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Thank you [Music] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I just loaded the skid loader up I Gotta get it chained down and get over To Paul's house he has a sawdust pile That is in the running to be the eighth Wonder of the world you can actually see It from space so we're gonna see if we Can relocate that and maybe actually put It to use with one of his tractors and And not just dispose of it anyway better Get out there and get started I'm here To remove that pile of sawdust and it Probably doesn't look that bad but about 30 feet from me there's a drop off that Drops six or eight feet to establish What the depth is supposed to be and Then it slopes up on each side So Paul is estimating that out in the Middle there the sawdust might be eight Foot or ten foot deep And it's a really long run like that It's been rainy obviously it's all going To be wet and what's under it will be Composted and wet because it's been Piling up for years so I got to get a Good strategy and we're going to try to Clean this out and spread it across his Fields So Should be interesting I tell you what I Came around and saw it from this side it Is a different looking story here's

Where we're going to load it We got the case 585 XL and an old New Holland spreader And I'm gonna make a pile and then I'm Gonna also Load that spreader and he's going to Take it around his fields This is so much deeper than I thought it Would And it's going to be a mud hole I don't know if I'm going to be able to Get a lot accomplished here So this pile of sawdust is soaking wet And there's a big mud spot right in Front of it And I start off thinking I was really Going to have a problem with getting the Machine stuck If you look at it right now I'm sinking Way down in and as I try to back out Here I'm halfway up my tracks on the First pass And my thought process is that I'm going To need to make 500 passes into this Pile And if I'm getting sinking on the first Pass I'm going to have a problem Turns out that wasn't the case At this point I'm trying to find a way To remove the sawdust without getting in That Center mud hole any more than Necessary but Paul comes down and Explains to me that that mud hole is Just a top layer that's actually sawdust

That's ran down and rotted all of this Is built on really Rocky ground and Basically you couldn't sink or get stuck If you tried and once I figured that out It goes a lot smoother Foreign Foreign Paul hired me to work on removing this Sawdust for two days And when I looked at the pile from the Other end I thought that was no problem At all I would easily get all this Removed But I wasn't grasping How enormous this pile really is this is Basically 10 years of them running a sawmill full Time And all of this is the sawdust and it Literally is eight feet deep and where You see me driving now I'm still not down to ground level Foreign Up to this point I've been backing each Scoop of sawdust all the way out to the End of the buildings and we realized Pretty quickly that was a waste of time So Paul started backing the Manure Spreader all the way down to Where I'm working at least as much as he Could That saved us a lot of time although he Has a two wheel drive tractor and he was Making some pretty big ruts so I did

Kind of have to go through and fill Those ruts in so he could continue to Back down there This is also the point when he told me I Was going to have to go straight down The middle because it's not likely we Can remove every bit of sawdust but he Wants a path through the middle from one End all the way to the other Foreign Paul was out spreading the sawdust I did Still have to take all of this material Out just so I could keep working so I Was still driving about half of the Material all the way to the end of the Buildings but it was the most effective Routine we could figure out Now it might seem like it would make More sense To turn around after scooping it up and Drive forward but one of the first Things I learned is That You're actually more time effective Driving backward in most cases than Turning at each end [Music] [Music] I keep talking about Paul with the Assumption that all you guys know who he Is but if you're new to the channel my Friend Paul case is a farmer who also Runs a sawmill operation and these Buildings that he runs his sawmill in

Are obviously chicken or turkey Barns And that's kind of what he started off Doing but once that wasn't as profitable Anymore and he turned to sawmilling he's Found plenty of other uses for the Buildings Paul published a video on his YouTube Channel with some pretty heavy-handed Critiques of my loading skills and he Asked the viewers to rate it so I'll put A link to that in the video description You guys can go on there and tell him That I'm obviously really good on that Skid loader So Paul I don't know if this is teamwork I keep fixing ruts here and then he Makes more and then I fix them again and What kind of team is this and he started Saying something about well I just have A two-wheel drive tractor Hey there's no eye in team Paul Now if you've got any thought in your Mind about clicking off of this video And not watching the rest of it you Should at least click to the end and see What we're able to accomplish with this Pile and Paul gives one of his legendary Stories that he's uh so well known for So Make sure to check that out at the end Thank you He hired me to work on this for two days And told me he didn't think there was Any way we could finish it in two days

And I would have gladly done a third day And I think Paul would have been okay With that too but the problem is We had three days of rain lined up Afterwards so we may revisit this in the Future but I'm not sure Foreign Here's more of a close-up on those Loading skills So I definitely I'm spilling a little Bit of sawdust when I'm loading and I Can see it pretty clearly in Paul's Video So I'll give myself about a B minus on That Thank you [Music] That don't go there Foreign Judging from the pile and the way it Tapers down I'd say we started the day Where the camera's at And We have made a lot of progress Got a late start today because of my Daughter having a dentist appointment That I didn't know about But hopefully by tomorrow We can have all this cleared out of here So I'll be right back We're out here for day two Paul is getting his tractor warmed up And ready to go

If you guys have not already all my Regular viewers know who Paul is Paul Case Farms on YouTube we make videos Together quite a bit awesome guy funny Guy Go subscribe to his Channel or go look At it So Yesterday Yesterday I almost got poked through Where I can drive right up the center Which works out perfectly because he Wants to take start taking the sawdust Out to pastures on this side of his Property and I think even across the Road so he's going to want to start Coming in and out from this side So it's convenient that I can drive all The way through the middle if I want to Pick up from that side and bring it Around or whatever works Hey don't you have anything better to do Than drive around on this tractor all Day Lately This is what you do when your shocks get Wore out you'll need to know that that's That's I like that Probably multi-purpose board too yeah You can whack somebody with it if they Get close enough so the idea here is You're gonna back down here every time Like we were doing yesterday yep you Might want to take those two

Little Sprouts down and I think you can Load me right here on the flat Maybe Okay Sounds like a winner so it might take me 10 minutes to push my way through so I Can come from this side But we're really close to it It's a little steeper on that side and It's been years but I was able once upon A time to drive around the pile on the South side but it gets up close that Building and it's steep now when you're When you're taking this out to spread it Do you want me to make a pile up here or Back out where we were probably back out Where we were I'm I'm gonna be good and Sick of this apparently I just ordered Uh 40 yards of mushroom compost to Spread on one of my hay Fields with this And my seat cushions getting wore out I Yeah well I feel like this spreader is Probably paying for itself you think It's already done that both sides of my Seat cushion the parts that's on me and The parts that's on the tractor well Maybe you ought to thicken one of them Up the ones where you're thick enough Don't you think yeah well let me see if I can get turned around and get up here Foreign [Applause] Thank you [Applause] Foreign

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] All this brush that's growing up on the Sides down at this end is not something That Paul wanted mulched and spread with The sawdust so for right now I'm just Clearing it out of the way so I can get To the sawdust further down Foreign Any pig jokes today I do have a story For you here we go there was a guy from Uh Texas came up and was visiting a Rancher friend to his in Missouri And they was driving around out in the Country and it was uh A Rabbit run across the road And the Texan said what is that and the Missouri and said well that that's a Rabbit don't you have rabbits in Texas Oh Lord we got rabbits but they're like Three times that big They go on up a little farther and a Whitetail buck jumps across the road in Front of them and the Texan says what Was that and The Missourian says well That was a whitetail buck that he was a Prized one he said well we've got Whitetail buck in Texas but good grief Ours is like three times that big They go on up and one of them great big Turtles the kind that you'd think you

Could make a hat out of his shell if he Died was crossing the road up in front Of him and the Texan said what is that And The Missourian said don't you have Ticks in Texas Thank you All right We are done for the day and by extension We're done for the week because It's going to rain the next two days So we're definitely not getting back out Here I don't know if he'll have me back Next week to finish this Or if he's gonna leave it like this for A long time I'd think he'd like to get It done but I think he had like 10 years Of sawdust piled up here it's crazy to Look at what's left but wait till you See what I pulled out down there So I'm pretty happy with the progress I Put 11 hours on the skid loader in two Days And there was not a lot of messing Around so I was probably here 12 hours And ran the loader 11 hours And almost every bit of that he was also Running the tractor and manure spreader And he's put this All across his acreage Now I'm happy with it but the real Question is is Paul happy with it Because he's paying me to do this Although I will say I think I gave him a Pretty darn good rate

Which I like to do if I can So About half of everything I scooped out From up there Got spread on this field And here's the other half of what I took Out I've been kind of telling the the Audience here what a smashing success This was but since you're paying the Crate and this is your piece of land How you feel about it nobody got hurt I think I don't know that there's any Value to spreading that out on the Ground I mean I've done it before and Not realized any uh extra benefit but I'm rid of it and so this is almost like A salvage operation There's less of that than there used to Was yeah there's less of it's visible Yeah all right so I'm going to call that A glowing endorsement I don't know how It sounded to you guys Well I think this was a lot of fun Thanks for paying me to work out here And uh appreciate you guys watching I'll Put links on the screen to more of our Videos and we'll see you next time later

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