Unconventional Firewood Storage That Looks Good! Firewood Dry with Style

Hey welcome back to the channel for all Of our viewers staying up with what We’re doing out here on the homestead we Are building a great big Greenhouse Right here we just finished the fence up And we’ve called this tonlandia because This is Tanya’s side of the bridge so Tanya’s going to have we’re going to Have a small stove in the greenhouse so That when we have uh cold weather we can Keep the greenhouse going but we need Somewhere to put the firewood we’ve had Firewood on the ground for way too long So we have this new this new theme and Let me show you this when I get Tanya in Here Foreign [Music] I’m still burning Cold why [Music] So once you mix the product about 30 Seconds it’s ready to tear open And then you’re ready to pour When I pour around my post I make really Uh I try really hard to make sure that I Touch it against the post at the top Where the ground surface fast 2K Protects the wood So we’re going to inset a big six by six Long ways and the firewood will sit on Top of that and we’ll stack it up this Way but what we’ve done we’ve took the Laser level and made a reference mark on

All three posts of these so we know These three marks are our level starting Point we measure down 20 inches from From this point just re re-verifying and That is 20 inches now what we’re going To do Because the posts are Five and a half inches Give or take five and a half in it in a Little bit so what we’re going to do Here is Take this Square set it on this line And then on the inside of the square it Has a little place here you can Mark so We’re going five and a half inches and Then we’ll just add an extra eighth on There So we’re doing this to keep the wood Up right we want to keep this off the Ground the wood off the ground drying Uh we’ll be able to spray like for Termites and stuff around up under this And that’ll be good The mic over here so So now that I’ve measured down five and A half Inches and then added an additional Eighth And put my bottom Mark here So this is not Not too difficult Foreign because these boards are five And a half inches deep what I’ve done is I’ve set my circular saw

To two and a half inches deep and that Way when I cut a Crossways like this It’s going to make a two and a half inch Deep uh pocket that we can set this big Long six by six across here So all you need to do is just It’s the two lines that you need to be Very careful with is the top line and The bottom the bottom line you want Those to be clean and the rest of them You can just rush through and make Little little plates that’s easy to Break out Foreign [Music] [Music] S done really nice and that’ll make a Nice pocket to sit in so the next thing We’re going to do is run through and Slice these up Foreign [Music] If you get your saw in a bind as you get Tighter I’m getting tired so as as I go Down further and further I’m getting the Saw in the bind and that’s causing it to To stop in the middle so [Music] [Applause] That looks pretty good [Music] Foreign [Music] You can take a little wood chisel like

This and finish this out But if you have a Sawzall You can just hold it like this from the Side You And just kind of work it like a like a Paint brush I guess just kind of do a Little artwork on it foreign [Applause] So we have a nice face kit now no one’s Ever going to see this on the back and That’s you know But you still want it to be fairly Smooth so that the when you place your Next board in that they’re going on the Pocket’s gonna going to seat well [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] I can’t pretend now I have to get over You again [Music] You said it was the last time that you Keep coming back to show me sorry you’ve Changed now Foreign [Music] You are back once more like everything’s The same I tried to build my walls up we Are taking them down

[Music] Thank you Yes [Applause] Thank you [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Okay Foreign Foreign [Music] Look at that it’s staying All right just just right Lucky me babe [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] In the Middle East [Music] Goodness [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] All right Because the big boards need to be 16 Foot long Speakers [Music] Yeah you’re going to change sides Because [Music] You’re gonna have to get on this side of It Shouldn’t really matter too much Okay let me get my sniper Let me get my Cipher Let go go I’m gonna go your way I’m just holding it babe Okay right Now though this is no this is Twitter [Music] It is N’t it raining [Music] Foreign

[Music] Lineup Ryan’s going to be Right green up higher Don’t worry about it he’s up higher high Keep going way up high Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Hey welcome back this morning we’re out Here again we’re going to finish up our Little firewood stand and if you guys so Excuse me I’ve got hiccups probably the First time in five years don’t know why Just pick up day [Music] Foreign Foreign I think that’s good [Music] That’s a pretty sad ale I guess Put inside out Foreign [Music] So we got the little roof built and if You look over here we’ve got the 10 . Foreign Buddy It’s new I don’t like new stuff

If you are here this gets more hassling He won’t stay in the shade [Applause] Take me to the Moon [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] So this is what we came up with we have A new rule anything that we build is Going to be Uh useful first off and then it’s going To have multi-purposes it’s going to Complex Right so we needed a place to put Firewood and so Tanya in her grand Design scheme decided we were going to Have some benches benches on the outside So not only does it store the firewood Protect it from the weather but it looks Good and it does have a couple benches On each end so you could sit out here if You wanted to and in those special

Occasions we’re like maybe we’re going To have a wagon ride we can remove the Wood out and this could be the the bus Station Yeah the bus station on the farm this Was going to be a road around we’re Going to have a walking trail around Entire property at some point so this Right here may be multi-purpose yet Start to come together I love it I love What you did and my license plates I put On there these are really old license Plates and they come from the starting 1960s goes all the way to the 90s so It’s really cool but I’ll get the old Ones on here and the green one right Here is my birth year when I was born so I’m really excited listen we really Appreciate you watching our Channel we Hope you enjoy this uh this project and And we hope it inspires you to do stuff Like this around your place God bless Have a great day [Applause] Foreign [Music]

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