Viewer Appreciation and Working on the Old Hay Wagon

Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farm And today I've got two goals first I Want to make some progress on restoring This antique wagon second I want to show My appreciation to my consistent and Long-term viewers who make it possible For me to do what I do so in terms of The hay wagon first thing I need to do Is get these remaining boards off then Jack the wagon up get some supports Under it remove the wheels and then get Started removing this paint and rust Because I want to restore this to look Like it originally did when it came off The factory As far as the viewers I spent a few Hours this morning going through all the Comments on YouTube and Facebook finding My regulars that I've been seeing in the Comments for a long time and I've saved A bunch of your comments and I'm going To read those throughout the video so Should be a lot of fun let's get started I almost forgot I also have one of my Long-term viewers that I've actually Talked to on the phone a couple times Has a problem with his tractor and he's Asking me for advice and I don't know What to tell him so I thought I would Read his email here too and and tell the Story of the problem he's having with His late model tractor and the Hydraulics and see if any of you guys Have any more information

Foreign Oh yeah It's like one of these is already busted Off [Music] The only thing I've done to this Hay Wagon so far is replace the tires so These are brand new tires or brand new a Year ago and I've hardly used them so They've still got all the rubber feelers On them All right I remember when I put these on there was At least one of these where some of the Threads were messed up I couldn't get All the bolts in so we'll see if we can Fix that too we may have to soak all This and run a tap through them and get It worked out All I'm doing right now is just breaking Them loose So it'll be easier to take them off once The wagon's up in the air Foreign [Music] I have had a lot of comments telling me Not to use concrete blocks to support a Lot of weight this really isn't that Heavy and they are actually turned the Right way I believe so That should work well but I'm going to Go ahead and put my four jack stands Under This Center beam so if we did have some

Kind of an issue with the blocks we've Got a secondary support Foreign Before we move on let's read some of These comments disclaimer here there's Probably At least two or three hundred of you That are long time commenters and I Always look forward to your comments and See what you have to say And There's no way I could find everybody's Comment but I'm going to read a bunch of Them first comment John gerstner That's another caveat I'm going to Mispronounce everybody's name names are Hard I'm really bad at remembering Details and pronouncing names so John Gerstner hey Brock I noticed there Aren't any skids on the end of the plow A set of adjustable skids would go a Long way to help keep from tearing into The gravel I also plow from the outside Edges first That will give you a lot more leeway to Move the rest of the snow from the Middle that may have been how you did it But I couldn't tell from the video that Was on my snow plowing video that's an Interesting point I was starting in the Middle and pushing out And the downside to that is you can your Piles can get so high you can barely Push them or if you started on the

Outside first it feels like each pass Would be easier but you'd have to make More passes I do have some adjustable Skid plates under It's not exactly the same as what you Think of like an edge Tamer or something With that shape it's like a round cup That goes just behind the blade and you Can adjust those up and down So John's been around a long time on the Channel I appreciate you my friend Dust devil dust devil comments on Everything And you know most of the people who Comment all the time Have something insightful to say a lot But I also noticed they'll just give me A thumbs up or good job or something and I think that's because some of you Probably understand the way this works When you comment on a video or you hit The like button that tells YouTube that You'll like the video and they they Register that information and decide Should we show this to other people so Leaving a comment that's just a thumb That helps me so I appreciate it Dust devil I freeze all winter with Electric heat there's nothing like the Heat of a Wood-Fired stove the picture Of the fire helped me a little bit I'm Glad you could feel that warmth coming Through the screen but the warmth you Felt might not have been from the fire

It might have been straight from my Heart To say could have been either next we Have Donald streisock stri shock I don't Know Long time commenter usually has Something interesting to say He's recommending on a video that's one Of my first videos from two and a half Years ago It's about time you got a snazzy John Deere jacket you must be in their pocket Now Probably a new tractor is on its way Yeah I bought what looked like a really Nice John Deere leather jacket like a Week after I got my tractor it wasn't Leather it was cheap Chinese crap I love The way it looked I wore it in all my Videos for the first Three months until the sides ripped out And all the seams fell apart but I Definitely am not on the payroll for John Deere and they have given me Nothing Big sway here's here's the big one big Oh big sway 44. I asked him what that Means because that sounds like a baller Nickname for like a guy who watches Tractor videos Big sway used to have like a lifted Jeep Or Bronco or something I don't remember Exactly that rode on 44s and he was Pretty proud of that hopped up mudding

Vehicle I don't I don't remember the Whole story he told me about it a while Ago I'm gonna read big sway's comment here I Don't remember what he said but big sway Is like in Rocky 2. Where Apollo wanted Rocky to fight again And he was calling him out like come on Come on that's where me and big sway are I've been calling him out because he Says he wants to make a video with me But he won't actually do it so it's kind Of like Rocky 2 right now we don't know Yet who's gonna win this But he likes to stir the pot I think this is the first time we've Been in your house for a video since you Hurt your back I can't tell you what that comment says To me because Back when I first started You know I've been doing this two and a Half years about two years ago I hurt my Back and I hurt my back you know like Once every six months I'll pick Something up and go oh that did it and Then the next week or the next month I'll have back pain and kind of Limp Around with it and try to take it easy And but nothing you know nothing Everybody has back pain right But that one time right after I started Doing this I couldn't stand up I Couldn't I thought I might have had a

Serious back injury and was gonna need Surgery or something I couldn't walk for A week and I did a video sitting on my Couch because I couldn't get up and I Was basically like hey guys just letting You know I may not have any videos for a While because I hurt myself And uh he remembered that from uh All the way back when I first started I See you've added a life-size caricature Of yourself yeah there's a four foot Tall talking Grinch in the background of My wood stove video Wife is a fan of the Grinch and The Great grandkids are equally in love with And terrified of that talking Grinch I Wish you could see the wood stove I Built for my shop It's almost four feet around and four Feet deep I added Vortex generating Heat Exchangers Here it is again like shucking and Jiving he's telling me he's got Something he wants me to see it I'm Ready like let's get in the ring but uh I don't know if it's gonna happen I want you big sway All right before I go on Let's get the tires off this haywagon Whoa dog looks like it's gonna work Of course I said that out loud now the Next wheel will give me problems Oh yeah Foreign

Experts what am I looking for We got just a little bit of Wiggle this Way Spins pretty free No noise probably be another video where I go into Checking out these bearings Well we got one [Music] I got two Two left that don't want to cooperate Boy if I had a Milwaukee tool Don't let's not start on that debate Had to call in the Big Shot Big Shot PB Blaster How long does it take that stuff to work Um patience is not my strong suit Well we got time let's read the can Number one selling penetrant Breaks free rusted Frozen Parts protects Against further rust and corrosion Attacks rust from all angles using Our unique capillary action Capillary Hmm Anything that is Rusted or corroded Stuck or Frozen using automotive Industrial Marine agriculture Agricultural and other operations Bonus PB does not evaporate it leaves a Lubricating film on parts to prevent Rust and corrosion Convinced me Wow

It doesn't take any time at all that's Like instant Was not the idea of today's video but as A little bonus if any of the other ones Won't come off We'll see if any other brand works that Quick Because I just happens to have a few Different types of penetrating oil The little bit of movement that one had I don't feel in this one But it's a little bit stiffer I don't Know if that's good or bad just a little Bit tighter well we're making more Progress on the wagon than we are the Comments so let's read a few more of Those Marvin Diamond Jr One of my favorites I think he has a 3046 Lives way up North Minnesota something Like that Bad with details I get the general idea But details are not my thing I've got a freestanding wood stove on a One foot riser in my living room by Putting a box fan in the hallway to the Bedrooms I can push the cold air along The floor back towards the wood stove And the hot air moves along the ceiling Back to the bedrooms that way I can heat The whole house the nice part of it is That it's perfectly sized to heat at Recommended maximum so I get minimal Buildup in my stove pipe the stove is

Also equipped with a catalytic converter Been using it with no complaints since 1999 and the wood heat is probably the Most comfortable heat you can get My audience is mostly older than me and I take that as a major compliment that People who've been around and seen it Still find me interesting enough to Watch That's why so many of you guys seem to Know more than me we know a few things Because we've seen a few things Steve Erickson this was on my why don't You get a real tractor video Everybody wants to make fun of me for Having a small tractor this is just the Nature of the Internet it's just You you just assume everyone else is an Idiot and you want to make sure they Know how smart you are that's okay I do That sometimes Steve Erickson in my view anything with Hydraulics and attachments is a tractor You're darn right that includes the Ventrac and other tractors like that a Mower is good for mowing the finished Lawns and pulling light garden tractors I've got a 2017 John Deere 4052 cab I love the tractor But at times I could use a smaller Tractor with better sight line I choose Not to put the backhoe on and will Replace my skid steer and possibly add a Mini X

I thought when I got the skid steer all The ooh little tractor comments went in No I started getting guys who like skid Steers and they're all commenting why Don't you get a real skid steer Like the 10 000 pound 75 horsepower 80 000 machine I have as a toy and then Oh you know a real man would use a Bulldozer well I don't have one so Probably won't be getting a bulldozer Now this one Moves in and out a little more Spins pretty free but thank you Steve And Erickson for leaving comments on my Videos Frank draw hosts drejos I don't know Hey Brock we've been burning with a Quadrafire insert for over 20 years Non-catalytic reburn technology that Really has treated us well for all these Years thanks for your education on the Catalytic type yeah I watched every Video I could find normally I take the knowledge I have Read the comments on my videos for Education then I do as much research as I can before I talk about something and I just presented the catalytic Combustion units that you can get in the Modern stoves there's another type of Reburn unit it introduces oxygen above The fire and causes that reignition up Higher I believe that's what he's Talking about those look like a good

Option too and I appreciate you Frank For leaving comments mark dulio thank You for putting out this video I've have A fireplace and was thinking about this Idea the only drawback is the cost to do This type of heating but on the other Hand oil prices are going out of sight So it may now become a reality yeah There's nothing cheap anywhere it feels Like prices on firewood haven't Escalated as quickly as prices on other Types of heat but if you value your time Whenever I do work for people everyone Says value your time You know the time you spend setting up The time you spend driving everything Not just the time working on the job and It's the same thing if you're going to Say you saved money heating with wood Heat Make sure you factor in the time my Time's worth twelve dollars an hour my Time's worth forty dollars an hour Whatever you think your time's worth And factor that in now if you love Splitting wood And managing a fire I don't know that you have to factor That in anymore so just a different way To look at it but I think if you've got The setup and the opportunity to access To the wood it's going to be your most Cost effective all right last one [Music]

Foreign Foreign These suckers do not want to come off so We're getting a little bonus content and Testing out another type of penetrating Oil speaking of viewers One of my viewers who is already Commenting on the channel for a while Told me he makes and sells this product It's his product Rust Patrol so I've been using it a lot But it's hard for me to say rust Patrol's the best you got WD-40 PD Blaster they've been on the ground a Long time I don't want to recommend something just Because it's a viewer of the channel but I sure want to give them a chance and if This product continues to work the way It has so far You're going to hear me promoting rust Patrol Now this product I think of more As a protector and lubricant than I do As a penetrating oil But it's supposed to do both So We'll just give this a couple minutes And test it like we did the other Instead of reading the can this time I Think we'll do a few more of your Comments old iron Acres you get so much Out of that tractor great to go back and See all those projects again nice job

Bro question with all the implements you Have are there any that you thought you Must have and then it turns out you Never use them like maybe the wood Chipper or would you want to trade a Group of them in to exchange on Something like an excavator maybe that Would make a good video I struggle with Wanting every attachment But not having the funds to get them all I tell you what I'm right there with you People seem to think I'm rich I'm not I've got some stuff that's completely Different Um The wood chipper is overrated Everything else I pretty much use Some of the skid steer stuff I haven't Used as much but I think I will But on the tractor I don't use the landscape rake that much Or the Harrow but I think they have good Uses I just haven't made the time to use Them that much But It's a great question and I might end up Making a video about that I would love To have a mini excavator today I'd be Tempted to trade the skid loader for it Because some of my needs have changed Since I bought them but it's what it is I'm blessed to have so much nice Equipment now let's see if these want to Come off

Foreign [Music] So that was not a scientific test Because the exact condition of the two Wheels could have been different And both products worked so there's no Winner but Breast Patrol has worked on everything I've tried so far I'll put a link in the Description if you want to try rust Patrol out it's a competitor For WD-40 the owner tells me that There's a hundred ways rust Patrol is Better than WD-40 I'm just testing it Over time This one feels really tight Spins a little bit Stiffer Next comment is from Todd Humphries on Here it just says T Humphreys but I know There are three Todds who regularly Watch my videos and comment because they Were talking to each other in one Comment a long time ago because I like The air vents on that unit you could Tune the house temperature very well With those obviously talking about the Fireplace again I grew up with an Ashley Wood heater in our living room and There's nothing like coming in from the Cold and standing by a wood heater Absolutely right and having a completely Sealed fireplace insert With adjustable air intakes really does

Let you control how hot your fire is you Can put your fire out you can cool it Off or you can Stoke it without ever Opening the door very nice feature Gene Williams Gene Has a lot of experience running a lot of Equipment and he's got a whole bunch of Tractors He's listed them off for me Before thinking maybe Tennessee he had Something that I was almost interested Enough I made the drive down for one Time wow this brought back a ton of Memories from my childhood every Christmas my grandfather would burn all The boxes and wrapping paper in the Fireplace And of course catch the clay tile flew On fire And he's got the three laughing face Guys on there the best part was that he Was the chief of the volunteer fire Department but he did have the cleanest Flu in the county The moisture content is extremely Important as you indicate great content And very in-depth video when you're Young you don't know and uh you know oh How old your grandpa was probably not The not the youngest but I did it when I Got the wood stove we were buying Firewood from other people I didn't have Any access to it it's been a long 15 17 Years ago and I'm like well you know We're running out of wood I've got this

Out here this pallets and these Cardboard boxes and I would put anything That would burn in there and then after The first winter I learned all about the Fact you can't do that you can you can Get away with it for a little while but You don't want to you want to burn Nothing but dry seasoned firewood Preferably low sap types of wood Hardwoods are the best Theodore Dale Another guy who's always got something Good to add to the conversation For cold start fires I keep the side Door outside cracked and the fireplace Door cracked this tip was given to me When I had my first insult insert Installed 10 years ago it certainly Helps create a draft on a cold flu Keeping the door shut the smoke would Leak out the vents into the living room Also the cast iron insert is a bit safer If you have young kids around cast iron Doesn't burn you immediately when it's Hot whereas the metal ones will burn you Immediately Wonder if that's I'd never heard that it Might be true that it doesn't get quite As hot and anyway Good good advice there on especially if Your house is really airtight to open a Window or a door near the stove to allow That draft is if there's no air coming Into the house Then you need somewhere for that air to

Pull from to go out the chimney And I've got like a cold air supply Some vents right next to it but I don't Understand how it works so I didn't talk About it Todd Caskey one of these three Todds here I'm still watching and I'm Hoping that you make some s'mores don't Let me down He's got the crazy face on there tongue Hanging out wobbly eyeballs I think That's Todd's favorite emoji And Like I said most of these people are Leaving a lot of good comments but Sometimes they're just saying I'm here And I appreciate you and I appreciate Those comments scooter I don't know if Scooter's been commenting a long time But he's been commenting a lot lately I used to have a kid working for me Named scooter I hope this isn't him he Was kind of he was uh Character He was a lot of fun very interesting Restoration project Brock it will be Great to follow along he's talking about The hay wagon from my first haywagon Video so hopefully you're watching Scooter Rod Bagley I met rod There's two rods that comment all the Time Rod Shepard and Rod Bagley Rod Shepard has a new 30-39r I believe that just got a few Months ago Rod Bagley has a 1025

And it kind of wishes he had more Property so he could play more games With it but they're all good they're all Good tractors and he's just given Support I just put out a YouTube short Called leave a trigger talking about a Minor mistake I made on a tree And you guys notice sometimes I'm can be A little too hard on myself for details Like that and he's encouraging he said Is the tree down question mark did you Get hurt question mark did you destroy Something question mark looks to me like A successful job Thank you for the encouragement Hopefully I'll see you again in Louisville Andrew Anderson I believe he Lives within an hour of me Brock this World is big enough for each of us to be Ourselves and we dang sure ain't gonna Hurt it like the big strip mines One of my favorite videos that nobody Seems to have Okay so that I'll say like nobody Watched that one because it only got a Thousand views that's a thousand real People who took time out of their day Like there's a million things you could Do with your day You've got your own problems there's all The options on TV and your kids and Whatever else you got going on you Picked to spend 10 minutes watching me And I appreciate that

And I made a video that wasn't real Popular About why about cutting down trees and About the tree huggers and the people Who get mad at me for cutting down trees And talking about the fact that I think It's important to be a good Steward of Your land but a lot of times that means Cutting down the older trees and leaving Room for new ones and Andrew like he Always does is encouraging me Frank Ashworth hey Brock in your in summary Same video he's talking about in your in Summary you forgot to remind some of the Smug observers one key takeaway Is that you are in fact planting more Trees than you've harvested don't worry About those who hear only that which Stiffens their narrative it's exactly Right I hardly ever mention it and I'm Going to be doing an update on it as Soon as the weather warms up a little Bit but I've planted 750 Christmas trees This channel is called Rock Hill Farms Because I'm starting a Christmas tree Farm And I've had mixed results a lot of Trees died I'm learning about the Process but I have planted 750 trees Nature has planted another 750 trees and I've cut down 15. or 30 or however many I've cut Patrick Corbett long time Regular viewer I appreciate you Patrick This is about salting out a tree stump

Well we are gonna be curious how well it Does don't forget about it absolutely Right I put a bunch of salt on a tree stump And buried it because the internet Wide far and wide across the internet Search how to naturally remove a tree Stump there'll be just a few methods one Of the popular ones is using salt But a lot of people say it doesn't work But there's a hundred websites telling You to do it there's also about a dozen Videos or more tell showing somebody Going out exactly like I did and putting Salt on a stump and none of those videos Follow up six months later and a year Later and show did it really work is the Stump gone now The initial video like I just did has no Value Without the follow-up to know if it Works so Trust me I've got a series on it planned Where we we do the follow-up on that we Talk about it we dig out a stump and we Do a full comparison between grinding Burning Natural Decomposition Digging them out every way there is We're gonna we're gonna get into it Because I've done a lot of them Kurt Anderson I believe Kurt is the First person

I hope I'm not messing this up I believe Kurt Anderson is the first person to Ever recognize me when I was just out Doing something random I was at an Amusement park locally with my family And somebody flagged me down and I'm Pretty sure it was Kurt Anderson Regardless if if I'm getting the name Right He's a longtime viewer great video all You're doing is taking care of your land That's more than we can say for some People And who are just letting things go keep Doing what you're doing and do what is Best for you Mark D Mine should be here in a week or So looking forward to it thank you for The year review that's on the at a Grapple that's what I'm talking about a Minute ago I met the owner of a company called Precision manufacturing it's local he's Only a couple hours from me I love local Businesses small business and supporting Small business and I looked at his Products I was super impressed I'm like I love this stuff I've seen it on other YouTube channels we got to talking he Sponsored me he provided me with the Autograph for free And they're at a valve which is a third Function kit and I did a video about Those products but that video doesn't

Provide you much value it lets you know It exists And it lets you know it worked the first Day but I ran it for nine months on a Regular basis used it a lot the second Video Has value I recommend that product it's A lot cheaper than anything else I've Ever found to add a grapple and a third Function to your tractor it's a local Company Family-owned business it's a great human Being that runs it I recommend it so I think you're going to be happy with What you got mark Carson Jensen I've done a video with Carson he lives About 30 minutes from me he has a Successful landscaping business he's got A mini excavator he's got his own YouTube channel called Thrifty garage And he makes videos about trucks and Towing and DIY and product reviews stuff Like that Great guy his comment sounds like There'll be a new brand on the channel Soon It's a possibility Nothing's in nothing's done What I'd like to do with all this Equipment is I want access to the Equipment I don't care if I own it or Not but if a company can give me access To a piece of equipment and I can have a

Tym tractor an LS tractor a Yanmar Tractor a Kubota tractor coyote if I can Have access to a machine for months at a Time I can give a real comparison between What I've used before and I think that's Valuable content for you guys it's a lot Of fun for me so if any of these Companies want to work with me I want to Work with them but as of today Hasn't happened and obviously there's Also a possibility that I just buy a Bigger tractor but I've just shut down a Business And I've got the the video thing I sell Some firewood I'm thinking I'm planning In the spring and summer and fall to Take my landscaping and Excavating Services up to a higher level and do a Lot more frequent jobs for people and We'll see if that justifies the profit Margin to purchase a bigger machine Bob Purrs pures Bob I appreciate you watching Bob Right there with you Brock this is on my Tree hugger video I love trees also and I don't remove any That don't need to be removed I use every bit of the tree in one way Or another most of my firewood comes From trees that are already down on my Property I'm sure we do more for the Environment and habitat than most of the People who like to complain

I've shared the meme before It shows a pasture with trees behind it And it says this is where I live and I'm Being told to take better care of the Environment by people who live here and Then you've got a picture of a big city Full of smog I don't hate people who Live in a more urban area it doesn't Make any difference to me I'm just Saying if you've never lived somewhere That has trees maybe you don't know Everything about taking care of Somewhere that has trees James Hinkle Great video brock some cool facts thanks For taking the time to do the research That was on the brand comparisons who Really makes your favorite tractor I did spend an entire day like eight Hours just researching every tractor Brand that I was aware of and trying to Consolidate that information so that you Guys can get it in a 15 minute video or A 20 minute video instead of doing that Research yourself Mike Briley well said Brock Mike's a regular viewer on YouTube and Facebook and I believe Mike is at least 70 years old got that experience and Knowledge I was talking about earlier But ask me a tractor question this Morning And I want to help Mike but I don't know How a few years ago I didn't know Anything about a tractor or equipment

I have worked on machines my whole life But not outdoor power equipment So I've got some experience on turning Wrenches but I'm not a mechanic So I'm going to read Mike's question for It to you guys and hopefully Mike can Watch this video and read the comments And maybe get some information so Said hey Brock I'm one of your longtime viewers Mike From Ohio just wanted to ask you a Question no Mike from Iowa Just wanted to ask you a question I have A 4066r awesome tractor it's got 70 Hours on it I have experienced Cavitating when using the loader Can you help me with any information Thank you for your videos you can call Me I've talked to Mike outside of the Comments section I put my phone number Out there like if you guys if you want To got some information for me or you Want to talk about something my Information's out there I'm easily Accessed through Messenger on Facebook Too so I like talking to people and Mike Great guy I talked to him on the phone But I don't know how to answer his Question And if I called him I still wouldn't Know so I thought how can I help Mike so I started doing Google searches on Cavitating Hydraulics

And you can have restriction or you can Have Air in your lines or maybe the pressure Relief valve isn't relieving the Pressure like it's supposed to But I don't have the knowledge to answer Mike's question I appreciate him Watching my videos and and asking if I Can help I'm not like annoyed by people Asking me questions but I thought maybe Someone watching Or a few of you guys could give Mike a List of things to look at On what might be causing the problem With his tractor I have experienced Cavitating when using the loader I think That means jerky controls Or non-responsive because of a hydraulic Issue And the questions would be you know do You have third function things like that But I just don't know how to answer Good Guys Guns LLC nice job love the video Love the comments Todd Caskey you've I've read one of yours already you don't Get on here twice Paul Case Farms Personal friend lives close to me done a Lot of videos with Paul Paul case has His own YouTube channel where he shows You how to make a skid loader heater out Of a cardboard box he says yep you're a Tree-hugging wood butcher welcome to the Club If I'm a butcher

Then he's a uh More of a butcher because Paul's cut More trees this week than I've probably Cut in my life projects with JW about Time to fix some popcorn and wait on the Haters to blow up the comments section Let's do it Gene Williams already talked About Eugene He thinks the Whitetail are gonna like My salted stump honeydew Homestead I Don't know man all that salt's going to Kill everything around here including The bacteria I don't see how all the Salt is going to rot it as much as it Will preserve it here's another example If I'm wrong tell me I'm wrong it's okay There's a difference between just saying Hey I disagree with what you said and Calling someone an idiot and ranting and Honeydew Homestead it's one of my Regulars he doesn't think it'll work We'll find out and it's okay to disagree Ronald Harmon someone gave us a fire Ring years ago we never used it so now It works great for burning out stumps I've done one stump burning video I've Burned other stumps before I started Making videos Hmm takes a lot longer than people think But it you can do it Stump boss bill I almost swear if the Chainsaw chain can even see dirt it will Dull instantly yep William finner one of my several bills

That watch Sometimes you have to use a smaller Piece of equipment for a smaller job Exactly right Cowboy Steve one of my Favorites see him on here every day Always a discussion starter stump Removal pretty cool you'll be tracking The results looking forward to seeing How it goes Patriot Allen thanks for the video tree Stump removals are always a classic Jesus My x728 is a powerful multi-purpose Lawnmower Your 2038 is what I dream I can own if I Can eventually buy 30 Acres next to my House that's the dream man it's uh you Know took me 42 years to get a piece of Dirt that I could play on A bigger piece of dirt and um It's been the best thing I've ever done And I wish you all the best James Basile Basil I don't know Hi this is I feel bad man I'm fortunate Butchering everybody's name that tractor Does everything you need there's nothing Wrong with that yes sir build a lot Acres I've talked to him on the phone He's got a YouTube channel called build A lot Acres Got a sawmill One step ahead of me there great video Brock I love my little tractor Nimble Good on fuel very handy exactly right

You don't need A bulldozer To piddle around Cut firewood Northeastern dirt and Property Maintenance we met because when I was building my closet Hut he had some Of the best Quonset hut videos I could Find Probably the only ones who chirped Negative comments are the guys who would Love to have a compact tractor but don't He has a long comment I'm not going to Read the whole thing but I appreciate You Graham Shea I appreciate you I'm curious What the haters use to get their work Done yeah They probably just don't do it Carl Dagara Carl dagra my Kubota MX 5200 is Classified as a compact tractor but with The loader attached it feels quite big Without the loader it feels kind of Compact I sometimes wish I bought a smaller Tractor however when I was in the market For a tractor in mid-2021 the only Tractor I could find for sale was this MX there was a time when it was hard to Find machines And I think they're all great Fab fun very long comment here a lot of People have opinions with no experience To back it up and they're just keyboard Warriors I'm not going to read the whole

Comment but I appreciate your support Fab fun Todd Caskey I guess I'll read one more Todd comment If you get a real tractor I'll take your Old one Silly emoji We'll see how it goes thank you Todd Control alt delete username I really Like the hydraulics on the box blade It's so useful I'm a bit jealous very Handy Cowboy Steve again Mallard five Farmhouse another YouTube channel that I Talked to outside of the comments Section I know we've talked about it before but LS dealer network has come a long way He's an LS guy he's been running LS Tractors forever You can check out Mallard five Farmhouse Here's another YouTube channel you might Check out Aaron turnwald he's just Started but he's got a 2038r and he's Got a Woodland Mills Sawmill I believe it's the 130. I'm now starting to get negative Comments too Brock some of them just Seem like they have nothing to do but Spread negativity I watch Aaron I'm like Hey this guy knows what he's doing and Then I read his comments and everyone's Telling him he doesn't know what he's Doing so either both of us are stupid or

Maybe they're just negative David Woolworth this is a great overview of The possibilities available any for Anyone wondering what these machines are Capable of That's David Woolworth is Waldo Who one-upped me with his fancy tractor Well He's one heck of a guy so generous with His time and he sent his logo Saul Sawmill here for me to play with Don Alexander those tractor snobs would look Pretty silly trying to do what you do With their 9R quad tracks Dawn is an Example I made my salt my stump salting video Because of dawn he watched a video of Mine six months ago where I talked about Wanting to turn that field Into a usable pasture and he commented On my stump grinding video he said well You might hit it hit that stump with a Ground engaging Implement I said you're Darn right I should find a way to deal With that I made that video because of Dawn's comment I do that a lot make a video because of A comment Mark Zeigler great video I've been Watching your videos for a long time I Think a three hour would have been a Better fit for what you're doing Possibly Three hours are tempting wow so this

Video is probably really long and I'm Not even halfway through these comments I'm just gonna have to do this again so I think it's a lot of fun the main thing I think is there's nothing in the world I'd rather be doing than what I'm doing And I couldn't do it if it wasn't for You guys so I appreciate it when you Watch the videos and when you put a Thumbs up and when you leave a comment And you tell me I'm doing it wrong or You tell me I'm doing it right or just Put a thumbs up on there I appreciate it And tomorrow's video or one of the next Videos I do I've got some new toys for Sanding paint and rust off of this Hay Wagon and we're gonna do a comparison Between a couple of different ways to Remove All this rust so should be a lot of fun Appreciate you taking time to watch put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos And I'll see you next time

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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