Unexpected Changes To Our New CABIN

As we work to finish the interior we decided on some unexpected changes to the interior of our new home. Also, we harvest a deer and pick up a dehydrator at Princess Auto. ( princessauto.com )

Couple Building Cabin Alone In The Canadian Wilderness.

We’re a couple trying our best to live a more self reliant life after a med release from the army changed everything. We are currently building on a small mountain in the woods.

Watch our entire build in order here –

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A Forester and a lawyer had a car Accident together and showed up at the Pearly Gates at the same time St Peter Greets them and takes them to the house That they're going to spend eternity at They get into St Peter's vehicle and Head down a gold road which turns into An even grander Road paved with diamonds To a huge mansion where St Peter turns To the lawyer and says here is your new Home for the rest of Eternity he tells Him to enjoy and if there's anything he Needs just to let St Peter know then St Peter took the four forer to his home Back down the Diamond Road down the Platinum Highway down the streets of Gold and down an unpaved path to an old Shack then St Peter says here you go and He goes to leave the Forester says hey Wait how come the lawyer gets a Beautiful big mansion and I get a tiny Shack St Peter says well here Foresters Are a dime a dozen we've never had a Lawyer Before you're Welcome [Music] Dear season there should be hydrated R We have the this or one similar yeah we Have that yeah all right but since we're About to get a deer hopefully today or Tomorrow it'd be nice to try to make Some jerky I would love to make jerky Not just in the oven yeah this one feels

Empty oh that feels like nothing this Feels like there Maybe it's cuz it's Jam Probably yeah it is it's cuz I'm trying To F that entire shop yeah six tray 550 WTS that looks cool could run that Anywhere yep all right let's try it he Yeah I'm excited look you dehydrate Freaking Tomatoes if you want anything Other than meat sounds terrible [Music] Yeah All right the Hun is on so it's Unseasonably warm right now but uh that Can be good and bad depending on how Much you're blocking and lugging through The woods anyways I like it a little Cooler than this it probably will cool Down it was cooler the other day about Min5 celsus at at night but it's warmed Up again the last couple days so anyways I'm hunting at a couple different Locations so I like hunting out of these Ground blinds so I got a new one and I'm Going to set it up out back here so I Have that set up and I'm not just Pulling blinds down every all the time I've had this other blind that I'm Hunting out of in a field with my muzzle Loader by The Farmhouse but I don't want To be pulling that down and bring it Over here so I'm going to put this one Up so I have it up I've had that one for About I don't know over 10 years it's

Lasted and works pretty good I really Like hunting out of them it's not the Only style hunting I do but I I do like It so anyways I'm going to go put this Get her all set up right now so we're All ready and hopefully we get a bo back Here Okay so I got a couple of good Lanes Right here there's one that goes here And then right over here this one so There's a lane here and there together So I'm going to like maybe set myself up Right here for now so I can kind of see Down both and I've had action on both of These [Music] So this the same style as my other one The PO pop ups they're so easy to work With I you'd be going in in the dark Fully when I was posted Manitoba with The Army and we were hot in the mornings Out there and you could just do it all In the dark no Problem pretty Simple this one actually has shooting Holes in the netting like shot holes all Through my other One Yeah that works out pretty good you can See out there nice I got it all tied Down inside note so pretty much ready to Go Okay I'm all set up wish me [Music]

Luck [Music] [Music] There all right so a young box showed up Yesterday so we wanted to get here and Throw out some apples so hopefully he Comes back tonight so we can get [Music] Him [Music] Spatula mhm It's burning again better than a burnt Steak that comes in hot Yeah looks Good [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Okay so here we Are there's the deer it's actually not a Bad size for he just had the small rack On them five little Points dogs running around at our feet You can hear her she's excited she loves The snow yeah so yeah we got our first Snowfall too of the year got about four Inches maybe enough to make the ground White and leave some down yeah but yeah What basically threw that up there in The dark covered it up it's pretty cold So that's good it was like the Temperature went down like just in time

So it's been around freezing and it'll Be probably about – 7 Celsius tonight I Think even anyway so it's just going to Hang a bit and then you know we bought That sausage thing at Princess Auto We'll probably give that a try and Everything Jerky oh we bought the jerky thing oh we Have the another thing we bought at Princess AO last year to do the meat cuz The year before that we were hand Grinding it yeah with bacon and stuff Anyways that it was a successful hunt so There she is she just or he is he's just Going to hang there and should have a Decent amount of meat yeah it's really Cool sounds like we have a pig at our V she's like sniffing around at the Blood and everything yeah anyways yeah So was a successful hunt and we're happy Yep okay so the dog's like tearing Something up on the coou probably my Coat she's crazy and anyways got the Deer that's super cool we're going to Like get a bunch of sausages out of it Probably the best steaks that'll be the Thing and right our jerky obviously yeah We'll uh do lots of stuff show you a Couple of Those when we get there yeah dog's Barking now probably out her Shadow She's crazy so just bear with us so what We're going to do now little change Plans this year was going to be a closet

Here for the hot water tank and the Laundry but we're actually thinking now Cuz we're the plan eventually is to add On to this place mhm so that we have Like like another full siiz bathroom we Don't have to tub or anything right we Just have the stand up shower and then Like another bedroom and then another Section so anyways what we're going to Do is we're going to frame this off into Like a utility room y so there's room to Throw your laundry litter boxes for Casat or whatever for and then gives you Just way more space right a lot of Storage so what I want to do is put Shelves like on this wall under the Window and then we're going to frame up Another wall here and I could put a Bunch of shelves there and I could just Store some like cu the kitchen's really Little I could store extra dishes I Could store towels for the bathroom cuz That little shelf isn't that big right I Could store just so much stuff it's Going to be so great our board games Just all the little things you don't Think about that you don't want laying On the floor yeah it's basically like Almost like a big closet but ility room Cuz washer dryer that there there's Clean oats and stuff in there so we're Going to frame that out and then There'll be a window in there too going So we'll just go right to that side of

That window frame it out to here to here And then we'll have like this small Living room and small kitchen everything When to live in or whatever when we add The extension on we'll have a good space To live in too yeah yeah at the time and Then when we go forward you're not Cutting down cuz we plan on ADD and this Actually just a really great utility Room for laundry and everything we said Right yeah so that's what we're going to Do do we'll put like a full normal door On it and all that right so basically Going to frame up another small room Yeah right now all right and it'll be a Potl in it I know there you go you want To hold that over there just you like Just burp into your Ass she's digging Me you going on the outside beam I'll See if we we hit this in behind you We're going to go off this like this one Yeah like and then we'll put the wood This way so we could have some sort of a Little frame on that oh why you going That way we need to know the measuring Here you think we get right I don't see You look on the other side of the pilot Or the it's at the end it's at the end Yeah 78 3/4 there is a line let's go tight it Off yeah she's chewing my pencil there's The line right there so this is 78 Quarter or three4 78 and

34 you're hyper Yeah a square to get It that's [Music] Too You kind of got to move this stuff [Music] Mhm good yeah you good Yeah there Yep [Music] Yeah maybe we get [Music] Better yeah and then for that top part That wire will just do whatever later That'll be part of the bulkheads and Everything yeah it'll all disappear so Now we can just frame a wall and just Nail it that I think it's 96 and three Cars it's the full Where's that pencil oh did you eat the Pencil need add here oh uh no the other Line this Line so which line is it here uh it's The furthest one the big long one that Yeah the cuz there's like one two three Four five lines the line that's the Farthest one that one right there yeah Long one there's two finger is the Farthest on the Inside there's 17 lines here yeah I know Fair this one yeah just pick one of them Yeah I know it's kind of close pick One all right pretty well right there

You Know give her tiet take a l give do you Want an in a quarter inch I know it's a Quter inch long it's kind of Makes You know what I mean be stuck down there Close we're going to make it so and Which part of it like cuz it goes on a Big angle what that Line yeah it does don't it yeah well Here what would if I just picked this Line yeah I'll take that yeah yeah okay Yeah that's going pretty well pretty Well Fre I don't care Wait pull it you got it I'll just hold I don't care just pick a line snap it we Just you got to start getting some red Chalk it's pretty much just oh that's Not bad no it's all right I don't care Just I just kind of ran over that like You see how these lines were going yeah I know didn't mean me confuse you too Much I drew a freaking 14 lines down There told you to pick one that varies Like five or six inches Difference the walls like This that should work pretty close You're you're within a 16 so it's all Right man May one and 34 write that [Music] Down [Music]

Yeah [Music] Down [Music] N [Music] A [Music] Oh [Music] N [Music] Okay so we've got this first wall up Kind of can give you an idea of what We're talking about here yeah So like right here there'll be another Wall just to here right so we'll put the Door like on this wall here somewhere And then you know have all our spots for Whatever eh yeah so again like I said I'm going to put shelves on this wall uh It's going to be a great little utility Room and storage area and then shelves Right under here it doesn't feel as big Like when we were talking about it I Thought gee it's going to be a big area Like unnecessarily big but it doesn't Feel like that at all and then with like The washer and dryer there maybe you Could have one shelf between the washer And dryer and the water tank or Something but I'm going to have like a Lot of stuff stored in here I can Picture it already yeah and seeing it

Now honestly like with the washer and Dryer there like a stack one yeah and Then you know the door there it's not That big no it's going to be good to Have all this space it's thr laundry and Probably tools and stuff too like for Now yeah we got lots of plans for the Place so this I like this idea no it Looks good yeah I like seeing wall up Gives you kind of an idea mhm all right So just to give you an idea of our plans We put the couch on the outside of the Wall cuz that's what we were planning to Do and it doesn't actually take up as Much room as I had thought like I was Kind of worried it would really cut off From the living room but it's not a big Deal at all we didn't really have the Couch any further than that anyway so Actually makes no difference we'll have The couch there and then maybe throw a Nice picture up here or Jeremy says he's Putting his dboard I don't know we'll See what happens and then the kitchen Probably not the dart board right over Somebody's head yeah well they're Sitting there watching a movie you're Throwing down Ys anyway and then the Kitchen right here um when we put the Addition on this will actually be a Dining room so it'll be kitchen dining Room and then when we do an addition I'll have like the spare room another Bathroom like you said with a tub and a

Living room area so that it's not all so We have a dining room we'll need a Dining room at some point anyway so for Now this is how it's going to stay and We like it so lots of [Music] Space [Music]

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