Folks we're doing another giveaway for The month of February it's different Though on how you get entered compared To the last few giveaways we've done Stay tuned to the end I'll tell you how [Music] What Jim trying to shoot a video Yeah I thought we'd show you the shop It's been a while and for the last three Four months there's been contractors in And out of here constantly hopefully it Looks a little different now but all new Lighting Tons of new lighting this is like What is it 180 foot candles and and Pretty much everywhere that you see here Minimum so there's some spots that are More there might be a few spots I can't Remember there are less but around 180 Foot candles this stuff is bright these Are the middle rows 30 000 lumens each The outer row is 24 000 lumens each once We get the floor cleaned up Either painted or sealed or something is Going to have more reflection off of it And it's going to brighten it up more Too but a lot of things have been Happening spray foam behind all the Walls once the lid went on have spray And blown in foam that's up there had a Hole we kind of have a mezzanine above This little storage shop that was Already here had a nice wall with like a

Gate a swing gate so I can put stuff up There to store it and kind of keep it Looking nice up there move the stairway 90 degrees it was against the outer wall Move it against this little Shop here and put a nice railing on There made under the stairway storage There put another storage area up top Get a new Windows still got to swap Those out got new doors painted the Whole outside put concrete on the North End of the barn just got our basketball Hoop up Friday just a few days ago so that's a Lot of fun for the kids radiant heat Running off propane we have a temporary Tank set now I've got an underground Tank on order I'm going to bury that Here come spring oh and I forgot all new Wiring throughout here too we have three Different 240 volt plugs on here tons of Other inside and outside plugs uh Gooseneck lights some other nighttime Lights over here about the bay doors I Mean I'm probably forgetting the stuff But we've done a lot of work Well not me but contractors had the last Few months and now you're looking at a Piece of equipment you haven't seen Before just got this in yesterday JCB 3ts 8T so this is a teles kit this boom Extends out here side entry absolutely Love this you may be wondering what the Heck's going on I've already got a 333g

And I love that machine I do But tax time was rolling around end of The year based on blah blah blah Everything I needed some tax write-offs So I got this and actually also can't Show you unfortunately because it burned Up before I could even take possession Of it but a 407 wheel loader for the Shop as well so we can handle snow and All the really heavy loads that come in Big stacks of snow pushers and other you Know big stacks of foil mowers and all That kind of stuff too we can move it Around easily out there so I searched All over the country I found two JCB Units at the same dealer down in Kentucky okay this teleskid and the Wheel loader And they were just sitting there Paperwork finalized everything ready to Go just waiting on my Freight hauler to Get there and pick them up taking a Couple of days This dealership had a used tractor that Came in just for some service and they Parked it right next to the wheel loader And they caught all this on camera About 3 A.M that tractor Spontaneously combust caught fire you Know is just on fire a big Fireball and It gets so hot that it melts the panels That are on the side of the JCB wheel Loader that I bought and so That sucked but at least it was still

There at the dealer that's the good Thing about it and so they searched all Over the country because these things Are really hard to find right now and Found one that was in route to a dealer In Colorado but hadn't been sold to a Customer yet so once that lands in Colorado they're going to get it into Kentucky go through it do all the the Pre-delivery inspection everything like That on there and then get it shipped up To me in Michigan so there will be more To come on this once I kind of get a Feel for it and same thing with that Wheel loader folks if you're watching This there's a good chance you own a Tractor and you're going to need more Attachments in the future check out what We have to offer at we sell and ship All over the country every day of the Week folks we are proud to be sponsored By rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps us loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the

Old calcium chloride right it's not Going to freeze and it's available at Over a thousand dealers Nationwide find The dealer near you at all right had to Do a wardrobe change all right what do You think you guys like this better I'm Just joking it's a different day all Right so time for some updates on Summit As well a lot of interest on those uh a Handful of items okay backhoe coming out Can't wait to get my hands on it myself I'll have it sometime soon too Attentively summer 2023 is coming out Um it will be something that you can add On To a summit tractor that you already Have or buy it new with it as well Either way going to come with an Independent operator seat okay so the Separate seat back there this seat does Not have to swivel mechanical thumb is Standard 12 inch bucket standard Optional 8 and 16 inch buckets made in Wisconsin all right You can figure that out on your own who Makes that going to be called the bhx 76 All right lots of other stuff going on In fact the guys from Summit are Actually at the factory right now Touring the latest upgrades they're Looking at the cab version of the tx25 That's coming out can't wait to get that One there's a larger model that is in

Development right now with 36 horsepower So that's in the pipeline 2 coming you Know some it's whole deal is to do Things differently all right and so they Are available at larger retail stores And there's just a it's just a different Way to buy a tractor you know with Channels like mine and all sorts of Other channels that are out there forums There's just so many other ways to get All of your questions answered to get a Good understanding of what the Equipment's all about and so they're Trying to make it easier to get your Hands unattractive they'll have like a Display model at these retailers so you Can still put your hands on it feel it Sit on it see if it's a good fit for you Too but then you can go online read The Forum see what others have to say you Can watch the video see how it handles The projects you what size attachments Are best to work with it and so Summits Doing things differently there as well They've got their own sub Forum that's On tractor by net you know they have Their own Facebook owners page you can Get a hold of them pretty much any Method that you want to they're there to Help that's kind of the whole idea is They want to be customer oriented be Very accessible for you to reach them so Currently select locations you go right To summit's website to see where they're

Available this rollout is intentional I Get there's some frustration with that Because we show these videos and you Can't buy it in your area that's on Purpose they're You know you can't help where the Marketing goes right I can't help where You're at when you watch my videos about This tractor but their intent is To make sure that they have the service There to take care of the customers who Are buying their tractors so in every Area they expand into they are set up With qualified service technicians to Cover that geographic area and they're Not going to sell to you in I don't know An area that doesn't have service set up And ready to go so once they have the Tractors available for sale in your area That means they also have the necessary Service available for it too so you can Get this of course at Atwoods Runnings Family farm at home Tractor Supply Select locations and another huge Retailer coming soon too so You got to be patient if you can more Information coming as soon as we have it Last thing from Summit more updates on Attachments we talked about the backhoe Already the grapple is out like the Grapple you see on the front here it's Available for jdqa as well they're Coming out with larger versions too Bigger beefier designs to to take the

Brunt of a larger machine so it's not Just for a summit for any ssqa tractor That you might have or any jdqa tracks You might have they'll have something Available and the Box plane is coming Spring of 2023 going to start with the 60 inch they're going to roll out the Various other sizes later in the year so You'll get that right from summit's Website too just a Direct ship model Right to you a couple things to tell you About out here first this is our most Recently installed gravel driveway area And with this one I didn't put a crown on it I just kind Of had it gently slope from one side to The other and the idea behind that was To try to make it easier for snow Clearing in the winter time and to allow Rain to just and groundwater I guess to Just kind of slowly uh sheet across Instead of trying to do washouts or Anything else and build up anywhere and So far it's working there are no areas On our driveway where there's any Puddles or anything like that or any Washouts that are starting to occur and You can see in the background just all The water it's been raining like Constantly out here and on the on the Asphalt driveway there's puddles on There right so it's definitely going to Happen if it's going to happen but this Driveway is doing what it's supposed to

Do now I really don't like this big drop Off that we have here you go down quite A ways I mean that's if you're right Here at the edge that's yeah that's About up to here so it's a it's a big Drop off we're going to bring in a bunch Of topsoil and kind of build it up and Taper it down a bit come spring but that Was part of Getting to this to be a gentle taper Instead of a big a big trap off you know And when it's frozen and icy your Vehicles want to slide off and it's not That bad anymore so we just had to build Up this side a lot but another project To tackle come spring so folks that Brings you up to speed with what's going On around here lately now of course we Do sell and ship tractor attachments all Over the country so if you're looking For something for your tractor for the Front end loader or the three-point Hitch check out our website see what we have To offer we love their new business if You want to keep up with what's going on Around here make sure you hit subscribe Right down below we'd love to have you Tag along I want to thank you for taking Time out of your day to stop by and Until next time stay safe we'll see you Soon okay so now for the giveaway all Right so this is different we're going To put we're hiding an image I guess I

Should say of a a red stump record all Right there's going to be a red stump Wrecker image Somewhere on our website goodworks it's not going to be on Facebook it's not anywhere on YouTube We'll show it there for examples of what To look for and you'll see it in this Video too but go to our website it's hiding Somewhere on there we've been running This for a few days already if you Follow my other social media or signed Up for our newsletter too I've let you Know about this going all through the Month of February so take your time if You got a couple hours to kill at work Go ahead and scroll through there and See if you can find it many have been Trying and many have been unsuccessful So far too but we have had some so the The odds of winning are actually pretty Darn good for this one if you do find Out where it's at so this is open to Folks in the lower Contiguous contiguous the 48 states that Are touching each other okay they don't Ship internationally don't ship to Canada right now don't ship to Hawaii Don't ship to Alaska It's going to be good for a mini stump Record all right if you want to get an HD Record if you do end up winning just Pay the difference include shipping okay

But you gotta send us a link to that Listing from our website include your Name your email your phone number and Email it all to support to be entered Again 228 2023 at midnight as a cutoff For this we'll do the drawing shortly After that in early March Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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