Folks how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors we're out here at our new home And 40 acres that we have and uh been Waiting for a day like this in the fall You know just a beautiful day Temperatures are down but all the leaves Are gone a lot of the weeds and Everything else are down and you can Kind of see some Hidden Treasures that Are just kind of buried on the edge of The field that's where the woods that Kind of thing I thought we'd take out a Little tour and just do some pit stops Along the way and show you what we have Here I'm curious I'm open to ideas some Of the stuff is maybe salvageable some Of it is not maybe we should just leave It rotten away and I don't know maybe There's something we can put on display But this is fun any property that I've Ever owned or that I've leased it's it's Fun to kind of go treasure hunting and See what's out there and and more often Not you leave it there and let it just Do its thing and and just kind of blend In with nature and get buried away so Why don't you come along for a ride We'll give you a little tour here I Don't know if we're going to run into Any collector's items or not but I'd be Curious to know have any of you struck Gold on your property alrighty folks so Uh this first spot here we have three Different kind of rusty old pieces of

Farm equipment looks like some sort of a A cultivator right here in the middle And flanked on either side by what looks Like hay equipment maybe some sort of a A rake or something of some kind and Days gone by and then this this guy here Too which Well it's got steel wheels on the front Looks like something you can turn around Here it's got spring tooth tines All sorts of extra stuff that's kind of Laying on there a bunch of these little Things whatever they are just kind of Rusted on here that they maybe had Extras or what I don't know but uh some More Loose kind of tines here I can see some chain over there Wagon Wheels on the back I don't know it's interesting I'm sure Some of you out there can tell me what This was but I don't really know exactly and so I Think really we have two generations of Homestead or homesteaders here on this Land so this really old steel I don't Think well I'm certain it wasn't used by The by the folks that we bought it from This stuff looks way older than that you Can see I mean the steel is just it's Just rotting away well The Story Goes That this a huge chunk of this block was All owned by the same family and and as You can expect they sold off chunk after

Chunk after chunk over time and and this Last 40 was kind of Um the less stronghold that they had for A while so I'm gonna assume That this is their equipment from from Long ago but uh it's not I can't Repurpose it well I can't reuse it I Should say but it would be cool to maybe Get it out of here and make some sort of A display with it Sort of paying respects today's gone by And it's just kind of cool to look at And see too so the previous owner right Before me had you know the highlands Cattle the long-haired the long-haired Cattle that are over in Scotland or the UK somewhere that's what he had always Wanted and so I believe he had one Bull And maybe a couple of cows for a little While but that's what he used in the Pastures that we have up here that we're No longer using it for and I think That's what these were for it seems kind Of like Overkill though but you know he He took me on a quick tour of this place And said he just had the one Bull and Just a couple cattle beyond that for Just a couple years but I mean he's got A lot of a lot invested for for just That so it's kind of crazy these are They're rotting out and everything else I don't think I can reuse them if you Got any ideas I'd like to hear it but They look like some sort of like a feed

A feed bin of some kind of guest now This guy here looks like a water tank And uh I don't see I mean it's got some Surface rust seems pretty solid though I'm going to try to repurpose this Actually as a watering hole For deer so I'll probably sink it you Know dig down a little hole And buried in there a bit keep it full Of water see what happens but again I Don't have any plans for for animals Around here and Unless there's some other good way to Repurpose it but this is definitely Salvageable and you'll see we've got Piles of Of Timbers and pulse out here too so Some big six by six Um you know just simple fence posts all Sorts of stuff and and I'm hoping some Of that stuff is reusable we're gonna Yeah you know change up you know with a Garden want to put fencing around there And all that kind of thing so if we can Use stuff that's already here save some Money I'm open to it and so these hidden Gems are all Saw cut Concrete slabs You see there's a bolt sticking up out Of this one I don't I don't know what The heck these things are from and so These I mean they're really they're a Nice shape nice nice slabs

And there's uh well look at that there's Another Bolt Sticking out through this one too that's Kind of weird I don't know what these Things were used for but Um there's one two three four five Six I feel like yeah there's a seventh One over there's at least seven of these Things could be some others hiding in Here too but we've got this little Hill That goes from our shop right up here And uh these would be perfect just to Kind of cut into that Hill make steps Going up here so I am definitely going To plan on reusing these you can see There's some sort of like Paint or coating or something on here Too I have no idea what these were for Anyway they're in good shape so we'll Put them to work yeah I got one more Disc here of some kind looks like a Pull type you got a little hitch Mount Here I think they're adjustable I don't know A long time ago Do something with this too Looks like you can crank it in and out It's kind of crazy how things change Over time I mean this is obviously Pretty lightweight All Things Considered But pretty cool hiding out here you can See there's some substantial Rust on here this thing might completely

Fall apart if I hooked it up and tried To use it I might have to give that a shot though Folks I want to take just a second to Tell you about our Channel sponsor rim Guard they are a liquid ballast solution They line up with exactly what we do Here on Good Works which is talking About tractors and tractor safety we see It as simple as this if you own a Tractor you need rim guard in fact some Attractors include ring guard as Standard out of the factory liquid Ballast is simply weight all right and This weight hides inside your tires it Stays there all the time it's a safety Concern because tractors are almost Always too light and too Tippy out of The factory the number one attachment Used by every tractor owner is their Front end loader so when you pick up Something heavy on the front end your Back end wants to pick up off the ground Rim guard liquid ballast helps keep your Back end planted to the ground but Beyond safety is going to help maintain Traction because if those rear tires Those power driving tires are on the Ground you have traction to go where you Need to and you're going to operate more Efficiently because if those rear tires Aren't on the ground you're not going to Pick up as much as you need to or take It where you need to go rim guard is all

Natural that means it's safe it is the Heaviest per gallon all-natural product On the market it's not going to freeze It's not going to corrode and it's Available at over a thousand dealers Nationwide to find a dealer visit to make your Tractors safer today All right so we moved on and I Absolutely love this little section of Our property it's a just an evergreen Forest you know a little mini Forest Here it's I don't know maybe a couple Hundred feet long by 100 feet wide or 150 feet wide but uh pretty cool area Anyway we got this this little feeding Pen here I guess it is of some kind and This looks to be in plenty good shape to Maybe sell it off and recoup a little Bit and I don't know what these things Go for or not but just bolts together in Sections it looks like and it's been Sitting here for some time but steel Seems good all around it definitely Could serve a good purpose for somebody Else but just not us [Music] You know so now we're over by where we Got the uh The 2038 art stuck in the creek Earlier this year and I mean it's Literally 30 yards that way Buried out here is this old Culvert I Don't know if this thing is

Reusable or not there's there's holes Eating right through it It's pretty rickety This thing's completely it's been Sitting here a long time so we're not Gonna be able to reuse this guy Unfortunately It's uh it'll shoot we'll leave a sit Here and some Critters can hide in there And get some cover when they need to but Uh that's too bad this would have been Perfect To put on that Creek And also the last the last stop on our Tour here is going to be this old Firewood pile and we got a A goat house over there we used to have His goats but man we've tried burning This a couple different times and it's Just all right you can see how it's just Rotted and coming apart I think we're Just gonna have to to get rid of it all And I can't think anything else to do With it besides throwing a corner in the Woods or out in the field somewhere and Letting nature do its thing it kind of Stinks now you know you look down low And there looks to be like there there Could be some salvageable firewood but All the stuff up top I've kind of Reached out in between here and grab Some pieces out and tried it even with a Good fire going and it doesn't do Anything so

It's unfortunate but we got a whole Other stack of firewood that we're Cutting and want to cut more and put it Here in its place because it's a good Spot for it I guess we have to dig it Out and so this is the uh the goat house Here and and this whole little overgrown Area used to be all fenced in and you Can see back in there there's some There's some metal posts that were used To keep it fenced into and this right Here is where the goats used to hang out And I think I think we're gonna try goats probably Not until next year at some point we Kind of get our our feet under us here At the new place but we want to try Goats and chickens and that's about as Much into the animals we're gonna have Besides our dog and the kids and my wife Might say me too but that's another Story so I think we'll we'll probably Leave it right in this area it seems to Be a good spot as any kind of out of the Way but fairly close to the house Critter is going to be anywhere we have Coyotes and and fox all over the place On trail cameras and whatnot so that'll Be a battle but uh we've never had them So we can kind of figure out learn as we Go well folks I hope you enjoyed today's Video and again I'm sure you've got some Good ideas Maybe I should just throw all this stuff

This whole stuff away but if you do have A good idea I guess let me know down Below and I would love to know if you Found any real hidden gold on your Property that'd be pretty cool to hear About and of course we do sell tractor Attachments we ship them all over the Country so if you own a tractor well Heck even a skid steer or an ATV or UTV We probably have something for that too So check us out at We'd love to help you out if you enjoyed Today's video we'd love to have you tag Along hit that subscribe button down Below it's completely free I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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