Unexpected firewood stand happenings. Joys and concerns

Theft in the firewood stand has slowed. Cameras put in place. Things are going well. Then I had someone take all my bundles in the stand. He drove up onto my property and took bundles out of my shed. Fortunately for me he paid for all of it. @FlanaganHomestead

Hello Rob here from the Flanigan Homestead I'm uh by my firewood shed That's up on the property you can see my Firewood stand down there on the on the Roadside I think yeah you can see it There so anyway uh there's always Something happening with my firewood Stand that I didn't expect so here's a Story of something new so as many of you Know if you've been following my channel I uh recent i' done really well without Theft of firewood bundles or money for Quite some time but then when I started Uh doing sales again going into this Fall I was like I think I think uh Bundles are disappearing so I started Counting them and sure enough I wasn't Getting all the money so I put a couple More cameras back out there one that's Very visible and another one that's Hidden to capture uh more video there But anyway the and then I'm counting Exactly how many bundles are out so I Put out 15 bundles I had exactly 15 Bundles in there but yesterday it was Really stormy there's Stow uh foot and a Half of snow up in the mountains above Us and we have hit winter and I thought Man it's really cold on my way home from Work I thought I'll go check to see if Some firewood moved so I went down there And all 15 bundles were gone like well I Hope they paid for it so I opened up my Cash box and that first $10 fell out and

I was like ah but then I some of the Time money gets stuck up in there and I Worked it around and a $100 bill fell Out and I was like well wait a minute There was 15 bundles and I'm selling Them for $5 should have only been $75 so What's going on here and I thought maybe You know sometimes people pick up wood When they need it and then they uh come Back later and pay for that that does Happen occasion occasionally and I Thought well maybe they're making up for Some money that they had before um so Anyway um so all my my firewood stand is Empty that's why I'm here today I'm Going to make some more bundles and put It in there but usually I just make Bundles and put them in there but I had Had enough time this last weekend that I Made bundles down down there and I left Some up here in my firewood shed and I Had a bunch of bundles left up here so I Went to grab the bundles that were up Here to take down there and they're all Gone as well now there's not extra all The rest of the wood that's supposed to Be there is still in there I don't know If you can really see it in there but uh So what happened is the person that Emptied out my firewood stand and then They came up the hill here and decided To help themselves to the Woodshed that I have going on here which uh I don't Really want them coming up here but I'm

Not really mad at the same point in time Because they still did pay uh Technically even overpay for the amount Of wood that they got uh I'm Considering uh putting a note in there Saying hey if you need this much wood uh Then you know I can give you a better Price if you and we meet and I could Sell you uh an amount and then I it'll Save me the time of bundling I don't Want to sell full cords I get people Asking me to do that all the time but I Only have so much cured wood that I want To do the bundles which sell for a Higher price but I I could sell a face Cord or something like that and give Them a good deal and not have to bundle It but uh yeah I don't want people Coming up the hill here so the firewood Stands down there it's not too far up The hill but it's up in a turn here and This is the wood that I've got cured Ready to go this year and uh here's the Stack we're working on Next year uh for next year's bundles but Uh anyway uh here here's my roof sitting Low if you following my channel I built A roof that's designed to be lifted up Onto uh pole barn poles and then I'm Going to have it about 8 ft in the back And 12 ft in the front but uh all the Wood's still in the way and I I was Hoping to have that done this summer but Once I sell it all this wood I am going

To lift this up on poles and then start Filling wood in there again in the Future anyway so there's what's the Continuing Saga of the firewood stand Which I didn't think I'd have as many Stories as I've had on this place after I finished making more bundles today and Uh from the wood that's over here and Putting them down on the firewood stand I am going to pull down the cameras and Uh look to see if I have footage of the The people that uh were helping Themselves to this firewood and again I'm not mad at them because they paid But not sure I want them helping Themselves helping themselves up here Anyway here's the vehicle pulling up That bought all the wood uh you can see On the time stamps from when they left Here they're going to load up all this They went up to my other place and came Back down and it was about 10 to 15 Minutes I'm going to avoid a face shot Of him here because he did nothing wrong But anyway he does come back and pay Thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching cleaning horiculture Is my job and outdoor projects like this Firewood stand or my passion hope to see You again soon be blessed Everyone

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