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Hey welcome back to the channel I'm Tony With Tony's tractor adventure and this Is Mr Bill rate with Precision Manufacturing thank you for having me of Course you're welcome well we uh come Here today to talk about some grapples And if you guys don't know uh I I have a Couple of precision manufacturing pieces So I'm kind of I'm biased but if you Watch her Channel you know that what we Do we just show at work and it really Does what it's supposed to do yes thank You So let's ask some questions to Bill About the different types of grapples And the different kinds of influence he Has and then you mind just giving us a Lowdown or all that's going on sure okay So Tony there's a lot of different types Of grapples out there and you've Probably seen them as you walk around The show Absolutely and uh I mean you've Got uh grapples like ours we call ours Grapple rakes because you're able to Actually rake with them and we've got The open bottom that will sift the dirt You can also other styles are solid Solid bottoms and you really can't do Much raking with those those types but They have their place so really when You're selecting a grapple you gotta you Gotta figure out why you want the Grapple why you're going to be using the Grapple for well that brings me to the

Question what is What do you think the number one mistake Of first time tractor buyer they're Going to go out and buy their grapple What's their biggest mistake they make I Think it's not buying the one that fits Their equipment they either get it get One that's too heavy and then you don't Have room for the material to pick up or They get it too light and they tear it Up because their equipment's too big for It so if you guys don't know we we Bought a uh one of the it's the 322 I Believe is what it is yes uh I just I Just use it I don't know the numbers but Anyway I use it and it's like 260 pounds A little bit over 260 pounds well it Fits perfectly on my T25 which is a 25 Horsepower tractor so the it's stronger It's almost impossible for me and we Have used it it's almost impossible not Impossible but almost impossible for me To tear it up on that size tractor it's Perfectly matched for that size tractor Now when I do put it on my 48 horsepower I am cognizant of the fact that it is a Lightweight grapple really maybe cross That threshold a little bit you did not Much well I'm very cognizant of it and I Don't just like jam the jam right things Right yeah that particular model we we Kind of rate it uh 20 to 40 horsepower Is what what we say four right so so if If that happens if you have two tractors

You really need to be cognizant of that That's right no that's my five dollar Word for today we're done we got to use Small words for the rest of this Interview okay we can do that bill this Leads us into the different types of Materials Tell us why we use certain types of Materials and what what are the Materials you use what are their Benefits because like on our little 322 Grapple it is you know it's it's tough As Nails I mean everybody that watches The channel knows that we put it through Its paces and we're responsible with it But I've never it's never felt at this Point yeah what do you do so there's Basically four different types of Steel That people are using hunger apples You've got A36 which is uh called mild Steel you've got gr50 which is a high String steel you've got T1 which is a Tempered steel we've got AR which is Abrasive resistant and each one of those Steels have their own benefits and and Places in different for apples but you Measure you measure the steel you grade The Steel by tensile strength and the Tensile strength is the point at which It will break You've got the yield which is a point at Which it will bend and it so usually Won't Bend back I'll middle of the Moment has a amount of flex but it'll

Always it'll spring back and once you Get past a certain coin it that's that's The that's right that's the yield that's Right and I'm just trying to make myself Understand it that's right okay and then Uh finally you have a hardness how hard The steel is uh for uh resistance uh That's what we is that where it would be Like like as on the tines of the grapple Is it it's dragging through the dirt It's harder so it's not going to wear Off as quickly right right and and I can Give you a frame example for instance uh On our how to Grapple right we use a Mild steel here because this is really Not going to be dragging down into the Dirt all this is going to be doing is Holding the load in the bucket the Bucket's going to be doing now just Providing the clamp in the face so we Can use a mild Steel on this particular Product now you're conversely uh your Grapple we needed it to have a lot of String yet we wanted it to be Lightweight we wanted it to be under 300 Pounds somewhere 250 to 300 pounds in That range So we used a AR 400 ski along Ed which Has a high rating and the tensile Strength the yield and it's the hardness Of the steel so so we're able to use a Thinner Steel And yet have the strength of a thicker Steel

I want to say that we again we've talked About this off camera but the I use a The 322 which is a little over 260 Pounds and it we use it on our T25 which Is a 25 horsepower tractor and it's Almost to the point now I'm not going to Say you can't tear it up you can't Anybody can tear up anything that's Right but it's almost perfectly matched To that 25 horsepower tractor and its Capabilities that we have really used it To the Max and and never came close to Damaging the grapple And variously I have the t474 which is a 48 horsepower tractor and I will use That grapple sometimes but I'm very Economistent of the fact that I am over The tractor size for that grapple and I Know you probably don't encourage that But I if you do have two tractors and You do uh you know use it you have to be Very cognizant of this this grab hole That we were talking about was Specifically designed for that tractor Which brings me to my next question what Is the most what is the biggest mistake First time tractor buyers make when they Buy a grapple yeah I think I know the Answer but I want to y'all catch usually They don't match the grapple weight to The uh to the Tractor they'll get one That's too heavy and then they don't Have any capacity left for lifting Material or they get one that's that's

Too lightweight and they tear it up they Bend it up because their tractor skid Steers too big for the gravel absolutely So one of the one of the things that uh That when I started my grapple Journey You know I've seen the big Raffles like You have some Skid steering wrap over Here and in in in our it's not Necessarily intuitive you would think That the heavier bigger grapple is what You need because you can't tear it up And it just looks big and mean and you Know that's right yeah yeah you have to You know it's just that thing you want It big then you really start getting Into it and studying it it is very Counterproductive to get a heavy grapple If you have a tractor that can lift 1300 Pounds to full height but your gravel Weighs 800 pounds it basically limits Your trafficker it's almost not usable Anymore for instance uh Tony we have This grapple here it weighs 1400 pounds That's what my tractor can be adds to More than your tractor can pick up and Commercially our grapple rates like the One on the end here it weighs uh it Weighs 255 pounds and that's that's Perfect that's more of the weight for You so you make several different styles There are several different weights for Different categories and all of them Have their purpose I'm sure that's right And and we can get every every weight

Category but at the High Point fourteen Hundred pounds to the low Point 255 Pounds so so I'm I'm intrigued with a Autograph well now I I'm going to reach Out to some of my friends and say we we Have a friend of Brock from Rock Hill Farm he's he is has that grapple so if You're interested in seeing that work Please jump over to that channel and Check out it's Rock Hill Farm he again Shows it work he don't he don't he Doesn't maybe he doesn't baby yet no It's he's yeah I talked to him he's very Excited about it he's used it quite a Bit now and he's like it's the real deal Yeah and it makes you wonder uh okay why First what is the benefit for a first Time cut buyer to get this versus a Grapple well price actually is important Oh I knew it but I wanted to say it I Wanted to hear from you so it so uh if a Lot of people are I'm going to use my Grapple Maybe twice a year three times a year Not going to use it real often maybe uh After a storm I'll go clean up some Brush from uh from the storm and they Don't want to spend three or four Thousand dollars on a grapple well They're able to buy this any other one a Lot less it's very It probably will do 80 of what a gravel Canyon that's right you know you may not Consist you may not be able to sift

That'd be like the only thing you can't Really do is sift but everything else It's young that that's right now can you Get this in a double clamp or an in Single clamp or whatever what are the Options yeah we we've got really in in The outer grapple we've got like five Different models and you can get it with Uh the single clamp or you can get one With two grapples or clamps you can uh Get a heavier Duty one we've got them For skid steers we've got them for big Tractors we've got them from backhoes so There's just a wide variety and really Anywhere from 36 inch wide buckets up to 100 inch bucket okay so we got this big Giant grapple here this is obviously for A skid steer or a large pressure I would Assume that's right that's right it is Now what is the benefit what are the What are we gonna when a first time Tractor buyer comes to you it says I'm On a the gravel do you want to which Ones do they get for a double opener or A single opener or is there a reason to Have one or the other there there is and Uh and you've got to know what you're Going to be using the gravel for before You select one a single grapple for Instance if you're picking up material That is uh Con um Consistent with it well let me let me Rephrase that if if you are if you are

If you're going to be picking up Something that's like a round paid mail Or a square bale perfectly roommates you May want you may want a single clamber Pies and the ice and that way you're You're picking it up and right going uh Conversely if you're picking up Something with an uneven load like brush For instance a brush is never an even Low right now I love that yeah the uh it Will clamp down on an uneven load and That's a benefit of the uh of the devil My personal preference for like a Homesteader that's going to be clearing Uh trails and and clearing your place Where you put your house it's the double Grapple because I have yet to find a Level load you know I've had this has Got a stump in it this doesn't have a Stump in it so I had a grapple that it Was just a single in the middle and it Was wonderful for moving logs uh it was It was eventually perfect for big long Logs because they're almost the same Size all the way down but when you start Clearing brush I really like the double Plant system and again I think I don't see for what we do and Most of my viewers do I think the double Clamp is the right way to go yeah that Your thoughts as well absolutely yeah And I I would venture to say 95 to 99 of Our sales are double versus single so We're already here what else do you got

What else have I know one thing is you Got is you got the Miniclip and we use That that that's right it's fun I love It uh what else you got to talk talk to Me about cookies what are these foils Who are these for okay well this is how Our company got started right here with This product and it's our high reach Clipper and uh primarily the the people That are using this particular product Are are the people property owners that Have limbs that are hanging down uh They're scratching their equipment and They maybe they want to Trail or they Want to mow a little bit closer to the End to the fields and this will rotate So you can side trim along fence rows or Cut at ground level so the mini clip is Just its smaller brother younger brother Younger brother younger brother and uh It's for smaller equipment uh this one Cuts between 9 and 12 inch trees this One is seven inch so it's it's a little Bit lighter and I use this on my 48 Horsepower tractor and it's with the Rear wheels loaded it's roughly 5 000 Pounds and it seems like a really good Fit yeah but I've tried it on my 25 Horsepower tractor which is maybe about 3 000 pounds and I think that's maybe a Hair too light that's where the loader And the loaded tires right and you could Still use it as long as you don't have It extended but if you extend it it

Really you just have to be very smart With what are your thoughts on that well We kind of we kind of use as a guide we Want you to have at least 1200 pounds of Lift and we want you to counterweight it Just like you said uh so the very Fork Keeps it keeps it from being floppy and Uh and then we want to have 2500 PSI on Your hydraulic pressure right to uh to Be able to cut through the tree So we've had really great luck with the With our Treasures like I said I'm I'm I Think my T25 is Definitely not a subcompact tractor is That right it needs to be that right at That 30 horsepower treasure that's Three four thousand three thousand Pounds of frame you know and higher Right I agree there's so many variations In tractor this is a hard subject to Cover so if you're gonna do a mini clip Make sure that you absolutely do your Homework on it but I will say this This thing will pay for itself because Once you get it you you trim your Neighbor's trees then every other Neighbor wants you to trim their trees We've cut we've had limb hanging over a House and we just went out at the very End and just snipped off a little piece So the little piece that fell down and Hit the gutters it was just about you Know three or four pounds and then we Moved back dip a little more and a

Little more and a little more so it was All done safely And where if you were on the chainsaw or You or you'd have to move your man Basket around so I never got out of the Seat I never broke a sweat and then all We had to do I actually took the grandpa On the other tractor and went through And picked up all the little pieces I Actually did all that work With very little physical labor yo bill This is I'm not I'm I think I've seen it Here before but I just never really paid Attention to it and then I look at it This is it looks like a saw Flash Clamshell cramp well it's a tree puller It's a treatment tell us what it is Because it looks impressive whatever it Is it is and uh this this is our tree Puller and uh it is built for Stout Because if there's ever a product out There that needs to build be built Strong it's a tree puller absolutely Because it's going to take a lot of use And abuse and uh and that's what we did With this and we just redesigned this Recently to tell you the truth we've Extended the reach on this another foot So that you're able to dig stumps out of The ground oh so you can dig it under it Yeah pop them up dig it up a little bit Deeper as you're digging these are Called root grippers here this will rip The roots break the roots away from the

Stump and um so this is I mean you can Pull it out I think you said that but This is just I mean it's a it's a saw Yeah it's just yeah it's a good one Question up in the ground instead of Trying to fight the root you're just Cutting them with two that's right okay That's right and um and we protect our Cylinder behind the cylinder guard we Fit this big guard on here to keep the Limbs from getting inside your cab or The front of your tractor if you're Using it on the tractor now I see this Over here it looks like a saw to me it Is like to push into the side you you Move back and forth on the tree and uh That will solve the tree now what will This what what would you put this on It's it's probably best on a skid steer Just because of the maneuverability and The visibility of a skid steer a tractor Uh lose your nose it yeah that's that's Right right you lose your nose I Understand that I struggle even just Putting buckets on yeah that is right It's hard it's part of being a tractor Owner you learn you learn how to do it Well this is really but we're good we do Sell quite a few of them for uh tractor So if you were going to sell this to a Tractor owner what what size tractor Would you recommend for this Well it's a that's a difficult question And I'll tell you why one of the first

Things that's why I asked it one of the One of the first things people always Ask me is well how big of a tree will it Pull up well there's really three Variables I mean soil conditions are Very important the species of tree the Root system of the tree is important and The size of the equipment so We've we've sold these detractors 50 Horsepower and I don't know if I can go Much lower than that I agree and they Can probably generally speaking pull up Uh five inch five inch trees with it and Uh if you get any bigger than that You're really going to have to work the Tree back and forth to loosen the root System up Now we've talked about a lot of your Stuff here and the question just popped In my mind that I know a lot of viewers Are interested how long have you been Doing this and how did how is the Hardest availability of your company You're you're locally owned where you're From okay well we manufacture these in Sedalia Missouri so it's not coming from Somewhere else no but it's it's not Traveled over the ocean But uh but it's things are a challenge Right now to be quite honest uh some of The components are difficult to get some Of our steel is it we're able to get the Steel but it's coming in a little bit Slower than it used to and uh and price

Increases it it's like every time we Order a component uh there's a price Increase so so we really have to monitor All of that very closely I totally get That I escort my wife home with the eggs Now and Yes that's right everything is more Expensive yeah yeah she needs a Bodyguard to come home now yeah but uh Yeah I think a lot of you know the Tractor buying Community the Implement Buying Community is coming to somewhat Of an understanding that we are not in The same place we were three or four Years ago but it's getting better I Think it's it's starting to smooth out And yeah and you're you're right the Supply chain is going to get better yes You know we had that was a that was a Big disturbance to the normality of our World it is that's like two big words I've used in this interview so I am Something to be done with big words uh We gotta we gotta wrap this up yeah yeah That was a five syllable word wow so That's all that's a five dollar word we Don't have any more money Bill I really Appreciate you taking the time to let me Interview you and you've been really Open and honest about it so if you're Going to buy a grapple Listen to the man what this man has told Us because he has sold a lot of grapples You use a lot of grapples you're not

Right you're not just a uh a maker you Actually use them that's right so There's some some wisdom here that we All need to pay attention to listen God Bless subscribe to your channel have a Great day Foreign

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