breaking out Windows Going through people's stuff trying to Steal stuff so I got an appointment for Tomorrow to have my window glass Replaced but I come home and it's the Temperatures are in the Teens and we've got a chance of snow Last night and a chance of snow today I Want to park the truck in here so I come Over here to move the tractor just out Of the way so I can park in here and When I go to start it as soon as the Engine cranks I get a red stop sign on The dash a loud beeping noise and the Display says

Intake manifold pressure sensor fault or Something like that so I had to go Around I didn't want to mess with the Tractor until I had done my research if I had to go around and clear out a spot To park the truck back here and get it Inside and go in and do my research and What I found yesterday was On all of the internet which is a pretty Big place just a handful of people who Had that same problem a lot of them it Was a 3046 instead of a 2038 but there Were a couple people with the 2038 now With the volume of these tractors that Are out there on the market this is a Very low occurrence is what it appears But there were maybe as many as 10 or 12 Total people who'd had this problem A lot of them it was a brand new tractor Within the first few months but almost All of them it was really cold outside And I thought oh well you know this cold Snap will be over maybe it'll go away And I can just take it to the dealer and Have them check it but that's the wrong Answer if this is going to be a problem Anytime it gets below 20 degrees I need To know that And if I wait till it warms up I might Not know I have a problem until the next Time it's cold and I need to use the Machine So what we're going to do right now is See if we can recreate the problem

And And just go from there so let's see if It wants to start up and see if we get The same code and I'll say because I'm Expecting what the comments might be And all the people I found I didn't find A single person who actually had a Problem A a legitimate engine problem it's Always been some kind of an electrical Problem so that makes me feel a little Bit better about going ahead and Starting it again all right so I want to Go through the process and cycle the key Got our glow plugs should be able to see Right here when the glow plugs are on Okay so the warning is already on and I Didn't see that last time until I Started it Some people said it went off pretty Quickly after they started their tractor So I'm going to go ahead and start it [Applause] So the fault was on the screen before I Even tried to start it I don't know if That's because it faulted last time I Started it or if that was registering The problem existed but unlike last time As soon as I started it the light went Off so I'm gonna let it sit here and Warm up a little bit I'm gonna run the Tractor see if the light comes back on I'm gonna call the dealership get their Advice and then we'll go from there

When I went through the owner's manual In a video a while back it was saying Ideal warm-up time It's a little bit vague because it was Split into two different sections but in Cold weather maybe three to five minutes I'm gonna give it about five minutes and We're we're getting close to that Hasn't come back on I want to try to Recreate the problem if possible so I'm Just gonna go move some stuff around I've got the autograph on the front move Some logs just see what happens Green Acres is the place to be All is the life I don't know any more words Tractor's been running for eight minutes Extra gauge raised [Music] [Music] Foreign The tractor for 25 minutes took about Five minutes before I moved it at about Eight minutes the coolant was coming up To a normal temperature I just Did everyday stuff nothing really That would put the tractor under a heavy Load but Not everything's fine no more alarms but I don't know if this is going to be a Reoccurring problem so I am going to Talk to the dealership about it right Now I'm giving the tractor time to cool

Off I mentioned that in a previous video If you weren't aware especially if you Have a DPF filter or a turbo you want to Make sure you give it time to cool off So I'll be right back I just talked to the dealership service Department told me that that is not a Problem they see very often He actually said it's pretty rare but They have had that Code come up most of the time you're Probably going to be replacing the Sensor the sensor is 429 dollars If the parts guy seemed A little bit unsure if he was finding The right sense or not he was going to Transfer me back to service I said I'm Gonna wait I'm not gonna do anything Until the problem happens again If it's just a one-time thing there were A couple people who said it happened to Them once or twice and then never Happened again But it should be Covered under warranty I would think I Got the extended warranty by buying Their service plan so hopefully I don't End up being out any money but the Probably the takeaway from this is if You're watching this video If this ever Happens again whether it's tomorrow or a Year from now There will be a follow-up video and

It'll be linked in the description and The pinned comment of this video so be Sure to check that out my other takeaway Is that a 500 deductible is probably Okay on your Collision but on Comprehensive I'm not crazy about it because I'm out Of pocket for that window to uh so the Dealership 670 dollars and uh local Glass shop 267. so 500 deductible on comp on Comprehensive Probably something I'm going to rethink And the funny thing is I don't know if it's the right part but A Google search brought up an eBay Listing for that sensor for forty nine Dollars so you'd have to do your Research but if for some reason it Wasn't covered under warranty I'd take a Look at that Anyway probably not the most Entertaining video but if I have a Problem with the machine I'm gonna show It so I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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