We Built this Sawmill Base from a Single Log

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And this is my new Woodland Mills hm 130 Max Sawmill I'm really excited to have This I've been wanting one for a long Time but before we put it together the First thing I want to do is build a nice Stable stand to get it up in the air so I'm not bending down to work and that's What we're going to be doing today so I Brought my dad in to help me build this Because he's got a little bit more Experience than I do building things and It'll be nice to have a extra set of Hands so behind me is a bunch of stacks Of lumber and all of this I milled Myself at someone else's Mill or I had a Mill brought here or whatever the case May be but we're going to try to build The whole thing out of this if possible And this stack right here is the first Time I ever had a mill on the property This is all Oak that's almost two years Old been well seasoned so we're gonna Try to take these 2 by 12 by 12s and Turn those into basically four by six Beams what I was picturing was cutting Them off square and butting the ends Together and then on the next one that We attached to it just offsetting that But you had a couple different Suggestions on how to make the beams I've seen people do a angled cut to Where it's bonded over a longer surface Rather than just a butt cut and that

Looks to me like it adds a lot of Strength to it your uh your grandpa used To do that and then the other option was Like a stair step so that there's an Overlap so we'll look at that as we go Right now the task is to We're going to take four of these and Rip the the 12 and a half foot length Sounds like a lot of fun yeah let's get A new blade on here we started off Putting a new blade on because I ripped One of these for some floor joists about A week ago and this rough cut Lumber Especially being Oak that is this well Seasoned is just really hard for my Little table saw to handle [Music] Oh The reason we're building these beams is My new Mill can Mill material up to 16 Foot And lumber yard cell material up to 16 Foot but we need 20 foot beams to set The mill on [Applause] The outside legs are The Sawmill are at 18 feet and four inches The full length of the Rails is 19 and a Half feet so we're going to build this 20 feet and we have 12 foot long these Are actually I think 12 foot six so We've got about 25 foot to try to Stagger our seams we are going to stair Step our joint and we're going to go

Ahead and build two beams and then we'll Start worrying about the legs underneath We're gonna do an 18 inch overlap on a Stair step I think they might call this A scarf but you guys can tell me in the Comments what you want to call it Doesn't matter which side I cut from This All right So we got three and a half inch deck Screws with torque bit And this is three inches thick so we're Going to countersink them for this maybe An inch inch and a half something like That [Music] Okay we got a countersink and then we're Gonna drill them through [Music] Yeah The width here is almost perfect You just gotta it's pouring a little Faster than I was expecting Foreign So basically what we're gonna have if we Cut this off at 20 feet this joint is Going to be at about 12 feet So We're going to be able to offset it by Making two beams exactly like this and Flipping them over they'd be offset by About four feet We've got four beams made now we're Cutting them off to 20 feet

All right Now Now this is something we anticipated With this rough cut wood none of it's Perfectly straight and perfectly flat so We're gonna have to fasten this end and Then use clamps to bend it up And and get these two in line with each Other You just Fasten your end down get that nice and Straight right there at the very end We'll run some screws into it Foreign [Applause] Okay now We're taking the leftover pieces from That and we're cutting the bottom of our Stand the bottom of the legs The feet on the Mills are Center to Center at 33 So I think the legs need to be 37 so the Full circle can sit on it So I'm going to make the legs out of These four by fours which is also rough Cut Oak and these are going to be cut to 16 inches because they're going to set On two inches then they're going to have Six inches on them and then a two by on Them and then the saw is six inches it's Going to put my cutting height on The Sawmill at 32 inches [Music] All right

And these are the legs this will go on The ground and this and our beams go on That and they're going to be covered With two by sixes that the two by sixes Will partially attach this to this to The beam so That's why these are wider than the the Beams they're going on they're going to Have a two by six across them Hey these are heavy you betcha Well I just was looking at how it was Lined up Good enough for who it's for yes sir And this is all on the ground so we're Good [Music] Foreign Last time you saw me I would estimate I Was about an hour from finishing this And we were about an hour and a half Before sunset I get a text message hey we gotta go Right now I'm late for cheerleading So I got to go sit in a parking lot I Actually went to Lowe's I got to sit and Wait for an hour and a half And drive for an hour but I'm back and This is going to get finished tonight so Get back to it There's a little bit of bow in these Beams and I want to make sure because The legs are exactly the same height So if I put a pry bar under it And lift up a little bit then I know for

Sure That the beam is tight against the leg And that should settle out when we get Some weight on it These are exterior construction screws That still doesn't mean they're Necessarily weight bearing but these Screws are just squeezing this board Against this board it's just pulling in There no there's no vertical holding Because we are setting directly on the Post Excited Oh you got all these distances marked One of these beams has a seam Right here the other beam has a seam Right there so where all of our seams in This beam are sitting on the legs and I've already marked the spacing Foreign Some of you guys are worried about Squaring this up and I'm worried about That too But I don't think I have to square it up At this step Because there's still nothing really but Just a couple screws keeping this Frame From twisting I think I'm going to get it in place And level And then Make sure it's Square And then put some cross bracing in I am going to get the top rail put on

Tonight but I was also wanting to Weather seal this tonight and I can't Because The low tonight is going to be down Below 40 and it says not to apply that If it's going to be below 50 in the next 48 hours So tomorrow or Sunday it looks like the Weather is going to cooperate and I can Weather seal this So I'm gonna go ahead and finish these Last four up and then we'll get to that Top rail Well now that it's built I guess we Ought to see if it's gonna actually work The foot pads are 33 and a half inches Apart To Center Of these beams to Center is exactly 33 And a half So that's perfect These are four inch wide and we're going To set a six inch wide board on them So I'm gonna leave about an inch of Overhang on each side of the beam Let's see Right out six inches That's about five and a half This is Turn this way This piece of scrap wood is seven Eighths of an inch So I'm going to use that To make my overhang consistent all the

Way down Foreign Guys I can honestly say this turned out Exactly the way I wanted it to My goal was complete this in one day I Thought it would be really cool if we Could make the entire thing come out of That one oak tree and that's exactly What we did we didn't even use all the Oak that I had off that tree but this Entire thing Lived its Hundred Year life at the end Of my property before long before I Was Here and Now The same tree is going to hold up the Mill and hopefully do that for a long Time But I appreciate you taking time to Watch the video I'll put links on the Screen to more of our videos I'll see you next time

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