Transplanting Raspberries, Moving them from vegetable garden to berry field.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead I'm standing by my raspberry Bushes here that I am going to be Transplanting today there's a couple Different reasons we're going to be Doing this actually I'm going to be Doing three things today I'm going to be Transplanting these to clear this space For vegetable garden I'm going to be Caning them and I'm going to be putting My raspberries in a place that uh I have More room and they're not going to Disrupt things so anyway I kind of have A love-hate relationship with Raspberries they taste amazing okay and Uh And they grow really well around here But one of the things that I don't like Is how quickly they spread out and so we Are clearing these out today to create Room for a vegetable garden but unlike My blueberry bushes which you can see Up here I actually Carly seeing behind The raspberry bushes but the blueberry Bushes you know they just grow in one Spot you can prune them every year great Blueberry bushes keep the weeds down Around them and it's all controlled Raspberry bushes they just want to Spread everywhere and so we are going to Remove them from the spot they are here Today So you can see up above the cement wall This retaining wall that we created for

Raised bed on this We're terracing this Hillside uh we're Going to get rid of all the raspberries Here and all the raspberries here this Area that I built the retaining walls Has been a great vegetable garden for us The last couple years gets lots of Sunlight and the walls you step on the Pad there the walls were work so it's a Raised garden bed we're not bending over Weeding it my wife is just loving this So she wants Both sides to be Vegetables this year we'll probably Leave one row of uh ever bearing Strawberries there these are Dune Bearing strawberries it's probably going To go to and The Raspberries on this Shelf and this shelf we're gonna go And they're starting to invade into the Blueberry area so we need to get them All out of here so way off in the Distance over there Between the barn and the pool is where The raspberries are now we're adding Blueberry Rose here and then we're going To go raspberries along the fence line Here and they'll get water plenty with When our longest watered and if they try To spread and go on that side of the Fence the goats are going to eat them And I'll just mow them down on this side And they can spread Through all the soil that we have here

For them We killed all our raspberries in the Process of building these Terrace Gardens so I went and started a new crop With a friend of mine a year or two ago And when I I transplant from them I dug Very carefully and tried to keep a lot Of soil around the roots because if you Want to have blueberry uh not Blueberries raspberries immediately you Know the more intact the root you keep The roots the better but I found that These things are so vigorous growing and The root system is so vigorous that if If I just stick a shovel in and and lift It up and then I'm going to shake the Soil out because this is our ground is Naturally heavy clay soil and we've been Amending the Garden area to try to get Good soil so we're going to try to shake Out the roots and get the dirt out and Then leave the good soil here there's Some good soil up there Um but uh what you're going to see me Doing is a little bit rougher than most People would recommend doing by the book On transplanting raspberries also when You transplant raspberries most people Recommend that you cut them off just Find a bud or two well there's one here And one here and leave those two and Then Then the root system can supply plenty Of nutrients and water for that and so

This one's going to be done that way but I I have found I'm going to leave much Longer more buds that'll actually have Some fruiting Buds and get berries Because I want berries this year and These things are pretty Hardy and They're going to come back so as I said I'm going to be a little rougher today Than the book would recommend Okay Oh [Applause] Foreign Okay we've got the whole garden space Clear that we want from vegetables we've Left some good soil in here that's Really nice uh as I mentioned normally This time of year you're caning which is Taken out last year's uh Canes that produce fruit so this one They're usually a little bit more Brittle they snap a little bit tighter This it's been so wet that they aren't Snapping but they're the and this one's More white as opposed to Brownish colors so I'm going to take off Some of these uh here's two more old Canes from last year so they need to go Completely and then we have these that Will produce fruit this year again Traditionally you would cut these down To less than 18 inches Plant this and it'll grow really good But I as I mentioned before I am greedy

And I believe that these are vigorous Growing enough and The Roots will spread Out that I'm going to leave several of Our raspberries in and I'm going to Leave full canes or at least two-thirds So that we have berries this summer as Well One more thing you know we you all the Canes are gone or appear to be gone but Because of the way this root system Spreads there's raspberry roots in this Garden and so Even though we're going to till this Before we plant our vegetable garden There is going to be a lot of Raspberries that try to sprout up You can see root fibers in here that are Laying around and like I said these are Pretty vigorous they're going to grow But if we get most of it out when we Tilt there will be Sprouts coming but We'll we'll be able to pluck them out When they're small and not let them get Established and by the end of this year We won't have to deal with too many more Here's one of our stacks of canes There's some more up there Starting to clear this garden bed those Strawberries like I said will be gone This year and then this whole bed will Be vegetables Hot mama will be happy Foreign Got that on there

All right there's a couple raspberries In the ground already there with sawdust On it we're gonna go Up to about where we have the landscape Fabric These are going to be blueberry bushes That we're propagating And this will be raspberries Here we go here's a big cluster one of The larger ones that we cut out we got Damaged branches here we'll take that Out this is old cane you can see the Really white old cane that's going out There's some more old ones right here Right here Uh my hands are on another really old One we want to get rid of And most of the rest of this Is New fresh cane And I'm going to like I said most people Would say Trim this down I'm saying if I lay this Root ball across here keep it watered And fertilized It'll produce raspberries plenty of them This year All right we'll get ourselves a hole These are not deep rooted plants So I don't have to go too terribly deep Plus I want to Mound up a little bit Get rid of a couple canes I'm gonna damage that once it's gonna go

You know A lot of people will tell you how far Apart to put these in certain rows and Whatnot but again I'm just going to try To get these over a foot apart and I'm Not going to worry about straight rows Because within a year they're not going To be straight rows there's going to be Canes kind of up here over here trying To come up in the line so I just gonna Get them spread out so that they have Enough I have this long root that we Want Nutri nutrition from so I'm gonna Just dig out Some soil here lay that down in there And keep that spread from the plant And get it covered up What is it March today So it's four months raspberries five Months something like that all right you Can see my new roll of raspberries you Probably can't see it all on the camera Right now and as I mentioned these are Much taller than it's normally Recommended when you transplant some of These I left a lot of games so this one Has multiple and I I might want to still Leave some long but maybe make it so There's less take this one out And take one other one out so now I Still have the higher canes where the It's going to fruit but there's not the Demand on the roots if there is all Those canes

Caitlyn's been stacking these for me Over here that has some decent Roots but We didn't have room to put them in that Spot I'm going to take these to school And try to put them in our Horticulture Garden there because it's gonna this is Saturday and it's not going to be till Monday I get them in the ground I am Going to shorten these to that 8 to 12 To 18 inches and then a good way to keep These moist is if you have some fine fur Bark or fur bark and you just put these In a bucket and put the fur bark over And put water on it they'll stay plenty Moist I'm just going to put these in a Bag I don't have bark here today and I Think with the weather and the humidity The way it's been they're gonna be moist Enough come Monday morning Leave a couple buds and cut it off This used Feed Bag will be great to take The raspberries to the school in all the Cookies in here it'll keep the moisture In and if I'll do it I need to keep These in a shady spot so if there is Direct sunlight which this time of year There's not much around here but if There is direct sunlight it won't heat It up so keep it in the shade keep it Moist Get it in the garden at the school as Soon as possible Mission accomplished more space for my Vegetables here raspberries grown over

There and I will be starting raspberries At the Garden at the school Thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects like this Garden are my passion hope to see you Again soon be blessed everyone

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