We all Oughta Be Doin more Swappin

I'm gonna go pay a visit to a friend and See if we can do some swapping and I Don't expect to have any problems but I'm gonna take this here stick along Just in case Those are stacked two rows deep and it Just keeps going Looks like a different machine up here I've never seen Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to give a bid on a Mowing job go look at a sawmill shed and Do some swapping because I like swapping Better than paying should be a lot of Fun I'm here to pick up a cherry log from my Buddy Mike My friend Tony from Tony's tractor Adventure gave me some cherry Lumber That we milled together and our wife's Wanting to make something nice out of it Now I'll have some more cherry to go With it and we don't get much Cherry Around here I've shown this little 35 horsepower Mahindra before this is an example of Why you need a grapple and also why you Don't because we're going to do it Anyway Yeah if somebody Didn't Know Better They'd think we knew what we were doing We don't get a lot of cherry around here So I'm really excited to have this that Last bit of cherry we got my wife's been

Calling it her cherry and she said don't Do anything with her cherry without Permission So I'm going to double the stack up But talking to Mike I picked this up From a new friend named Mike And just talking to him got me thinking That there ought to be more swapping and Less paying going on I think it used to be more that way But I like it I still like doing things That way So about three months ago I got a message said hey I like watching Your videos I don't live very far from You I got a tree I need cut down and I It's too big for for me to handle I'm Afraid to do it myself would you want to Come cut this tree down I thought you know I'm out here to make Money that's why I've got all this Equipment Is someone asking me to come do free Work for them And then I thought about it and do I Feel like cutting down a tree today yeah Let's do it I just Just going with my gut I just felt like Doing it I showed up and the first thing He said was he wasn't wanting it done For free he wanted to pay me and it was A big tree With risk of getting hung up and A little bit odd shaped and

I was a little bit intimidated by it Honestly but we got her done and like he Made it really clear that he wanted to Pay me for this and he wanted me to take The log now the log was going to be hard To get So I just I said no I don't need the log And I want you to pay me And why is that because I'm out here to Make money right it just Just felt like the right call to make That day And now And full disclosure I get paid for Making videos I made three videos that Day and I just checked I've made about a Hundred dollars off those videos So I made a hundred dollars that day Now was it smart should I bet Mike would Have gave me 250 bucks if I'd ask for it For for cutting that tree down But I don't know that might have been The last time I heard from him but as it Is I've got another job lined up that he's Gonna give me three oak trees for The Sawmill He just called me and gave me this Cherry And then he's got a friend who's got a Big Walnut that they want taken down and All they want is a nice piece of lumber Out of it they can make a a mantle out Of

So I know money switched hands but I think We both feel pretty good about the way This goes And that same thing with the The hole I dug yesterday At friendu Had a pet donkey die and they need to Hold Doug so I showed up and did it I Didn't ask for anything they tried to Pay me I said no let's just Swap and I I Got some pieces of metal for from them That I can make a bridge out of And I just like doing things that way That's what our next Trip's about too I Think I made this clear but I'm going to Say it one more time to be crystal clear And not offend anyone If you've bought machines or equipment Or a trailer or saws or whatever the Case is so that you can earn a living You need to be charging people I don't Want to give this message that there's Something wrong with charging to do work Because I do that too But I think the best thing That I could be paid in is friendship I'd like to have a lot of friends around That we can where we can all count on Each other If maybe next time I need some help and He can help me And maybe he won't charge me anything

Because I'm having a bad day you know How it is Thank you Foreign Part of swapping like that And me doing some free work for someone Is that you don't do it thinking oh He'll pay me back or I send him a message hey remember that Free log remember that free work I did Can you give me something now You do it because you feel like doing it And then usually just good things happen Let's go do some more swapping before we Head out I grab me this piece of one Inch by two inch Walnut take it along I Think it'll come in handy Man look how much slabs they have Those are stacked two rows deep and it Just keeps going Looks like a different machine up here I've never seen Swinger loader We got the swinger 2000 here Ain't she a beaut I'll just make myself at home Look at all that slab All right I'll show you what's in the Mystery box here This is Vivore This is the um hydraulic pump I was Telling you about And I got it for a project that I don't

Think I'm gonna do now That doesn't work for a long story You think you could find a use for this So this I think is the fluid reservoir Yeah and then the controller Definitely find something that we I was thinking about maybe trading you For a beam Whenever I get as far as planning out my Building I might need one beam longer Than I can cut yeah like 20 21 if I'm careful Because my my Mill is like 18 foot and It can cut 16 foot logs but I want to be Able to take the mill out if I need to So I think I need one span that's like 18 to 20 foot somewhere in that range That'll be easy we cook these Rafters Are an hour 20. They were 20 when we cut them I think 20 Plus so and if you can if if you can set This thing up I'll come back and take a Look at it and and I won't need the beam For a while but over here You think is you want to Oak beam or I've got telephone poles I want I just Has to hold the roof up I'm not picky to I mainly want it to be all stuff I sawed Myself but except for that and I'll take Whatever how long is your milk It cuts 17 plus Just a hair I think that more than what You need yeah counting the uh yeah Because whatever your Mill will cut your

Track is the width of the head wider Than what it'll cut so yeah Yeah definitely And then I brought a piece of Walnut I Thought steal your unless that secret Math or something no it's not And so where did you come up with the Math on this this is a long it's not Something new that we came up with I figured somewhere there's probably a Formula that for like a 10 foot log you Need to cut or make your your mark every Two inches or something the scale that We use and most loggers use and I want To say there's more than one scale and I Can't tell you what the difference is But the one that we use is called the Doyle log scale Basically it'll tell you that if your Your logs this big you get this many Board feet yep and then it includes the Link so you made your stick with an Eight and a ten and a ten and these Marks are the same On both of them the marks are the same But the numbers are different numbers Are different If I just jumped into this like everyone Would know what I'm talking about here But what they do with this stick is he Just keeps it around here and when he Comes in someone wants to buy or sell Logs they put this stick across the end Of it and if your stick

If your log is eight foot and your log Diameter hits this Mark then you know You've got 85 board feet And it's just an easy way to do math or Not have to do math every time you go to Buy a log yep probably just going online I could do some math if I wanted to put Like 12 foot down the end yeah it's just Uh yeah I look at the chart and yeah I'm Sure they have a doylestick so now as Far as us trading this pump for for that Well you said you might have the Telephone poles which would work fine For me yeah so you just think about if What this is worth to you and what that Log's worth to you yeah I'd be glad to Do a little swap yeah that'd be good With me all right sounds like a good Trade and I told the viewers that if This swap if you didn't agree to the Swap that's the real reason I brought This stick but it looks like I won't Need it so your sticks a little bit well You're a big boy Get the best of you well I'm out here to Look at this mowing job and it was Described to me as like a brush cutting Job But he sent me pictures and the grass Didn't look like it was more than six Inches tall And he said he'd really doesn't want it Cut short like with a lawnmower Because obviously I got that Hustler

That would be pretty quick out here Probably quicker than anything else They said he wanted it Cut more rough cut leave it long and Shaggy As I said well I could bring the Flail Mower but that's going to give you a Nice finished cut it doesn't it's not Really designed to run up off the ground Like that so maybe I'll use a brush Mower well I just got here and this is Cut shorter than I ever cut my yard I don't know uh he doesn't live here This is like a secondary property And so I'm thinking maybe the guy that He's left He left me a contact info for someone I'm waiting to hear back from I'm Thinking maybe that guy's already had it Cut but I'm gonna wait around I'm gonna Walk the property see what all we got Here and wait around see if he gets back With me but this customer I'd really Like to have And in the in the mode of what I was Talking about today with swapping Instead of paying I'll probably give This guy a heck of a good deal because I Already Chuck don't charge that much Anyway but He's talking about developing this he's Wanting to put in a bridge and do a Whole bunch of different stuff and Thought man this might be a good

Customer to have so we'll definitely Give him a good price on the mowing but Let's see what this looks like This looks like it needs brush hog to You it doesn't really seem like a Candidate for brush hogging to me I thought it was gonna look like this Or is not real tall he told me it wasn't Real tall And maybe it looked like that a couple Weeks ago We got some kind of water feature up Here between these trees I'm guessing It's got a nice river access down there But I think the property line I think I Might even be across the property line I'm gonna head back the other way well I Figured out where the property stakes Are and I was wandering off onto someone Else's property but I haven't heard back From the guy who was supposed to give me More information about this But from what I can see the property Lines I'd mow this for 250 bucks but it Doesn't need mode so you know you never Know what you're going to get when you Go out to bid a job but this is a little Bit different kind of video but I hope You enjoyed it I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos I'll see you next time

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