Tractor Tree Shear Mini Clip 3 Year Review

???? Hello everyone, welcome back to our channel! Today’s video is an in-depth review of the Mini Clip by Precision Manufacturing, which we’ve owned and operated for an incredible three years. Stick around to see how it has held up!

???? Mini Clip Features & Specs:

Plumbed: Pre-fitted hydraulic connections.
Manual Telescoping: Adjustable reach from 6′, 7′, and 8′.
Maximum Cut: 7″ in diameter.
Universal Quick Attach Bracket: Compatible with a wide variety of machinery.
Minimum Lift Capacity: 1200 lb.
Hydraulic Pressure: 2500 PSI required.
Optional Sprayer: Add-on for herbicidal application.
Hand Control Kits: Customizable for improved user experience.
???? In This Video:

Our firsthand experience over three years
Tips on maintenance and optional add-ons
???? Takeaways:

While it may have lost some of its new shine, the Mini Clip’s performance hasn’t dimmed a bit.
Whether it’s cutting small trees or clearing brush, this tool has proven its worth in versatility and durability.
It remains one of our most cost-effective and invaluable tools for landscaping and agricultural tasks.

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I want to cut it Ha Is I'm just spraying some lubricant on It this is that dry lubricant spray I Think it's called T9 who makes that bow Shield using the aviation but it Actually sprays on and it it dries and Becomes a dry Lubricant this whole thing needs to be Have a bath all of it does Tractor Everything Hey welcome back to the channel we are Going to be playing with a mini clip Today on the front of the T474 we call this thing the T rex Because it the way it crunches trees This thing will cut a 7in tree uh off Even with the ground or you can reach up Into a tree and cut uh a tree down in up In the air we've got it in its most not Always fully extended but kind of a Midlength right now uh found that to be Really useful with the Traer so you can Literally cut the trees off or your Limbs off and then turn around and pick The whole limb up and carry put it in Your burn pile with just the the the the Clamper the pincher you don't have to Cut it you can use it as a clamping System to pick up stuff so you're not Running back and forth between two Different uh implements like a grapple And what not anyway this thing is about

3 years old and we have cut a ton of Trees down today we're going to run back To the cabin Bill we've got a tentative Road going back there we need to cut out A few small trees that are in the way And it's going to open our what we're Going to consider our permanent Road up Cuz right now we have a like I said a Tenative Road eventually the cabin will Come in at the front gate and go through The back of the property off into the Woods there won't be a direct access to The cabin from the Road let's go do It gimo let's go cut some trees down he Don't like cutting trees down he don't Mind this he don't like cutting the they Don't like chains though are we going to Work on the new Trail area Too up back there no going that way said Something about doing that cut yeah I Know we got to cut I think some big Trees in that though we can cut a lot of Little ones out okay and just pull them Out and carry them and throw them in the Pile okay just take this tree off even With the ground not a very big tree Really no Danger push push it around the Roof going as far as we can Go This is something neat you can do with It so now we've got it on the ground We're we're going to open it up all the

Way and what I'm going to do is rotate It little too much there we go and to Make this more Manageable going to snip this thing up In a few pieces so I can carry it out Either by hand or when I do come back With a grapple It's it's easy to manage and I don't Have to have a chainsaw here no manual Labor which I'm all For my understanding is and what we've Done is this thing will Cut anything that is uh uh 7 in or Less this is Elm right here which is a Pretty mean tree but we we cut Hickory Uh We've cut Elm and these are like Really hard to cut it's red at 7 in I Know it'll do a little bit more but I Know if you stay within that rating it Just I don't care what kind of tree that It is it will cut it to 7 in pictory Whatever so I've cut it but I'm not Going to release it I'm going to set This off out of the Way I don't have my grapple with me I'm Going to do now is just grab this Piece use the Feature pick it up over out of the Way this is we've done this for 3 years Obviously we don't show every time we Use it it looks beat up And and it it has been used a lot But see what I do right here where I'm Just busting that stuff out of the way

Pushing it out of the way it's just a Solid little Rig You can KNE Lim or you can cut off even With the Ground so the t474 is really made it to This thing great it's a it's heavy Enough it's Stout enough that that it's Able to pick up the trees and really use It the way it's meant to be Used do the same thing where we Set this tree out of the Way that was About probably look at the base of that It's probably 4 and 1/2 this one here is Going to be every bit of seven this is a Oak uh yes this is A Can't see it yeah I think it's O I can't Really see the leaves that's a sweet Gum yeah so this is a sweet gum Tree it's hard to see the sun shot right In my so this is sweet gum and it is Roughly about the maximum I'd say 7 in Around at the base push in a little Bit with a little B over 7 we we'll squish it open it back up Push on In squish it open back up push on in I Think this will get it here we'll go all The Way now once you have it like this off The ground you just want to kind of back Out from under it and that leaves the

Tree leaning forward you release it and Back straight up freeze leaning forward Doesn't want to fall down On so again what I'm going to do is just Come in here with the tractor cut this Up into manageable sizes and then we'll Come back with a Grapple and pick it up up be easy to Carry I know this seems slow but when you take The amount of manual labor it would take To do This it it it actually is very nice to Have you got a lot of woods to manage This is actually a a pretty decent Investment one thing you're always going To have is tree lium growing over the Road I can reach up about 16 Can't see it see here there we go I can Reach up about 16 Ft you going to pick it up my hand no Don't pick it up my hand listen look at Her that's against the Rules that takes all the fun out of It show Off I also have a busted foot got a chip Bone in my heel so I'm I'm I'm I'm seat Bound a Lot and she just I think it was fun just To do that she took some of my fun Away all right we need to look down Through here see if any of these we Won't cleared out I think you want a

Bunch of these cleared out too right no I want to keep Them I thought we just want to clear the If you take the little stuff out just The little ones if you take the little Stuff out you're going to let it see Through that's going to thicking back up After that storm we had a storm come Through here up at the front of the Property and it just ripped down trees I Think we talked about right in there in Between a little Bit okay but not a whole bunch though Which one are you talking About Okay kind of small but I'm up for It so here's a good use right there's a Good healthy tree right here and then Right beside it there's a small tree so I'm going to trim the small tree down so That it doesn't compete with my big Healthy Tree like AER So this is actually a good thing to do Uh with it with this mini clip you just Take you a Saturday afternoon and you Drive out through the woods and you can C like if you got a big healthy tree Like we got right here that's a u that Is a sweet gum tree right there but it's Nice and healthy and there was a little Small tree right up next to it that was Growing and so we we just tripped that

Off or trimmed that off and that's going To give this big healthy tree it's not Going it's not going to have as much Competition now so that's a good thing To do is you can CL clip around your you Know your your little tree so anyway Let's go up here to the front and we're Going to work on our this is actually The future Road there's one more you Need to cut down that little one right There it ain't in the way though no that One's got to go down it's got a lot of Dead at top but that's got to take Chainsaw There yeah 7 in is reasonable it'll do Eight or nine but you got to kind of Pinch at it a little bit I just find Myself gravitating towards 7 in and and Below on the on the cutting does a Really good job but you can come out Here and like do some serious uh Thinning in in a in an afternoon you can Clear all the little stuff out and give All your big trees groom Room to Grow you don't take that one down no It's all Bent All right I'll be Back so we're working our way back from The cabin and we're going to be bringing These sit panels in and these panels are Some of them are like I don't know 12T Wide uh so we're going to just get a get Everything that's low hanging and close

To the road out and then behind me over Here we're going to just continue on There's a new road that's going to be Coming in that's going to go towards the Barn and uh this will all eventually be Graveled this is actually part of the Permanent Road here but right here it Turns left and goes up the hill we're Going to have it come in a much more Gradual uh way up that hill so that it Doesn't wash but for now let's just chop This dude Off This a big hot mess right here big There come Here All W So what I'll do is I'll pick my boom up A little bit higher tilt the head down Gives me a lot better Visibility There P Off that's what it Said Okay I want to cut It Ha Just go slow and steady and you won't Tear it up Just sometimes you'll get in a situation Like That It's still pretty

Solid let's see if It'll chop this Cedar it's still really Solid that's satisfying I don't know Why so this thing has a little remote on The steering Wheel that I push a button and it Diverts when I push my third function Instead of opening and Closing push a button on the remote and It turns it around let go of it and then It opens and Closes Like I said earlier this 474 is so it's a real sturdy Uh it's it's got a lot of low Weight which makes it really good it Center gravity is low and it's heavy the Way I got it set up now with loaded Tires this thing is probably about 5,000 Lb right Now good for 4500 and the tillers on the back of It that tiller is about 1,000 Lb Know I guess the trick to this and every Other machine is to go slow and steady Some people get like angry and want Their piece of equipment to work faster Because they're impatient and you always Break stuff that way you can make Equipment to do a lot of stuff by just Going slow and Steady

Almost last Little Fibers broke Off Come Oh W Okay I think this is pretty awesome we Spent about an hour this is took us an Hour to cut this little road uh and if You can imagine having a little hand Chainsaw and trying to do this all by Hand I did all this without breaking a Sweat and apparently we have Disturbed a Hornet nest but other than that we're Good to go We'll come back in here with a grapple Clean all this up get all the little Loose stuff out come back with the muler Come through here and mulch all the way Up this old pret tree that's been struck By lightning and it's it's really sickly It's got to go and we have to go this Way because there's a pretty extensive Drop off over here and uh so the this Will be the natural flow of the driveway And we'll have to take this tree down And I think after that and that pron Tree up there It's going to be wide enough for a Drive so this is probably I let's call This our three-year review on the mini Clip now you'll see people that have Tried pieces of equipment and they show Up once or twice and that's it you don't See you don't ever see that piece of

Equipment again um we've again we've own This mini clip now for this is the third Year the t474 is the third year we've Had it here and all of it still works It's not as pretty as it was the first Day we got it but it all still works Listen hope you enjoy this God bless Have a great Day

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