Tractor Stump Grinder Comparison – Woods Vs Baumalight

Thank you Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm back out at my friend Brian's House and we're going to do a comparison Today between a couple stump grinders so I've got my John Deere 2038r and this is A bomb light 3p 24 And then what is this stump grinder You've got here this is the woods tsg50 And it's on a summit tx25 25 horse Tractor now I have never seen one of these in use or Seen a video on it and It's a similar style in the articulating I've compared my articulating grinder to A fixed Mount grinder but this will be An interesting comparison because This is a little bit less expensive unit And it has some advantages Like it's lighter weight it can be run On a smaller tractor and this one has Cutting teeth on both sides of the wheel So it can grind in both directions where Mine only grinds one way So we've got two similar stumps up in Front of Brian's house and we're gonna Grind one with each grinder and see how They compare and then I think we'll do Some we'll go over some numbers as far As the weight the size of the wheel The distance of the Swing all that sort Of stuff at the end of the video and Give our overall thoughts sound like a Plan sounds good let's do it this is the

Stump we're going to remove with the Woods grinder How this was You know about 16 inches tall when I got Here and I measured the top of it and it Was 17 inch diameter I've got criticized On tree felling videos for how I Described the size of a tree Because a feller when you're cutting a Tree down they generally tell you the Tree diameter at chest height so this Was 17 inches This tall at chest height it would Probably be like a 12 or 14 inch Diameter tree and the reason this is Relevant is the customer will have a Stump that sets this high and say it's Not very big it's 17 inches but if You're talking to someone about pricing Stumps they don't measure it that way You've got the first number you're gonna See is where we cut this off down low Is 34 inches so you're already double Right there And in this direction 32 inches but you don't just grind this 34 inches We've got a root flare out here And we've got Root flare out here So the grind area on this Is six feet That's why I say I've removed stumps That were 10 feet grind area

And I've got one now that's like 14 at My house I need to remove Because if it's a 40 inch stump Might be an eight foot grind area so Just to give an idea for the stump size Now the one over there is almost exactly The same size this might be one or two Inches bigger but they're pretty similar Good for a comparison Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] So I stopped and I was going to change a Few of the teeth because I normally run Them for a while after they start to Round off but I've never had it smoke as It cuts nearly that much so I thought That's clearly telling me I need new Teeth on there but two things number one You need a box stand 15 16 syringe in my Set that I have with me only goes to 7 8. And Brian only has sockets that size so I'd have to go to a store and get a 15 16 syringe to take those off then also We went and looked at his teeth on on His grinder and they're about equally as Worn out as mine and he doesn't have any Replacements it's a different tooth so That we can't put new teeth on his so I'm not going to put new teeth on mine And this will be the last stump probably

That I grind with those teeth but I Think it's going to finish it it's Cutting all right it's just smoking Okay so the spot we've been grinding is A good six inches below grade Got ground levels up here taking at Least four to six inches below grade and We've done About a third of the grind area the next Pass will bring us back here should just Be three passes and the swing angle on My grinder is wide enough to cover the Entire root flare which is a benefit of Having My this grinder it's so long it has a Long swing area [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign Stump killer right there Of course any of you guys who ran a Commercial unit or anything else are Going to call this a toy but did the job Actually Let me check the time Spent 50 minutes on that but I bet 15 Minutes of it we were looking for Wrenches and Talking and doing other things but 50 Minutes now

We're gonna see if McClure made Outdoors Can remove a stump You ready yep Thank you We'll talk about this later but you can See the swing area Is not covering the entire grind area And I've had stumps like that on mine You just have to kind of do two sets of Passes Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign We managed to get a couple of stumps Ground out and it did take a little bit Longer with this one which I would have Expected Because you have a smaller wheel and not As wide of a swing radius But you know bigger is not always better And it depends on what size tractor you Have is one big factor I think this is Really well sized for this tractor and You wouldn't want anything bigger now The rating on this said like 15 to 40 Horsepower I think or 15 to 50 something Like that And then do you remember what it weighs

Uh 545 pounds so this weighs like 540 Pounds and it can be run on a tractor With 15 PTO horsepower and your 25 horse Tractors normally have like 17 18 Somewhere in that range so pretty nice Unit and there are a few things I like About it better This one has a 24 inch cutting wheel Instead of a 20 inch And it weighs 940 pounds it's rated for 35 to 30 to 80 horsepower on your PTO which I Have exactly 30 PTO horsepower so I Honestly think I mean I have the bare Minimum tractor size for this unit and They run a lot better on like a 40 66 That's putting out you know 58 PTO Horsepower But As far as the design differences I a Couple things that I do like better About this Is well it's pros and cons but this area The gardening is a lot more open So what that means Is debris doesn't get clogged up in it As much But it will fly out at you more so if You're picking a grinder that you want To watch at a 90 degree angle from 15 Feet away I'd go with that one because This one throws more chips but that that Gets them out of the way and keeps them

From clogging up Also It's quick hitch compatible The fact it weighs half as much and it's Quick hitch compatible makes this Dramatically easier to put on the Tractor than this unit this one it will Not extend down far enough to hold the Backrest straight up and down Which means that you've got to prop it Up in some way or you're going to have a Fight getting it on the tractor Also with this one this pivot Points a Lot higher And your your bottom pivot Points higher Which means that when you go all the way Down you're sitting at a different angle Whereas mine the bottom the bottom brace On it will rub the ground so if your Ground level Two feet in front of the stump is higher Than the stump you can't get the cutting Depth the way this is designed the way You have more cut out on the on the Guard and this pivot point being higher You can get a lot deeper this one says Six inches below grade I find four to Six depending on the situation this one Says 16 inches I don't think that's Possible because the cutting wheel is Only 20 and you can't do more than half Of the cutting wheel but I would say six Eight maybe as much as 10 inches below Grade if you work back into it

So you can grind deeper with this the Biggest obvious difference is this has Cutting teeth on both sides so it cuts On both sides of the swing or that one Only Cuts in One Direction And that automatically adds one third to Your grind time if everything else was The same on these Grinders but you have Cutting teeth on both sides you're going To save a third of your time because Probably two-thirds of my time is Crossing and cutting And one-third is retracting and Resetting So That's the reason that this one was Actually fairly close in Grind Time was That it cuts in both directions anything Else that stood out to you as a pros and Cons or differences I know you're just a Little bit more beefier and stuff but I Don't I don't think yours would have Yeah I mean even if PTO was even close It would have shook my tractor like Crazy which this one shakes it a little Bit but not yeah my biggest complaint Already with mine is that it bounces the Tractor and I've got two different ways I've tried doing it you can just skim A quarter of an inch or an eighth of an Inch off at a time and make a lot of Quick passes which is almost the only Option with this one because the teeth On mine go further up the side this one

Only has teeth down at the bottom So on today I was grinding sometimes Three and four inches at a time and it's Each pass is really slow and it's Putting off smoke But whenever I make those lighter Skimming passes I see it bounces a Little bit more and I've thought that the ideal scenario for This grinder would be to have a down Pressure kit on your three-point because Even though my tractor's heavier it's Still the three point is able to to lift Because you don't have any down pressure Now the fact the grinder weighs twice as Much and it's on a heavier tractor mine Definitely didn't bounce as bad So I would say if you have a tractor That is less than the 38 horsepower that Mine has then this is going to be a good Option I've also compared this grinder To the fixed units and I would rather Have one of these articulating Grinders I did a long pros and cons conversation Between the fixed and the articulating The negative is you have to look back The whole time if you're doing one stump It's okay but if you grind all the time You will not enjoy Looking Backward all The time and craning around the other Thing is if you're on uneven ground That fixed grinder maintains the height As you drive across on flat ground That's fine if you're on a hill

You don't always have access to choose Your approach angle depending on what Else is around and It's really a lot harder on a hill Because you have to Be adjusting your height more so that's A challenge I also find these Surprisingly easier to get right up Against a building because it swings the Same amount Every time so you lift your guard up and You get this where it's within an inch Of a building it'll continue to swing That same spot and I ground a tree out That was The root flare was going under the metal At the side of the building and I ground 99 of it off with this with mine we Already talked about this is more open On the side and mine the guard comes Down further This also has a shorter guard and we're Not sure if this is the original guard But this is throwing material a lot Further whereas on mine it it knocks That material down better but if I get Up against something Or sometimes I have to lift my guard to Even run it because if this if I'm quite A bit below the height of the stump and Where I'm grinding that guard will hit So pros and cons to the guard style Another advantage to the swing type Grinders is this is a speed change

Gearbox a fixed grinder spins at the Same speed as your PTO which is 540 on Any compact tractor so 540 RPMs and a Commercial grinder will be like 16 1800 2000 RPMs this has a speed change Gearbox it's listed at like 1100 yeah And I think mine's listed at a thousand As the speed it actually turns and There's also a little bit of a Multiplier on wheel size The amount of force it takes to turn it Which is why the next bigger size has a 34 inch wheel instead of a 24 inch wheel From bomolite you need more power to Turn a bigger wheel but also if you do Get that spinning it's spinning even Faster being further from the center Overall I think this is a really nice Grinder I'm surprised I haven't seen More about these wood stump grinders Perfect For this size tractor oh last thing is Cost so when I got this grinder it was 5700 somebody told me like six months Ago that those are now 8 500 and the way Prices are going who knows now it could Be over 9 000 or And this We saw listed new for 6200 and he was Able to pick one up for half of that Used so if you're looking at getting an Articulating grinder and you say well I Like that bigger swing radius on the Bomber light it it lets you make fewer

Passes and move the tractor less then You see that's nine thousand It's uh makes uh this this used one for Three thousand a lot more tempting you Know Brian I really appreciate you Letting me do this uh video here and I Love trying new equipment and I Appreciate you guys watching go check Out McClure made Outdoors that's Brian's Channel where he'll be running this Tractor this grinder a lot more last Thing that's not even about the Grinders Is the summit lever for controlling that One rear remote is a long lever very Fluid movement and precise control My shorter levers on the deer go down to Some linkages apparently that maybe even Need adjusted but And there's a Flow Restriction on my Hose and all that combines so I'm having Trouble getting a fluid movement it's It's like just barely moving and then I Go just a little bit more and it's too Fast and bogs the tractor down so good Job on Summit for their hydraulic Control lever there But appreciate you taking time to watch Put links on the screen to a couple more Of our videos and I'll see you next time

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