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Got some new hearing protection from a Tractor 3M work Tunes okay so these are Bluetooth compatible rechargeable You can take a phone call on here too But listen to your music podcasts audio Books whatever you want I believe it's 23 decibels of Sound Reduction that you Get makes a big difference very Comfortable you can get them with or Without these gel pads I opted to get Them with the gel pads just made it a a Nicer experience if you're going to wear Them for a long period of time I had Been using my old shooting Buffs from The range they're kind of cracking and Falling apart and I thought it'd be a Good time to upgrade I've got five or six hours on these now So far so good if you're interested in More information you'll find them in our Amazon store [Music]

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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