Unique Way To Cut Leaning Tree. Felling a Leaning

Here it comes Oh right besides i’m okay i’m okay buddy Uh a lot of people use these for Chainsaws but i think that’s just a Waste of technology you can put this on Hey good morning and welcome back to the Channel got miss tanya behind the camera Hey everybody good morning and if you Can believe it we’re gonna cut some more Trees down yeah sadly unfortunately when This this timber was cut years ago the a Lot of the big trees that they cut fell On the smaller trees and it damaged them And those trees have grown up damaged And sickly uh and we have an extremely High Rate of vines that are Have killed so much of our our trees as Well so we’re going to work on that too But today We’re going to take this small tree out We’re trying to say this big tulip Poplar that has bushed out it’s a Beautiful tree and we’re going to Eventually cut out the trees around it That are Pretty sickly this is a very healthy Tree this is actually a pretty healthy Red maple unfortunately it’s kind of Fighting with this big tulip poplar so We’re going to go ahead and take this One down this is probably the only Healthy tree that we are taking down This tree here uh

It’s got some dead in it but My wife wants to give it a shot she Thinks that once we clear out this Little maple that it’s going to give This tree a little bit better shot Now all of these trees down here Are sickly dying Damaged very very bad and again the Reason we are removing all of these Trees is because we are putting A forward kentucky fence all the way Down the front of our property and it’s Too late to It’s too late You know once you get the fence up Because you don’t want the fence the Tree to fall down on them so we’re Getting everything that’s sickly and Leaning towards the fence cut away Prior to I’ve got my safety gear on got my chaps On And we’re gonna get these things Situated i got the chainsaw sharpened Oiled and gas so we I think we’re at the point that we’re Gonna try to lay some trees down And i did change my mind that one tree So yeah but one thing i didn’t notice we Are going to have to cut these limbs Down before we build a fence There’s no way around it because they Lean over the fence i think it’ll be all Right uh it won’t be able to put rope on

And pull it towards the other way right There It’ll fall that way I i just we’ll have to cut it before we Put fence up We’ll see No I’m I’m in charge We’ll see let’s get started come on Touch up It’s nice and cool right now it’s going To be listen you’re supposed to let me Feel like i’m in charge When you sleep and you will be All right so this little tree here i’m Going to do my best to lay it right Across where you’re standing so you’re Going to move the camera i will be Moving So i’ve got another big saw on the way Um not big saw but It’s similar to this one this this is Going to have to go to the shop i’ve got A clutch that’s really starting to make Some noise on it So this thing’s got a mini miles on it’s Been a good saw But i think i’m going to this is going To move into a backup roll and then i’m Going to send it in and have a new Clutch put on it and See what happens from there all right Well i’m getting ready to move

Go move Hey today i’m going to try to remember To put my ear ear protection on So i’m going to try something new first Off i’m going to clean this area out This tree has got a natural lean this Way uh And i don’t really want to put the Tractor close to it i don’t want to use The tractor at all to try to do anything With it so what i’m going to do is try Something i’ve seen before is i’m going To come up a little bit higher i’m going To cut a notch And then i’m going to put a wedge in it And see if we can tilt the tree a little Bit and we’re going to keep doing that We’re going to put probably two or three Cuts and put notches in it and then We’ll make our actual face cuts but by That time hopefully the tree is already Leaning this way a little bit We’ll see First thing we’re going to do is we’re Going to cut this briar that keeps Getting get in the back of my My legs [Music] Yeah this thing’s hollow it’s got a big Notches in it All right so let me get my Let me get my bag with my goodies And we’ll get ready All right i’m going to use my little saw

To make these cuts just because i feel Like it might be more precise And started this up in a good little bit I put the brake on Put my ears on Oh I think i cut it deep enough Let me cut it a little deeper [Music] It’s already wobbling Moved it over Straighten it outside all right Hopefully it’ll go That may be Stupidest thing ever did i don’t know That won’t be the stupidest thing i ever Did for sure Um [Music] [Music] Um [Music] [Music] Oh here it goes Oh right beside the sign That may have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever done but it worked Well i say i was gonna say you’re gonna Probably hit the sign but you didn’t Later right beside it i put it right Where i aimed it That’s How about that Well done all right let’s get the little

Saw here so today because my clutch is Making some pretty bad noise on the big Saw Today i’m going to use a little saw This is uh This is elm So this is going to make some pretty Yeah It’ll make fat fair firewood it’s like a Middle grade firewood i wouldn’t Wouldn’t call it nothing great but Anyway I want you to uh um pause the camera and Go get the tractors no You don’t want to no you get it So you’re not riding the tractor no more No ever again okay um I remember you staying there today i Will not ride the tractor ever again What is that green thing there [Music] It’s a praying mantis a baby praying Mantis He got saw dust all over it Gizmo what’s he doing bubby So we put gizmo in the camper because He just don’t like the chainsaw And cutting trees especially cutting Trees down so we went ahead and put him In the camper And uh to keep him away from all that Noise and everything especially when the Tree falls so he just don’t like it Don’t smith sniff the poison ivy and

Then come over here sniffing on me i’m Gonna get it all over me What’s he doing Hi I really hate cutting down trees but Some that just got to go because i tony Said that very sickly but if it’s up to Me i will clean up around every single Tree and just leave them but Some i totally get it while some has to Go but i sure do love those trees I just love them So when we lived in east tennessee We lived on the mountainside and Right behind the house there was An area when the clouds and the mist was Coming through ages and the sunlight it Just looked like an enchanting Picture every time when it was you know What it’s happening and it was just so Beautiful And i guess that’s one reason i got so Passionate about the trees because i Just don’t take these Little things for granted anymore and i Just love it and i always love the trees And It’s just God’s creation I just it’s priceless [Music] [Music] [Music] What you think buddy

You got locked up in the travel trailer Because You don’t like trees falling Shorts and all that poison ivy mm-hmm That’s a good thing i’m not allergic to That Well that’s a good thing but nowhere but Not getting smelling We’ve been married too long for that we Don’t do that yeah but you ready i mean The other day i got bug bites all over Me so and you blame me for that yeah Because you probably you cut that tree Down and i think that’s how i got when i Was brushing against the trees it was my Fault that you got bugs on you it’s your Fault Right here that my wife’s got bugs [Music] That looks like somebody shot me with a With a bb gun i got little bug bites Everywhere looks like she got the ant is What i think i don’t know So i’m going to use the big saw to Um Cut up this uh Bigger portion over here buddy [Laughter] Come here bud You gonna help daddy cut the tree I’m pretty sure when i start that saw up He’s gonna get gone So i’m gonna use this portion the bigger Portion that’s gonna go on the

Blacks creek uh Firewood processor i guess i’m just Called a firework processor i got in the Habit of saying black’s creek i like That name I do too It sounds like a Like a native american name anyway Uh we’re going to cut this up in in Sizable chunks for the firewood Processor And then when we get up to the other end We’re just going to use a small saw to Delim everything that’s not useful then We’ll put it off into the Gulley Hey do you feel this the breeze Wonderful ain’t it yeah [Music] [Music] Healthy Healthy poison ivy [Music] Yeah if you hear it when i turn the saw Off it’s got a lot of wrinkling it’s got A lot of wrinkle dang it’s got a lot of Dangle in the in the clutch huh he’s Happy I pulled the bearings the bearing’s not Bad it’s just the clutches wore out Knowledge gizmo he comes really running Happy to you very buddy He’s like will you turn that off don’t Don’t start that again

That’s not a toy [Applause] [Applause] I think i cut my I got my rakes covered just a little bit Aggressive [Applause] So i got that little saw i made i Wouldn’t sharpen it you know i touched My rake stuff i think i like i said i Cut my i mean my rakes may be a little Bit low i bought it but For that little bitty saw and that Little bit of chain i think is pulling Out some chunks Now well we’ll go put these over in the Pile to be Run up on the firewood processor and the Rest we’ll go put away [Music] All right so that’s pretty bad place to Sit there [Music] Set it by the next victim [Music] We gonna set it by tanya’s next victim I know it’s horrible Huh i feel bad cutting the trees down Well Like We’ve planted a nice maple tree up there Which probably gonna cut down Because it’s gonna grow into the fence I thought about making it kind of go the

Fence go around it a little bit I think it’d be fine no when that thing Grows up it’s going to ruin that fence We’ll worry about it when it gets there Is that what we’re going to do yeah Maybe a few years Y’all remember that We’re still making youtube videos in 20 Years I’m going to say i told you so Okay I’ll be my walker Told you so see that fence Literally we might make a Make it come out about two foot go out Like that Be kind of neat [Music] We probably do that then the tree will Die [Music] [Music] So we’re going to have to take time to Mold look at look at your I don’t know Blueberries huh it’s growing fast again Yeah we put a bunch of fertilizer down And then it didn’t rain any for like uh 50 days or so now we’ve had Almost a week of like rain on off every Day So everything’s like going crazy now but We should be complaining i’m not Complaining no i’m not absolutely not

It’s cool it’s a little bit cooler too It blew in a uh A less humid air and it’s still sticky It’s still tennessee But it’s not uh as near as bad as My drones my drone’s just falling off Uh it’s not near as bad as it has been Okay so i guess we’re gonna chop those Two stumps down Get them level and then we’ll be ready For the Those will be ready for the stump Grinder It looks already different oh actually i Still think we might should take this Tree down no See i’m going to be selling these on On ebay This is a new invention that i have Created A lot of people use these for chainsaws But i think that’s just a waste of Technology you can put this on And set in your house and then put these On and then you can’t hear your wife Tell you to do anything i mean it’s It’s perfect silence Wow what the look i got behind from Behind the camera huh No that wasn’t funny keep on dreaming Baby all right All right i’m gonna knock these two Stumps down what what direction you Going for

You cannot hear me [Music] What direction You’re making What direction you plan on throwing the Tree down i’m just knocking these stuff Down oh okay Huh Huh that’s good to know that’s just a Leftover piece i thought that was the Stumps in there i did too It’s got the market a little stump I guess i cut that off Some other time i don’t remember doing That well at least you won’t be Disturbing the roots of that tree very Much so that’s good Look positive thinking that’s why Do what positive thinking i like it I Oh yeah look what i did What is that sawdust oh Kind of hard from see them over here What you were doing I feel that bag full of sawdust wouldn’t Pay attention to what it’s doing okay we Probably need to put the gizmo dog away Well i’ll keep him with me huh i’ll keep Him with me Yeah i don’t know because once he starts Okay what direction same thing Okay That’s not big enough for the sawmill Okay it’s red maple so it’ll burn good

Firewood okay [Music] We just got a gust to win i know So while he’s prepping these trees to Cut i also make sure that there’s no Cars coming or nobody’s walking here so I gotta Keep my eyes open for that too and on The camera And right now for the gizmo [Music] It comes [Music] And it’s time to put gizmo up Meet him like that he he run back and Then Now he’s going to go check it out He’s got to check on you I don’t know about that The next tree i’m okay i’m okay buddy He’s worried about me So you sure want to keep him out Can you hear me again [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Nope i’m starting right back up buddy Um

All right [Music] They told you He was hollering At howler It’s holler Or if you from somewhere else it might Be hollow But around here it’s holler It’s holler and yeller [Music] So [Music] [Music] So [Music] So [Applause] [Music] [Music] You

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