Training a NEW Equipment Operator

Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And today I'm going to be training a new Equipment operator This chocolate milk cabin guy right here Is my grandson Zayden who is six years Old as Aiden do you think you're old Enough to drive this thing You think you can handle it You know I would say a lot of us Let our kids and grandkids help us on The tractor and stuff like that and I've Debated Putting that content on the internet About the safety of it and if it's the Right thing to do and gave it a lot of Thought And I think it's all right I think this Thing The way we are going to use it is a Pretty safe place for him to be if we're Being honest and I think it's a great Way to connect him to something really Cool like this so let's jump in there And you're gonna do all the driving is That okay Okay I'm in here Now let's put your chocolate milk down Can you put it down there You go Now see if we can get the lap bar down One reason I feel good about this is We're not bypassing any safety controls On the machine we still have the lap bar Down and we're

Locked in here This thing's basically a giant roll cage With an extreme duty door and we're not Working at the edge of a drop off we're Running a high flow brush cutter or Anything like that we're just learning The controls do you already know how to Do it let me tell you anyway Here's our rule Here's our rule is we only use one lever At a time what's this lever do It goes up okay show me how to make the Loader go up Okay how to make it go down Okay yeah go back up Now how do you make it tip forward How do you make the bucket tip forward Whoa yeah and now make the bucket go the Other way Okay now we never use both controls at a Time so you take your hand off this one And put it here now you put your other Hand on this one now what's that one do A job it makes us drive okay drive I Want you to turn that way I want you to drive right over there in Front of the camera so you can see how You're doing Right over there in front of the camera All right we give it a little throttle Okay you see the camera there keep going You see the camera there keep going Now I want you to turn around and face The camera

Here we go oh whoa stop you're gonna hit It back up just a little bit All right now Now let's see if you wanted to pick the Camera up with the grapple First We got one control we didn't talk about This right here opens the grapple if you Pull it back towards you see what Happens See it opens Okay now Now what if you wanted to grab the Camera with the grapple can you do that Okay so wait wait I know that you do have to move forward But first let's see what else would you Have to do The grapple's not high enough could you Go up above the camera with the grapple You don't move anything until you think About it how do you move the cam grapple Up over the camera which which joystick No this one drives remember So how do you take the grapple up over The top of the camera Okay so bring the grapple up Keep going Now what if you wanted to go over the Top what would you have to do with the Grapple But which way would you have to move This to make it go over the top Here let me show you what I want you to

Do and see if you can do it okay so We're going to come over it like this We're imagining we got to pick that Camera up How do I do It You think you can do that can you can You lift it up Like that go up You're open now go up Okay now tilt it forward Lean it that way Nope now you're going down So you don't want to just go up and down You want to tilt it so you can go over The top and grab how do you do that That way now go up again Keep going up Okay now tilt tilt It Forward again Hope that opens or there you go up again Uh drive over the top of it whoa one One's one hand at a time so just this One drive over it and stop now go down One hand whoa see now you can all you Got to do now you want to grab that Camera is roll your button forward Roll It Forward whoa nope nope nope nope oh You hit the camera you hit my camera All right now do you think you could Pick up A log the same way let's try that but we Got to move the camera first hold on I want to point the camera at a log over There and see if you can pick it up

Both of them yeah There's there's two logs Together up there The way what do we do one-handed in time So put both hands here now which are you Gonna do first drive or pick up Hold on All right now you can drive You want to drive right over to those Logs Big one not that biggest one that's Really heavy we want to get these two Little ones right here You're kind of crooked so you want to Get over that way a little bit more so That you're straight too Do you want to go over there no not that Little not that stick see those right There Those are the ones I want you to get Yeah right there in front of the other Camera You get over to it and then turn to get Straight Keep going All right Now wipe yep one hand at a time So you need to open it Okay Now go up Wait one hand at a time then how are you Going to come over and grab it that way Good job see I don't have to tell you Again go up more and curl more and up

More curl more Until you're in the right spot now drive Up to it Now what do you have to do Down one hand at a time down Now I think you need to curl forward a Little bit more No one one at a time don't get too Excited you're trying to go too fast so We need to curl forward more Go up a little bit huh and curl forward More we want it to keep going no no curl It forward So now close the grapple to pick them up Yep with that one there you go Keep going close it more All right now lift it up a little there You go now curl it towards you There you go Currently towards you more Nope that's up you don't want to go up You want to curl it towards you Throw it towards you like this Curl it all the way towards you Now I want you to go down until you're Almost on the ground but not twice You're almost on the ground Okay now let's stop for a minute why did Why do we want to take it down like that You know We always drive with our load close to The ground Okay now you can drive and decide where You want to put that log

Where do you want to put it You pick a place that you want to put it Tell me and then we'll go with it Like put it over there Okay Yeah Now you can turn and line up with these Other logs There you go and go forward to where you Want to put it Okay now take your hand off of that Controller and only use the other one You can curl it down Forward there you go you have to go up More Okay and curl it down more one one at a Time Nope that's down you want to curl you Want to dump dump that's the word okay Dump more Down dump So dump is that way okay now open your Grapple You know how there you go That's the right button Okay now close the grapple Okay now can you tilt your grapple up That's not up tilt it like that tilt it Till it's flat And then set it on the ground All right good job Now we're going to shut that off was That fun Was that fun yeah

We could Yeah Yeah so I'm gonna let you drive this More Whenever I get back we only had that Much time right now So He said it was a good little lesson we Are going to he's going to drive it Around some more and just have fun and Spend a grandfather grandson day But right now I've got to run my Daughter to cheerleading so I appreciate You taking time to watch this video I'll Put links on the screen to a couple more Of our videos And I'll see you next time

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