Unbelievable Grain on this Forgotten Cherry Log – It sat for Years

Milling an aged Cherry log on the Woodland mills HM 130 Max

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[Music] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we've got some unique pieces Of wood to put on The Sawmill these two Chunks right here are both off of the Same cherry tree and the guy who brought Me these logs wants to build a fireplace Mantle out of them we don't really know What we're going to find when we cut Into them but I'm excited to see it I Love the look of cherry and you know Kind of with the issues on these they're Going to have some character I'm Sure So I was feeling pretty good we got it Set up here got it pushed back but the Edge of the carriage comes right about Even with the back of this back stop so None of this is going to clear and I Don't want to trim that much Off and it's a lot easier to roll a log This direction than it is back the other Way without rolling it off the mill so I Think I'm going to take it all the way Off roll it and then put it back up here The issue is there's some flare on this End of the log in two directions this Sticks out too far so we can't roll this Side that way Either For Got so if you want to Mill Lumber Yourself and you don't have anything to Handle logs it's going to be a wrestling

Match I know guys do this without a Tractor I don't know how at least not Logs this side size even with helpers And a machine it's still hard to manage That and not roll it off on somebody People say why don't you just get a Hydraulic Mill say they started about $30,000 and I don't do that much Lumber So looking at the end of this even with This huge crack through here and the Pith you know being all split up I think There's some big chunks right in here Where we can get get some nice size Pieces so I'm going to be thinking about That more as I cut looking for for to S Salvage these chunks here so we Definitely want to make sure we get the Pith in the same section of Wood so that we're kind of minimizing The waste measurement says the pith is About 2 in lower on this End I find that when I I try to put the Log stop down once you're down to a can The wood's hard enough you can barely Push the clamp closed but this is so Soft it's it's not holding very well so I'm just going to chip a little of this Soft wood off for the Clamp we got a little Burl kind of thing Right here that might just catch on the On the blade guide so I'm going to trim That off if it was any bigger I'd tried To save it but I don't think we've got That much

[Music] There [Music] Oh Got some awesome Coloration knots in it but we've also Got some really really soft stuff right Here so yet to be seeing how much of This is solid and how much [Music] Isn't [Music] TR in broke Sorry Fix fixing to hit the breakover [Music] Point [Applause] Oh We got some homeless ants that was an Eviction notice right There Okay so we're trying to get pieces that Are 4×6 so right here 4 in tall and this Is 6 in wide this is it looks like you Would get like four pieces like that That would be Perfect but you got some bad spots on The side and we need almost the whole Length of it and and then over here We've got this big crack here so I'm Really hopeful we get one in this [Music] Area

[Music] I was going to say is we've got three Pieces 4 in thick now we pick the best Ones and turn all the best part up and Cut well this one won't be Six it's just shy of six you might be Able to cut that down to five and get a 4×5 you probably do it up well I don't Know about that that side but this this Side looks good this may is It all right guys this wood is Absolutely Gorgeous and it's a good news bad news Kind of deal the bad news is the two Guys that were here working with me are Friends and one of them had a project in Mind for this wood but he needed pieces That were 4 in by 6 in and there's not a Single solid 4X six piece in this entire Log and we we measured and we checked But every single one this end was bad on One end and then this end was bad on the Next piece and there were just no solid 4X sixes in there but what I have here Is two pieces that are 2 in by about 14 In just beautiful wood but it's got Holes and cracks through it and then I've got more pieces over here that are Sim but it's still 4 in thick I'm going To make some kind of a big river table Or a coffee table or something out of This I'm going to get with my wife see What she thinks she might want to have But this is just fantastic wood look it

Look at that Grain look at that color get some epoxy On this and some time through the planer And just put a little work into it I Think I'll have something Fantastic so if you guys have any Suggestions what I should do with this Wood let me know cuz I want to make Something good out of it it's it's just Too nice to let it go to waste even Though it's got all these holes in it so Give me your suggestions for what you Would do with this I appreciate you Taking time to watch the video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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