Trying planting Christmas tree plugs in the fall for greater summer survival. #shorts

Hello rob here from the flanigan Homestead sitting in my office working On my youtube channel and thinking about Christmas trees as i always am I’m excited to try something this year Nobles are the number one christmas tree Out here in the pacific northwest but They don’t survive really well the first Year you get them past first year they Do great They’re Don’t establish their roots quickly if You look at this chart though from Oregon state university you see that October november then this purple’s line Is a significant month for root growth Then they go dormant and then the root Growth goes march april may again very Significant time so i’m going to get Plugs instead of bare root you can’t get Uh bare root in the fall but i’m going To get some plugs get them in the ground In october let’s get these root growing Months working for us they’re going to Be more established hopefully survive Next summer really well Boom excited i’m going to give this a Try thanks for joining me on the Flanigan homestead please consider Liking and subscribing

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