Folks how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors thought we’d take you through The shop today this is our our Relatively new shop that we have out Here we moved in back in March and it’s Now October it’s been about seven months Give or take and we’ve done a lot of Stuff to the building a lot of you guys Are out there whether it’s a a Commercial building for your business or You’re you’re building a home or Whatever it might be you’re trying to Make that decision do I do I build do I Buy and for us it came down to we needed Something now we didn’t want to wait the Delays and building right now the costs And building are just astronomical and I Think some of that has changed a bit in The last six or seven months but still We’re going to take you through kind of Give you maybe a different perspective On on the costs that go into buying a Place and then trying to modify it to be The way that you want because it takes a Lot of cash out of pocket to kind of Convert an existing space if it’s not Set up the way you want to make it the Way that you want and so for me it was Really It was the right decision but it came at A a cash heavy cost versus if you’re Going to build a place you can put that Entire wish list you can kind of build That into the loan and not have nearly

As much cash out of pocket and so it’s Just a trade-off a different perspective But these costs add up let’s take you Through it all right so the first big Expense was installing a fence you know With some security wiring around it as Well and a power gate and all that kind Of thing and and this was a really big a Really big investment for us it was About fifty thousand dollars to get this System installed and put in all the way Around this is a three acre parcel not The entire thing is fenced in but the Majority of it is and We’re in a business park but we’re the Only business back here it’s the very End of the business park it’s close to The highway You know we had people around here doing Things dumping Out trailer loads of Trash before this was fenced in we Really wanted to use all this outside Space and this is just kind of step one Of making this a secure location we Wanted to kind of layer our security Right and not that you’re going to Prevent everything from happening but if You can make it more difficult for Somebody to want to get in here and Cause damage you know it’d be Challenging not that it could be done It’d be challenging to pick up some of This heavy stuff and take it away we Still don’t want them coming in here

Causing damage or dropping War trailer Loads of trash off so you’re looking Right up there another couple layers of Defense that we’ve added some really Really nice I you know I could have Chinsed out but I went pretty high end On my security camera system you can see Pretty much anything around here nighter Day it picks up on it it can it can Track you it can check out license Plates it can see details all that kind Of stuff and these lights here make this Place look like a Walmart parking lot at Night so this place is lit up well all The way around same thing with the Cameras all the way around the building So no matter where anybody might be at We’ve got cameras inside too so again Two more layers here with the lighting Having it well lit up security cameras Inside and outside plus the fence that’s All good stuff additional layers to make It more of a problem for somebody who Would want to come in here and cause Some kind of damage you know and then Even oh boy maybe two months ago now we Had one of the sheriff’s deputies out Here and I had a really good Conversation with him and basically let Them know they can come out here and do Their reports anytime they want to you Know it doesn’t matter the shift we’d Love to have them out here they’re Welcome to to hang out in our driveway

And do the reports and whatever else They want to do on that note and I told Him this as well we always offered 10 Off to Elio’s to military active retired Doesn’t matter it’s just a way to say Thank you and then we’ve also got a Security system installed you know so For all the entrances the windows all The way around the building too and this Has gone off a couple of times Um incidentally right it wasn’t it was False alarms you know whether it’s Something just again pressed right on The the keypad codes or whatever it Might be but this is all something I can Manage from my phone too so it’s just Another layer of security for the Building out here folks we are proud to Be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We’re big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it’s Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it’s not going to Freeze and it’s available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the

Dealer near you at rimguardsolutions.com So we quickly found out that once we Moved in We we needed more space than what this 20 000 square foot Warehouse had to Offer and so we had this usable space Kind of around the perimeter that was All grass this is actually not on city Sewer and and we have well water in a Septic field out here so this front Section we couldn’t Mill and expand the Parking lot but this perimeter all out Here we’re able to get over a half acre Almost 0.6 Acres of additional parking Area to store equipment Outdoors as well Now we did look into getting asphalt Like what you see but well it’s a Two-part reason we didn’t go that route One was that there wasn’t a single con Contractor in all of West Michigan that Would do it this year they were all out In the next year and we needed more Space pretty quickly and number two this Contractor that does Milling parking lot Did another job for actually the Electricians out here and it turned out Really well for their parking lot Expansion it came in at a cheaper cost As well it does take some time to kind Of harden up and really become more like An asphalt surface a real solid surface But as you can see we’ve been driving Forklifts all over it you can hardly Hardly see the tracks that are in there

A couple spots softer than others but I Think it’s going to continue to improve With time and so we went with an eight Inch thick material base and there was An option they had for six inches or Eight inches I felt like eight inches Would be a little bit more robust stand The test of time and so we went eight Inches thick again somewhere between a Half and 0.6 acres worth of parking lot Area with excavation everything else Came in about forty thousand dollars so When we moved into this building it had Been sitting vacant for three plus years It was going to be well they were they Were hoping to use this as a a marijuana Distribution warehouse or something and Waiting on the township to approve Rec Use and whatever long story short the Township still hasn’t approved it for Rec use which is what they wanted to do The previous owners and so they put it Up for sale ended up having a pretty Good price drop and that’s how I came Into it so it was a it was a really Really Fierce competition fierce battle When they did lower that price I was Able to be the high bidder and get it And I’m really glad I did but one of the Things that was not negotiable I had to Take out of my offer was having the one Of these HVAC well actually that unit There and then this whole unit replaced These these units were stripped out for

Copper everything else because again There was no fencing here or anything Like that and and they had long been Disassembled and gutted and whatever Whatever else so we ended up having I think it was about twenty five Thousand dollars or so and new HVAC Equipment here uh to service the office And the the smaller packing room that we Have as well you can see in the in the Background there those units were Sitting idle they didn’t need some Service and and minor repair work to get Those back online those are our heaters For the main Warehouse so that the guys Can be at least pretty comfortable in The winter time and you may remember This area because earlier this summer we Took the Mulcher and kind of blazed a Trail so that we could have this fence Installed here and everything cleared Out of the way and that’s kind of where We’re standing now so there’s a lot Going on here they ended up having to Bring in a crane just because of the Awkward area put a crane in the front Parking lot to bring these over and set Them down into place and while we’re Back here this is the backflow for the Sprinkler system they already had a Sprinkler system in place but it was Pretty much in disrepair at that point So I had a new sprinkler system put up Front you know I want this place to look

Good right it doesn’t You know I’m not making any money off of A nice lawn right we don’t even have a Retail storefront we’re an online dealer You’re welcome to pick up local but I’m Going to get that front lawn in shape Next year get it dialed and get it nice And greened up and and plush and looking Good and you know that was about a five Thousand dollar expense just to do that But I think it’s going to be worth it Just in the in the grand appearance the Grand scheme of things over time and Then we have all the miscellaneous stuff That we tackle around here you know Before we even moved in every single Light fixture had new bolts put in just Started over from scratch there were so Many bulbs that were out that you just Knew it was just going to keep happening Over and over so we started from scratch Had every single Bowl replaced a lot of The ballasts were replaced as well we Did all fresh paint on all the columns And the bollards outside painted all the Office space as well had the doors even Resealed just because we knew that they Would get disgusting just kind of the Dusty work that we’re doing just the Nature of the Beast there a new carpet Was put in up in the office space too And then there were all sorts of just Kind of the general electric work that Was done you know moving Outlets here

There for the different kinds of Equipment that we needed to hook up to We had a couple different electric Chargers for our forklifts that are Moved in here power banks for our foam Packing machine that we pack our small Stuff in just kind of miscellaneous Things we had ethernet ran all Throughout the place as well so just Kind of prepping for the future a lot of Different Seemingly smaller costs that added up to Thousands between the painting the Flooring the electric work the power Washing that we did in the building Outside all that little miscellaneous Stuff right there ended up being in the 10 to 12 000 price range this is one I Still haven’t found the right solution For maybe one of you guys know what we Should do but we’ve got installation Rolls of insulation going this way all The way across but you can see right Down the center how it’s all ripping and Falling apart before we bought this Building I guess there were raccoons That got in here and just walking along Back and forth and and wreaking havoc And this is what we’re left with so I don’t know what to do anybody got an Idea you know and then we also actually This spring had this whole parking lot Crack filled and resealed you can Actually see some of these cracks are

Still a little decent it kind of settled Down in there I think we bought Ourselves some time with it it’s Definitely a lot better than it was There were some gigantic gigantic deep Cracks in this but uh got that redone Looking good I don’t know I know we’re gonna have to Redo this parking lot at some point but I want to I want to wait as long as I Can for that this ended up being about I Think around five grand if I remember Right a few things left to do the list Is not done yet got to end up getting Some signage out here right um Oh yeah I’d like to put something on the Building for sure maybe out by the road I’d like to consider opening for retail At some point down the road it’s just a Well when you move from online only just Kind of like a warehouse distribution Center to retail it’s a totally Different game so that’s a big Commitment Um a big step it’s not as easy as you Would probably think but then I also you Can probably hear in the background We’re right by I-94 we’ve got a corner Here that we could potentially it costs A lot but it’d be pretty cool to put a Big old sign up on a you know lit sign That you can see from I-94 it’s just It’s just one property away right there We could have a lot of advertising

Potentially but I don’t even I don’t even know how much That would cost that’s going to be Really expensive and I’m not sure how Long it would take to get the payback on That and we got to do a little bit of Landscaping mainly up front kind of in Front of the office there that’s been Just the absolute lowest priority we’ll Probably knock that out first thing in The spring we might get to it this fall Yet but that’s pretty low on the totem Pole so folks we are a small business This is a small business USA pretty much We’ve got Oh five full-time yeah five full-time Employees another part-time and then Myself as well so you know it’s it’s Kind of run pretty lean around here we Try to be as just efficient as possible Right there’s I don’t I don’t want a lot Of fat I want to run things lean uh Whenever I possibly can and and that’s What we’re doing so I appreciate all of Your support and you know we do got to Pay the bills so if you are looking for Something for your tractor or your skid Steer or your TV or ATV we’d love to Help you out we sell and ship all over The country go to goodworkstrackers.com Now we sprinkle in these business videos Now and then but most of our videos and Content are about tractors in use and Tractor attachments having fun with them

In projects if you want to tag along We’d love to have you hit that subscribe Button right down below I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We’ll see you soon Foreign