U-cut/We-cut Christmas tree sales experience

Starting the setup for our christmas Tree cells We’ve got the easel out for signs the Saws are sitting out Gotta fix the gate on the petting zoo And get the goats in there Here we go Just a little bit more decorating here We’re putting up the words joy to the World to Keep us remembering the reason for the Season We also have a nativity scene in the Barn for the petting zoo Which keeps it appropriate for the Season Okay here’s our shaker it’s really Important to have a shaker if you’re Going to have a christmas tree farm Everybody wants the old dead needles Shaken out You stick the trunk of the tree in here And you just simply turn it on It vibrates and shakes this pile of Needles has been cleaned up multiple Times You’ll get a hundred gallons of Several 50 gallon bags of needles in a Day Uh cleaned up now the funny thing on This one is there used to be A bulb full of air that we stomped on That would turn it on And that broke in the cold weather so

Now we resorted to this [Music] But since then we got tired of blowing On this all the time So we got smart and on amazon for 20 Bucks you have an electronic On off switch so we blow on it till this Is on And then this can switch it on and off A little bit better than the entire crew Blowing into the hose [Music] One of the Run around cut things the trees for you And then make sure that uh everything Looks right and we’ll fit in your stance [Music] Hey how’d you get the easy job you don’t Even have to pick him up you just get Somebody else to do it He tells me to pick him up what’s this Guy get all sappy yeah Um look at this base real quick so i Don’t know if this will fit in your Stand i can definitely Come up with these yeah [Music] But i think it’ll fit crystal it’s like Up to like nine inches or something like That Yeah if you can take it up a little bit Higher yeah here we go [Music] Wow

[Music] One of the things i’m blessed with right Now is a great crew And the black shirt is jacob my third Oldest son he’s a crossfit trainer and Competitor he just Brought home money in his first Professional competition Tyler here in the tree right there is my Nephew And he is a running back on his college Football team And much of the rest of my crew is Accomplished athletes They all work hard trying to show each Other That they’re stronger than the other as My boys And relatives graduate on i will Have a hard time finding as good a crew To replace them Sometimes the boys are working their Tails off sometimes they get a break And things slow down so they start uh Finding things to entertain themselves Here we’re shaking tommy on the shaker Um a little bit of limbo with the boys Sometimes some of them will just be Getting a lunch break at these moments But they work hard so they get a chance To play around a little bit and relax In between the hustle and bustle Sometimes our guests have to do the Limbo to get into the farm

The weight room boys sometimes need to Challenge the equipment to see if They’re stronger And not yet most of my crew are Accomplished athletes so jumping Trailers with boots on Is something that they will try to take On it’s entertaining But not always recommended uh As i already mentioned not all Activities That the crew takes on is are Recommended Please don’t try this at home we didn’t Recommend this But it is a lot of fun And then we get back to work serving our Customers Doing whatever we can to make them happy Everybody coming back in getting back to Work Unloading trailers loading the truck in The background Helping people take pictures [Music] The petting zoo is always a hit for Families of all ages Goats chickens and little piglets people Love [Music] We bought a new carbide tip chain this Year it costs three times as much as Normal But i am not cutting christmas trees

Again without this We’re on the start of our fourth day now And we have not sharpened this thing Once And it’s still tearing through trees Normally with all the mole hills Pushing up around the trunk of the tree We really dull the blades quick and i Spend a lot of time sharpening but this Thing Has been worth its weight in gold okay Here is an interesting perspective the Video on the top Is right before we open for sales the Video on the bottom Is walking approximately the same path After we are done with sales The trees are wiped out Time to get to work growing some more Okay these black bags construction Garbage bags Are full of needles that were shaken From the approximately 450 trees that we Harvested this year I brought them home they’ll be bedding In the barn and then they’ll be Composted And turn into soil on my property but You have to go somewhere with all the Needles that are shaking out Here they are Christmas tree sales ended yesterday we Got up It’s a day to clean up relax

And enjoy a beautiful sunrise that we’ve Been blessed with Thanks for watching those of us at the Flanigan homestead and esport christmas Trees really appreciate it we Love being part of your christmas please Consider liking subscribing and sharing Merry christmas to you

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