Underground Electric Service Start to Finish

[Music] Is horrible Here we go all right we're headed out to The property we're going to we got Electrical engineer guy out there from The our local pirate uh companies like We're getting ready to get some rain too But uh we're he's coming out there we're Gonna set 400 amps worth of power and uh That that's our end goal so that we have Underground power for everything at the Farm For those of you who are following her Channel you can see that this video is a Flashback to almost two years ago but This video for some reason got uh some Of the video got lost and I found it and I thought it'd be cool to go ahead and Make it from start to finish this whole Project [Music] Up about 12. I want to brag on our local Power company Parish BPU they went out Of their way to make us successful on The first go Foreign [Music] Orders from the power company we laid Everything out and you know put our Little Flags down to visualize what it Would look like before we started to dig Right after laying it out we dialed 8-1-1 so they could see where we were Going to put our system in

That's a very important step Here's a funny little story I lost this PTO adapter I thought somebody actually Stole it but it would it had rolled up Under the seat of my Ichabod Crane truck So I just found it the other day this is This is my favorite PTO quick attach I Love using it with the postal Digger Especially This is not a sponsored video in any way But I really do like this PTO quick Attach so if you're interested in it I'm Going to leave a link in the description Of this video I smile when I see how clean and new That T25 is that was right after we got It and uh this tractor now has about 150 Hours on it's not giving me any trouble Whatsoever but it's nowhere near as Clean as it is in that in this video I'll get it to the car wash pretty soon [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Thank you Do you want me hold it yeah Yeah [Music] Hey where are you at Where you at What are you doing down there I'm so stupid sometimes This is the first time we ever use fast 2K to put anything in the ground and I

Was so impressed with it that over the Last I guess Um Year or so we have been working with Fast2k on several projects they have Sponsored our Channel and I'm really Proud of that because they're a great Company and this is a good product that This this electric post has been in the Ground for I guess probably close to two years and It's just as doubt as it was the first Day we put it in The beautiful thing is is that you don't Need anything to like Mix Concrete up You don't have any concrete cleanup you Don't need water just mix this product Up put it in the hole and it does Everything it also protects like wood Keeps wood from rotting and it also Keeps water away from this galvanized Post It's anybody can do this it's really Simple The other benefit is you can start Working on what you put in the ground 30 Minutes later and 30 minutes later You're ready to work clean it up by Throwing the bag in the trash and you're Done It is really important that you mix this Fast 2K up good it takes about 30 Seconds of working it back and forth From one side of the package to the

Other they recommend a what they call a Shoe sign method But if you watch my channel you know I Loosely follow directions Still the products very forgiving [Music] There's times like this that I'll Realize how much work Tanya does too on Our farm because she's always running The camera behind the scenes and always Available to lend a hand when I need it To be honest you guys wouldn't see any Of this without her [Applause] Okay [Music] I've been acting like a while Sleeping like a child You're so luminous [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] [Music]

This is my nephew Mark he is a Residential and commercial electrician Really smart guy He is also very patient Beyond his years As you can see when he's working with me During this install [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Good ain't gonna stay on top iron for Nothing Foreign There's two things going on here this is Very very hard clay and I've never done This before A few months later I found it's much Easier to do this with the front loader [Music] And Right now Once we get this on the ground we have The biggest wrench over to this Foreign Oh I knew it [Music] All right [Music] I'm gonna go with that Scout how do you say the rest Foreign [Music]

Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign It is early here in the morning at the Farm we're supposed to get a really hot Day again today so we're here trying to Knock some things out and my future Irish flower bed is totally overgrown Again so I'm gonna have to be done do That but we kind of thought but far Behind with a lot of things so we're Trying to play ketchup right now and it Needs to be mowed again and it's just so Much work work to do and so much things To do that it's just kind of gets a Little bit overwhelming but um it is Still a beautiful day and gonna be all Good because God's Great And We're going to get the work done and Tony's already working Starting to cover up the um Lime where we put the pipe down for the Power so and there's that big pile of Rock we're going to spread out too so Lots and lots of work but we've we're Moving forward that's what matters so I'm excited Y'all come along with us

Our power company come out about two Weeks later and pulled the line through And everything went really well we Passed our inspection on the first go so Thank you to my nephew Mark for doing All that he done and thank you for Following us and this little flashback Foreign This video in our bank and that hadn't Been done was pretty cool too because we Were able to look back at how much we've Accomplished since this this event Actually taking place it's pretty pretty Awesome Listen guys I appreciate you watching Our Channel if you like what we do Please hit that thumbs up and also the Subscribe button really helps us out God Bless and have a great day [Music]

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