Chris and I had the opportunity to Finally get down to the National farm Machinery show it was our first time Ever actually going I wanted to go for Years but running my business and being Such a small business it's hard for me To get away for that many days and not Be able to do all the other stuff I have To do but this year I bit the bullet and Went down there and it was a lot of fun We got to see all sorts of stuff It's been a couple days there or parts Of a couple of days talking to a lot of Folks the second day we saw things that We missed the first day either you walk Right by it or there's so many aisles That well you just get confused on what You saw and what you didn't and they Have stuff for tractors big and small I Mean a lot of the the equipment that was There is not really relevant to to my Business and to what I I sell or what I Use either but it's still cool to see Some of that really big equipment in Person that's in pristine conditions Right brand new showroom quality but of Course there were plenty of different Tools and tractors and all sorts of Brands you can sit out and try them out And see how they felt so a really good Opportunity if you ever get the chance To go I'd highly encourage you to do so They say if there's one show you're Going to go to this is the one we bumped

Into a whole pile of YouTubers out there Too so you'll probably see some familiar Faces in the video but I thought we'd Just kind of take you through Mosey on Through all the boots that we saw just Kind of like you're there yourself so Let us know what you think here we go Foreign Okay so we're Let's get out of the way here This is like this is like their 1025r Model right here Yeah 20s See it's got one of those flip around Seats down there Oh there's no third function Yeah they're good looking tractors They're good looking tractors A lot of hydraulics there It's cool Baylor Coyote So where do we go oh I gotta check that Out so it's tree Terminator that could Be cool No I'm just kind of looking around thank You Well these guys uh the three foot one Oh it is a three-point mount It's like a little mini one I wonder if this fits on uh If a subcompact would lift it [Music] Things

A 20 inch Nasty okay The hydraulic flow is almost the same on The JCB all I need is 10 gallons a Minute oh okay at 2000 PSI wow so any 50 Horsepower skid loaders got that oh yeah For sure not much at all even for the Bigger one the 20 inch well 20 inch I Need 15 Gallons a minute but still any Skid loader today yeah Wow you just have to have the 20 inch I'm looking at lift capacity okay Um weight lift capacity this weighs 1400 Pounds the 20 inch weighs 2200 pounds Okay so yeah Capacity yeah but this one here is this A 14 inch it's a 14. wow that's sweet it Only weighs 800 pounds but there's a lot Of head yeah every giant out there so is This telescope or no telescope this Rotates okay swivel oh nice that's cool That's handy so that's good for Limbs And stuff then too on a skid loader you Got eight foot of reach here so you Ought to be able to reach up about 16 Foot inside That's sharp um what's the tree Terminator that is that the mower well Tree Terminators are named oh it is oh Okay so all of these are tree Terminator Okay um it's just they're made by Grace Manufacturing that just happens to be Our rotary mower okay what size does That cut five inches in diameter okay

All right and what kind of clothes do They use standard for 25 gallons 15 up To 25. okay I'm gonna make a heavier Version of it that'll go up to 45 Gallons and what diameter of that cut Eight inch Wow that's nice Oh okay that's cool how Do you guys sell Uh mostly through Distributors okay Depending on where you're located if we Have a distributor in your area or not If we don't we just sell direct okay Where are you located at I am a dealer In in Michigan so up in Michigan yeah But I sell Farm Co is our distributor oh Are they oh okay yeah yeah I sell online Though I sell Nationwide so but you can Buy from Farm Co or good okay well That's good to know our distributor up There Grace man would it be under grace Manufacturing then yeah okay okay I'll Have to check that out that might be Worth looking into this is the Mulcher I Have right here Got that same one KR 30. I don't even have a rep here that looks That looks sweet That was Triple Sec or no double stack Aways Dang got a little bit of a counterweight Up here [Music] I didn't know anybody

[Music] Very much Oh wait yeah they do Little thing Okay that way all the stuff's way back There but you're still in total control Up here but it's all electric man wow Interesting is it the same series then Yeah it's the same sprayer it's just got A Hearing much okay so in other words if You want to do all three Eat and you need it to increase your Pressure a little bit to six eight ten Twelve twenty four maybe Twenty Eight Five 26 I don't even know what to say It seems like so much maintenance Appreciate Earthquake Um Thank you This would be like I think this would be Like what the summit size is like Tab I think so yeah [Music] This must be like a Fairly economy model 73-20 power shuttle looks kind of like The M4 huh Yeah it's pretty Pretty similar overall this must be the Is it not taller cab isn't it where's The is this not the uh huh season other

Than just looking no I'm just looking Around I'm looking for new manufacturers To work with to fill out my lineup if I Need to Depends depends whatever you know I just I want quality you know and good pricing Features accessibility you know so I know your business model kind of Observed your business model yeah you Would like the gentleman over there on The phone yeah these are yeah he kind of Geeks out about that Are you doing anything with Summit are You just just influencing some Attractors are you developing new Products or just trying to perfect the One you have well I agree So are you uh Now your equipment like I'm taller than it I just feel like all the moving Parts on Those things oh okay there's a PTO Proud Yeah I mean like this takes some random Pictures yeah are you um are you guys Still doing just the one pen and then The bolt-on second pin yes I think it's A big cost consideration It's a Little if you needed this you know I'm So I'm when I'm selling these to like a Five Series right look at yeah 520m or Something like that right that's cool So you can retrofit though you're old

Yes oh sweet you have that it's across Here you can do that that that's that's Huge it's one of the newest things That's a big deal the location was great I thought it is a good location yeah It's really easy to get in there you Definitely weren't going to get anybody That came back but yeah it works out do You guys have any of the um like your Three-point stuff uh like you're I Didn't read that close I just saw like They all posted it on there what's that But he's there Over seven foot tall isn't it I should just kept the manatee you know [Music] Kind of miss it though Backhoe Doesn't yeah it's actually I feel like This tubing here is a lot smaller North Carolina [Music] That's where their headquarter does Doesn't say That's Where It's Made [Music] Good y'all just looking around today is That a foil more there too or is that a Trailer that's a chiller yeah okay so Flail flail more flail you're like the Only ones on the market that Yeah make a quick hitch compatible coil Mower oh sweet remember this is 1980. no Kidding wow So yeah we manufactured North Carolina

But we've got dealers Oh they have Cedars too Wow [Music] This would be great though for around The ponds you know [Music] It'd be fun to have a Blower mounted on the skid steer you Know That'd be sweet But that thing would chuck it you know Well actually uh the designer was fired He was let go So a lot of Contact in here Wow I mean these grill guards I've seen a Few of these now they have like nothing You know I don't quite understand that There are no uh armrests There's the only thing on this whole Fender here is the joystick got your Controls up here though which is nice Wow this is quite basic Ally huh Yeah Those are fat tires aren't they [Music] Doing Wow Please do not sit or stand on more Foreign 56 Grand

[Music] 40 Grand Oh but you get a H Where's that uh Figure one [Music] Yeah that's sharp because you see it it Digs the initial softens it up this Flings it out and then it Smooths the Bottom of the trench right there I think I've seen these on online before [Music] Thank you Like the Kubota Batteries probably Nose Like it looks fake I will say look how Short these wraps are they're great [Music] That do what exactly This is this drain a lake is that what It is How's it going good how are you good Good got some cool stuff here man looks Like it's built like a brick house wow My sprinkling skids to your stuff now And then but where are you from from Michigan oh sure did this show that's Big yeah I know yeah well that's about As big as they come for yes that's why If you're going to go to one this seems To be the one to go to [Laughter]

Too they do a lot of skid steer stuff But I do I just yeah we're you know We're by 30 miles from Quick attached oh Okay well we're getting a lot of uh I guess Traction in uh The Moultrie show oh really oh yeah [Music] It kind of shows it all Right [Music] Okay so make sure they would both work In there and so we wanted to just put One in gotcha [Music] Um And the way this is Ground level okay ah yeah yeah How much pressure He keeps doing it you know Thank you Over here one pin One Bowl Yeah yep yep perfect Let's say these are a lifesaver All right so let's see we gotta go Wow there's a whole other whole other World in here isn't it Let's see I heard about you I've talked To Hank I talked to other people talk to You I don't know how we ever talk but I Know that's just how it goes you know Today huh yeah we got a meet and greet Yeah Yeah you had a bunch of people stopped By I'm doing well how are you nice to

Meet you in person do you know Tony yeah We just bumped into each other yeah yeah So I was looking around the rest of the Area for you but you're blending in and Everybody's here [Music] Likewise I still don't know how you do It doing a video every day man and I Tell you what Facebook has been really Good for me some people I know I know I Don't we put them we just download them The same video we put on YouTube you Know Not really [Music] Everybody For eign ERS on it Right right now okay wow 100 000 and This will keep one wow actually when you Hit it you kind of get that that uh that Harmonic noise oh yeah yeah it is I Heard it there yeah That's crazy man No Okay good to see you yeah you too you do Yeah nice to see you yeah how's the show Fun yeah yeah we were here yesterday too And uh you can't see it all well you Think you see it all one day and you Don't you miss all sorts of stuff you Know so but then you get pulled in Different directions and all that kind Of thing too so yeah big crowd out this

Morning we're just talking about I think It's bigger today than it was yesterday Yeah It is it is but the line even to get in Was long just you know through parking And all that but that's a good thing Approach Oh yeah hey you got anything that uh for Like compact tractors that maybe I Should take a look at Selling our root rate grapples like our Baby baby Um the light the light duty wrecks yeah Uh so I just looked at those the other Day Well so the big the huge concern with Small tractors is lift capacity right And so like the work saver I really prefer that I I think that does A better job yeah this thing You put a six inch branch in there it'll Just rattle ahead this bottom to pick Something up oh yeah it falls you know Deuter right kind of clean up this you End up standing it on Android yeah Weren't they yeah yeah they are a little So no 72 then for like a four series No People would love to have a two inch Receiver in those Forks they would they Would I'll just orders a whole pile and I and I haven't bring a few skins you know What do they come in six packs or 12

Packs a game remember but um So on right off the top of my head I Don't I don't charge card okay and then the Pulverizing basket at the end that's Going to break down the rest of your Clumps and kind of give you a smooth Finish okay all right I think quite a Bit lower than one of these guys for Sure's on Big old Well but still even though the business End down here Yeah oh wow and 30 days later it was All right Uh because it's a bigger you know a Bigger beefier one Um [Music] I'll come by and see everybody you know It's like the most the highest Concentration of YouTubers I gotta get pictures I'm taking pictures I can't post them because I ain't got no Signal [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] Come from Okay well I got it I got a YouTube Channel but I mean mainly the small Compact tractor type stuff though [Music] It's like rain

Foreign [Music] Huh [Music] What am I missing here So there's some sights and sounds for You just kind of well let's just say it Was a lot busier the second day than it Was the first I don't know what the last Couple days are like but we went the First two days and and they got really Packed out But man it was a good time I think we'll Probably make it down there again I just Kind of moseyed around and Chris Followed along with the camera I think Next time we do it though we'll probably Both be miked up a lot of good Well you're just noticing things right So a lot of new equipment that you're Seeing you're trying to figure out what Some of it is or maybe what Differentiates it and so there was a lot Of good back and forth banter we talked To quite a few reps too that was pretty Fun now of course we do sell tractor to Address that's one of the main reasons We were there to kind of seek some new Manufacturers out but if you're looking For something we'd love to have the Chance to earn your business check out we ship all over The country every day of the week our Prices include shipping rewards and

Financing too if you enjoyed today's Video we'd love to have you tag along Hit that subscribe button right down Below I want to thank you for taking Time out of your day to stop by and Until next time stay safe we'll see you Soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] Laughs [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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