Trout pond job got more difficult than it should have.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead just a quick project today if You've been following the channel you Know that for months I've been wanting This uh Pond to fill up which is fed by A spring but we've had such a long dry Summer the spring was barely trickling And the water was just soaking into the Ground or into cracks and I was like we Need to have some rain to fill it up Well boy did we have rain we had more Rain yesterday than we had in the Previous five months combined I believe It's on my rain gauge I had seven inches Of rain so this Pond that was down low Came rising up really fast if you could See the little uh mud spot or what looks Like it's leaves and branches is Sticking in the Riser pipe so I have a Pipe that's vertical and it has a 90 Degree elbow and turns and that clogged Up the flow enough that water not only Rose up to where that was supposed to be But it was up and running over the top Of the road and then down the side over There but uh so I need to uh clear this Out normally I on these types of things I put a cap Normally on these uh vertical pipes I Put a cap uh training cap and then I'll Extend it up in the air above there in a Screen and so that the debris that Floats in there won't get stuck like This but like I said I've been waiting

For months for this to fill up and Nothing and then overnight the amount of Water just went ballistic so you You can see on the outlet of the pipe That water's flowing through there nice And well but that that wasn't nearly Enough when the water was really pouring Down and so there was probably twice That much going through last night even With the clog but we need to get that Clog out so that it's free or flowing And I need to go buy a screen to put Over the top Thank you Based on my experience in the past when You take this debris off the top like That it should have been flowing a lot Faster There's probably something in the elbow That I need to try to break free All right we're back Saturday morning to Finish clearing out the pipe I know that There's stuff in there I can't get the Leverage on the bucket My son Jacob he's in the Navy he needs To do some cold water training anyway so He's volunteered to go in and see if he Can get leverage standing there screw Out the pipe and then he's gonna Hopefully we could just tip it back Force the stuff through and put it right Back on tighten it back up if not we'll Just drain the whole Pond and when it's Down low then I can walk out into it and

Collect it so Jacob's going in it was It's been freezing several nights this Week it was not freezing last night it Did get into the 30s I think we're at 41 Degrees right now the water is probably Low 40s so I'm not going in Jacob is It's going to be slick going down in There Is it really there we go Yeah These threads once they grab they don't Want to let go Looking good son What just happened A big old air bubble popped up No water's going through really Well there goes a little bit but it's Not flushing So here You have to I won't be able to really Walk out can Do you need to hand me that pipe so that Yeah Oh my God I Wait so what am I doing uh if you could Turn the corner with that and push that Stuff out or if you can reach In there and pull it out but there's Stuff right in that corner I don't know If you want to go down and reach it what Oh my goodness

Okay it's going to create a little bit Of a vacuum when you go down but you you Got the edge that you can push off of All right Were you able to clear it it's I didn't Even touch anything He didn't touch anything ah it's like The whole pipe feels clean Okay So the frustration of this project Continues uh Jacob got the Riser off Reached down in there couldn't find Anything to free up uh The water was running through and fairly Quickly and lowering but as it's gotten Lower it's lost water pressure so There's not a whole lot uh going through Right now so the the pond level is not Going down as quick as I'd like so now I Have uh I brought over 50 feet of one Inch PVC pipe because it's flexible I'm Going to push it up the back side of This six foot pipe and it's got uh Threaded coupling so I I had this for a Movable irrigation system so I'm going To put 20 feet of pipe in and then Thread some more on and push it in there That way you know I can push it and pull It back out so hopefully I can get on The back side up here push something Free and then uh the Water if I could Get it loosened up enough the water Pressure there should still be plenty We'll push it out the back side and

Hopefully hopefully will finally be done With this Thank you Foreign Success Foreign All right I got the water gushing Through right now that's awesome now Because I don't want to drain the whole Pond I'm going to wade back out there Put the Riser back on and then I'm going To put the screen on I started to put the Riser on and I got A check but I don't think that's right I Think it should be flowing more freely I went down and cleared it out some more Now I am confident I've got everything Out Well finally success Um this is a lesson I've learned over And over again and I need to remember it At all times I just spent probably a few hours On different days trying to get this Pipe cleared out I know that with a Vertical Riser and a horizontal run that Stuff can get stuck in there and then Through building pollens in the past put A screen on top so that while so nothing No debris can get in there and clog that Up but the water can flow through again The screen cap the top of the pipe is Here and the screen is another foot tall So as branches float up against it and

Raises the water level it can keep Flowing in and then I can just brush That away with a net or something else But if I would have just put this cap on Before the water Rose It would have been a one minute job Instead of a three-hour job but I'm Happy to say uh we've got it cleared we Got the pipe on before we drained the Pond completely so uh it'll should start Filling back up and I hope to be putting More trout in here hopefully tomorrow Thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects like this Are my passion I like it when they go Smoother though be blessed everyone

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