In this blog post, we will introduce you to two essential tools for digging a trench for a drainage culvert. A proper drainage system is crucial to ensure the longevity of any property, and a culvert provides a safe and efficient solution for managing water flow in your land. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, these tools will help you dig trenches quickly and effortlessly, enabling you to complete your drainage project efficiently. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these two great tools for digging a trench for a drainage culvert.



Water is an essential resource, but sometimes, it can become one of the biggest challenges ever. Having water stagnate can lead to various problems, including stagnancy, flooding, and even erosion. That’s why having proper drainage is essential, and in this case, culverts become paramount. Installing a culvert ensures proper flow and drainage of excess water, diverting it to avoid pooling and any adverse effects.

To install a culvert, you need to dig a trench, and that’s where the challenge begins. Digging a trench requires the right tools, and in this article, we’ll focus on two of the best tools for digging a trench for a drainage culvert – GWT Stump Wreckers and Dirt Dog Box Blades.

GWT Stump Wreckers and Dirt Dog Box Blades

GWT Stump Wreckers

GWT Stump Wreckers are one of the best tools for digging trenches for culverts. They are machines attached to your tractor’s PTO and come in different sizes to match your tractor. The GWT Stump Wrecker is a multi-purpose machine that’s effective for removing stumps, rocks, and also for trenching. With it, you can dig through hard surfaces, rocks, and even tree roots without much hassle.

In our case, when using the GWT Stump Wrecker to dig the trench, it cut effortlessly through the soil, leaving a smooth surface for installation. The machine’s hydraulic capability made it easy to control the depth and width of the evacuation to the desired measure.

Dirt Dog Box Blades

Once the trench was dug, it was time to level it using a Dirt Dog Box Blade. Box Blades are functional tools that help in digging, leveling, and spreading soil. With the Dirt Dog Box Blade, you can level areas quickly, and its high-tensile steel construction ensures it’s durable and efficient.

The Dirt Dog Box Blade was used to create a flat surface in the trench, making the installation of the culvert easy and effective. We also used the Box Blade to fill in any uneven areas so that excess water could flow efficiently to the culvert.

How the Two Tools Helped with Our Lane Project

Our lane project was directed towards diverting water flow to avoid pooling and stagnant water. The project involved removing the existing fence, installing ditches on both sides of the lane, and digging a trench for the culvert. The project was to enable excess water to flow to the culvert effectively.

We used both the GWT Stump Wrecker and Dirt Dog Box Blade to complete the project efficiently. The GWT Stump Wrecker was exceptional in digging the trench and removing any rocks, stumps, and other debris. The Box Blade, on the other hand, was used to ensure the ground was leveled, and there were no bumps or debris before and after the installation of the culvert.

Products Featured in the Video Used for the Project

In our project video, we featured various products that enabled us to complete the lane project effectively. These products are available from GWT, and they include the following:

  1. GWT Stump Wrecker – this powerful machine is perfect for removing stumps, rocks, and other debris. With it, you can also dig through hard surfaces and tree roots effortlessly.

  2. Dirt Dog Box Blade – this box blade is perfect for leveling the ground, spreading any soil, and filling any areas in need of repairs.

  3. Ballast Solutions – Rim Guard Solutions sponsors Good Works Tractors and provides ballast for tractors. With ballast, your tractor can be stable and have better traction, enabling you to tackle your projects efficiently.

  4. GWT Discount Club – the GWT Discount Club provides members with discounts on various tractor parts and accessories. This club is perfect for tractor enthusiasts who want to save money while getting the best products.


Digging a trench for a drainage culvert may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools, the job becomes easy and straightforward. The GWT Stump Wrecker and Dirt Dog Box Blade are exceptional tools that help you complete your project efficiently. At the same time, Rim Guard Solutions and the GWT Discount Club provide more relief by providing ballast and discounts, respectively. If you’re looking to dig a trench for a drainage culvert, get the GWT Stump Wrecker and Dirt Dog Box Blade for the best results.

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