Wallenstein Firewood Processor and Log Loading Crane #firewood #firewoodbusiness #firewoodprocessor

Wallenstein WP845 Firewood processor Review, and Wallenstein LXT115 log trailer review. @OhioHillTopsHobbyFarm

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This is one of the most unique firewood Processors that I've ever seen there's Also a really cool log loading trailer Behind it but we'll get to that in a Minute now this isn't the fastest or Most efficient processor you can get but Way down the ladder in terms of cost This processor can be had for around $115,000 one thing that some people may Not like is that you use your own Chainsaw on it which has pros and cons Because it's probably easier to Maintenance your own saw than a Hydraulic saw that you're not familiar With the downside to that is it makes it Somewhat manual the processor can handle Logs up to 27 in diameter and the crane Truck can handle logs up to 30in Diameter with a 1500lb weight limit you Also have hydraulic winches for pulling The log into the processor and pulling Logs to the crane truck the trailer is Going to run you about 27,000 so combined you're at 42

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