Trenching for a Propane Install – Are Small Jobs Really Worth It?

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I'm going to dig a trench for A propane tank install So customer is having a new propane tank Set and the gas company offered to dig The trench and put the line in but it Was going to be pretty expensive so he's Going to have me dig the trench and he's Going to run his own line save a little Bit of money and I'm all about Helping the customer save money And this is not a really big job As long as nothing goes wrong which is Always the caveat so I need to do my Daily maintenance get the machine loaded Up and get out there and get it done by The way yesterday was Thanksgiving and I Forgot to say anything in yesterday's Video but I hope everyone's had a happy Holiday and I am really thankful for all Of you guys who watch these videos so Let's get started Foreign Doesn't seem like it's cold enough Sometimes when it's cold it will tell me Throttle limited due to temperature so I Like to let it warm up either way so I'm Going to let it sit here for a few Minutes Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] [Music] Foreign I've talked about this before a lot of Times you end up with more setup time Than it takes to do the actual job and This will definitely be the case today Now this machine's hardly been used Since I rented it So we've got some Oklahoma dirt packed In the tracks I'm going to take this up and hit it With the power washer but first I wanted To get some of the big clumps out so That I don't end up with dirt up next to my Power washer Foreign So I've shown this before but this has a Chamber right here that acts exactly Like the chamber on your skid steer Tracks but when I grease this it Tightens the chain up I said you want One to two inches in here Foreign Do it and we'll actually Grease the nose Bearing Sounds like I'm out of Grease Yep be right back So I am going to grease the loader but We probably won't put that in the video Before I put this up every time I should Be hitting it with something that is a Rust inhibitor

Chain lube is probably ideal they might Even make a special chain lube for this This rust Patrol product is designed Primarily to lubricate things that don't Have grease zerks so Let's try to get it into the the link in Internally in the chain so I'm going to Spin that now and spray it again and Then after I'm done I like to power wash This and I'm going to power wash it and Then I'm going to hit it with a rust Preventer Thank you Okay so now I'm going to grease the boom Blow out my air filters that'll probably Be it and we'll get out and get started On this job [Music] Foreign Okay so what we're actually here to do Is dig a trench about 18 inches deep the Six inches wide that my trencher Cuts 15 Feet long It's for a propane line to go from the House here out to the tank utilities Have already been marked there's nothing At all over here So Should be good to go and all I've got to Do is not hit the building and get my Depth right [Music] Thank you Energy

[Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Okay [Music] [Music] That'll do it Okay Yep you got good ground Good dirt out like if you want to plant Something it ought to grow it does when The water's right it does And this Garden right here where the Tomato plants are Three years ago I planted 12 rows of Corn across this Garden right here Got 500 ears corn off of it wow that's Pretty good [Music] Thank you [Music] From the time I unloaded the skid loader At the customer's house to the trench Being done was probably about four Minutes

So it's a small a job as you can find But Took me a couple hours to get everything Ready and drive over there and unload And everything so there really are no Small jobs but my kids and grandkids are In the house we're doing our Thanksgiving here today even though Thanksgiving was yesterday but happy Holidays to everybody I appreciate you Taking time to watch the video and I'll See you on the next one

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