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Baumalight 620D mini skid steer review

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And this is a bomal light mini skid Steer now in yesterday's video and Actually for a little while I've been Teasing the idea that I'm going to make Some major changes to the types of Equipment I use on this YouTube channel And this this mini skid steer is part of That I've actually been talking to Balite about these mini skid Steers well since last year at the equip Expo so almost a full year and we Started talking in January about the Possibility of me getting one of these Here to demonstrate on the YouTube Channel and it's finally here and I Couldn't be more excited I've actually Got to run one of these before seems Like a great machine but I've got big Plans for this what I want to do with it And I also want to compare it to a Compact tractor in terms of price and Functionality and what you can do with a Machine like this pros and cons versus a A tractor like the one I have so first Thing I need to do is get this unboxed Find out you know if it needs any kind Of a setup and then we'll test it out so I went ahead and got it out of the crate We skipped all that because unboxings Are Boring now what I want to do is jump on This and start moving some dirt and We're going to do that in just a minute

But first I think I owe it to the viewer To give full transparency on why this Machine is here so I've been talking to Balite for a long time about getting one Of these machines and they've sent it to Me but I do not own this machine and I Did not pay for it also they are not Paying me to talk about it it's a very Straightforward arrangement I have a Consignment they own the machine it is Here for me to use and make videos about I also made a video last week as a Response to Neil's video talking about Integrity with Sponsorships and because this was Provided to me I have access to it so It's going to get favorable treatment I'm excited about it it's here you know It's going to be shown on my channel as Opposed to other brands but my job as a Content creator is to provide Information and education to the viewer And that's what I'm going to try to do In the most impartial way I can if the Machine's not capable of something I'll Tell you if it breaks I'll tell you Other than that we're just going to have A lot of fun with it all right so we've Got a book here I think this is a Catalog of other equipment and then this Is actually our owner's manual we've got A separate manual for the K cabota Diesel engine we've got the key in here So I'm probably going to sit down and

Read all of this at least skim through It for the next 30 minutes make sure I Know what's going on I have one more Note on why this is here and that is That there's about 40 Brands 40 Companies that man manufacturer Miniature skid steers I did not email a Single company looking for one of these I only reached out to bom light and why Is that it's not necessarily because I've compared them all and I know what's The best but I have an existing Relationship with bomb aite where I've Used a lot of their Equipment I've ran one of their flail Mowers stump Grinder and the trencher and everything I've got from them was top of the line As far as like that Flail Mower there's All different quality and caliber of Flail mowers out there you can get a Cheap one that maybe's good enough but Theirs is like a tank it was like a Forestry multure almost in a Flail Mower So everything I've got from them was top Of the line and my experience dealing With their company has been great and Whenever I have one of their products They're not trying to tell me what to Say anything like that I've just been Really happy with the service I've got All right I normally drive my equipment To my fuel Tank got a 50 gallon with an electric

Pump but for this first one we'll have To do it the oldfashioned Way and I won't spill a drop I'm that Good I think this holds 10 Gall cuz it says 40 L and then it's got an upper and a lower Sight glass for the fuel Gauge so I just put about two gallons in This that'll get us enough to drive up There and fill it next step it says is To check the engine oil for that you Lift this up and this is a hydraulic Fluid cooling Unit Okay and then we've got a pen right here I believe goes in Here just to hold the hood up she's a be Clark you guys want to see the Engine so I've went through the owner's Manual checked all the fluid levels read All the safety alerts I think I'm ready To start it up but I'm a little bit Nervous with an expensive machine that I Don't know much about so I brought in World renown mini skid steer expert Rex And uh he'll at least be here to call The ambulance if I hurt myself challenge Number one start it up and drive it off This Pallet at the Bump hey Rex is that going anywhere that Ain't going Nowhere [Music]

So if you've driven any skid steer Before any modern skid steer this will Be completely intuitive to you no one's Going to have to tell you how to use it This is how you turn this how you go Forward and backward and you're up down Curl and dump it's Completely if you're familiar with Running equipment this is Intuitive and the throttle is right here And we've got a parking brake here Headlights here then we've got got the RPM gauge the hour meter and a hydraulic Pressure gauge right Here we'll get this sucker filled up and Then go move some Dirt [Applause] [Applause] [Music] So that was just one bucket right but I Was at the equip Expo last week and I Was talking to the balot guy I said how Fast does this thing move and he said That they focused on safety and made the Speeds fairly slow at like 5 km which is Like 3 mph he said some people Complained that maybe that wasn't fast Enough so they were evaluating that Speed it about throw me off I know if I Was going like you know down the road That's pretty slow but to be standing on The back of that I felt pretty like that Was pretty quick actually so this is not

Meant to be an in-depth review I'm Really just getting familiar with the Machine myself once I've got some hours On it then you'll get that review video But I guess we can go over some basic Specs and if you want more information You can always get that at a local Dealer or on the balite Website but this machine weighs at about 3,000 lb without the weight kit the Extra weights add about 300 lb and they Go inside of the track area and that's Basically just to give you Ballast now lift capacity on a machine Like this is rated much differently than It is on a tractor on a tractor they're Telling you how much you can lift and That's really a function of the Hydraulic strength on a machine like This the Hydraulics can lift a lot more Than the machine can safely carry so What the manufacturers tell you is a Recommended operating Capacity which is around 1,000 lb on This Machine now without the bucket right at The pins this machine has 4,250 lbs of breakout Force the Hydraulics are strong and That's the same way it works basically With this traditional skid loader too But where you run into problems with a Small machine like this that isn't as Heavy is if you lift its maximum amount

Or you use all that breakout Force You're just going to lift the back of The machine up so they're trying to Provide you with a number that tells you What you should safely [Music] Carry I talk Rex into getting on the Controls he was afraid to at first you Know hesitant didn't want to mess up a New machine but said you know as much About it as I do at this [Music] Point As an experienced operator on this You're probably doing multiple functions At once in my full-size skid loader I'm Driving while I lift the bucket and Turning while I close the grapple and Whatever it is I tried doing it the same Way on this I did not feel comfortable As a new guy that I could be completely Smooth with both controls at the same Time because it you're balancing Yourself and moving the controls if I Told Rex starting out I'd be a one Control at a time Guy now today I'm only demonstrating the Machine with the bucket but my intention Is to show you a wide range of Attachments on the front of this machine They're very versatile and they've got Pretty high hydraulic flow for the size Of the machine whereas my tractor has About 5.3 gallons I believe of hydraulic

Flow per minute and the skid loader is Closer to 30 this machine is 11.4 and that allows you to use a small Trencher or an augur or a brush cutter Or quite a few different things bom Light actually makes a wide range of Attachments themselves in addition to All the aftermarket stuff you can get a Stump grinder is one I would definitely Be interested in checking out out what' You think of It definitely different I think it's fun I think it if I had a little time to Mess with the controls I'd probably get A little more comfortable but made me a Little nervous so the advantages to a Machine like this are particularly good For someone who's doing residential Landscaping where you can carry a th000 Lbs of bricks into someone's backyard Through a narrow gate that sort of thing Fits in really tight spaces you can haul This machine plus multiple attachments Plus your materials for the job on one Trailer where either of my other two Machines would take up the entire Trailer and then you have to come back For Materials but like anything else you Won't just jump on it and feel like You've mastered it right away and my Job in taking this machine is to try to Evaluate for myself and maybe provide Insight for you guys about how this

Compares to those other machines for Different task and I'm planning to use It a lot for Firewood but I don't I'm just learning About the machine we'll have more videos To come but I appreciate you taking time To watch I'll put links on the screen to A couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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