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We Don’t Need No Stinking Brush: How One Farm in Rural America Is Tackling Yard Waste


Taking care of a farm in rural America is tough work. It requires a unique set of skills, equipment, and a deep respect for nature. For the Rockhill Farm, located in the heart of the country, this challenge has been accepted with open arms.

Their latest vlog, which focuses on tackling yard waste, has gained attention on various online platforms. In this article, we will delve deeper into how Rockhill Farm is addressing a common issue faced by many rural households.

Yard Waste: A Common Problem

With over 80% of US households having a lawn, the accumulation of yard waste is a prevalent issue. The majority of homeowners resort to burning, landfilling, or mulching the yard waste to dispose of it.

Unfortunately, each of these methods harms the environment in one way or another. Burning releases greenhouse gases and pollutants, while landfilling takes up valuable space and pollutes the soil. Mulching can also lead to nutrient depletion and is not always a practical solution for large amounts of yard waste.

The Rockhill Farm Solution

Rockhill Farm has come up with a unique approach to tackling this issue. In their latest vlog, the team demonstrated how they turn yard waste into mulch.

First, they identified an area on their farm where they could pile up the yard waste. With the help of their equipment, which includes brush cutters and wood chippers, they broke down the yard waste into small pieces. The team then spread the mulch over their fields, adding much-needed nutrients to the soil.

Benefits of Mulching

Mulching, when done correctly, has numerous benefits. It conserves soil moisture, suppresses weed growth, and improves soil health by adding organic matter. Not to mention, it saves the environment from the harmful effects of burning and landfilling.

Rockhill Farm’s approach is a sustainable one that other rural households can follow. By investing in the right equipment and knowledge, anyone can recycle their yard waste and make a difference in their community.

Supporting Rockhill Farm

Rock Hill Farms is committed to sharing their knowledge and experiences with their viewers. In their vlog, they thanked their viewers for their support and encouraged them to subscribe to their channel.

They also promoted their merch store, where viewers can purchase unique Rockhill Farm T-shirts and support the channel. For those interested, the team shared their Facebook page for viewers to follow and engage with the community.

To support the channel, viewers can also buy a coffee and fuel the team’s creativity. The link to do so is included in the video description and is a simple yet effective way to show support.


With the issue of yard waste growing every year, it is vital for rural households to adopt sustainable solutions. Rockhill Farm’s approach may be just the inspiration others need to start their recycling journey.

The benefits of mulching are endless, and by taking a small step towards a sustainable future, we can make a significant impact.


Q1. What type of equipment does Rockhill Farm use for tackling yard waste?

Rockhill Farm uses brush cutters and wood chippers to break down yard waste into small pieces that can be used as mulch for their fields.

Q2. What are the benefits of mulching?

Mulching conserves soil moisture, suppresses weed growth, and improves soil health by adding organic matter. It also saves the environment from the harmful effects of burning and landfilling.

Q3. How can I support Rockhill Farm?

You can support Rockhill Farm by subscribing to their channel, purchasing merchandise from their store, following their Facebook page, and buying them a coffee to fuel their creativity.

Q4. What does Rockhill Farm’s latest vlog focus on?

Rockhill Farm’s latest vlog focuses on tackling yard waste and how they turn it into mulch through their unique approach.

Q5. What is the rationale for addressing yard waste?

Yard waste is a prevalent issue that leads to harmful environmental practices like burning, landfilling, and mulching. Addressing this issue is vital to creating a sustainable future for rural households and the environment.

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