We Planted Saved Procut Sunflower Seeds. See The Result!

Hey guys welcome back to Woods Tree Farm I’m Phil and today I’m going to give you An update on a project that’s been over A year in the making we saved some seeds From some pro-cut sunflowers uh at the End of our season last year and I didn’t Get around to planting them until late This year so there are some of the last Flowers that we have to bloom this Season and I have an update for you but First let me show you our Flower Patch If you caught our last video I gave a Full run through of all the different Stuff that we have out here and I talked In that video about how our season got Cut short because we had a bunch of Sunflowers kind of get washed out by Some heavy rains that we had I’m going To walk us through that section right Here so we can see a lot of erosion here Now but there’s actually quite a few Sunflowers that did open up here in this Past week right in this section it’s Still a little scarce but you know there Was more there than I thought there was Going to be and then over here where These uh saved pro-cut seeds are there’s Actually quite a few sunflowers and I Somewhat regret not opening one more Weekend for you pick flowers but here is The section of Pro Cuts and you can see There are plenty of flowers in here so I’ve made some comments before about how Some people have told us you can’t save

Pro-cut seeds and you’re not going to Get flowers from Pro Cuts and from safe Pro Cut seed and that kind of stuff and This was really my experiment and I can See with certainty we could absolutely Get flowers but are they the same as the Original Pro Cuts let’s take a closer Look well as we look through here we can See there is not a consistent Bloom it Is not only flowers that look like the Original pro-cut orange which is what These seeds were derived from last year When I planted my pro-cut orange I had Them right next to a couple rows of Firecrackers firecrackers are a shorter Branching variety with a multi-color Bloom and and you can see in here there Are a few that look like they got Cross-pollinated with firecrackers so We’ve got a little bit of that Firecracker coloring going on as we look Through it as well there’s also probably About two-thirds of the flowers and here Are branching one third of them or so Appear to be a single head but to go Back and answer the original question Can you save pro-cut seeds yes you Absolutely can yes in my experience at Least you will get some flowers out of It you may not get the exact same thing That you originally had you know if you Saved a Pro Cut orange in the like I did Here you might get you know something Else whatever it was cross-pollinated

With but there’s a lot of good looking Flowers right here and I wouldn’t feel Bad at all about having a larger section Of these and having those as another Option in the mix here in the flower Patch for people to choose and pick from So last year I got my first taste in Saving seeds and it’s uh it’s actually Pretty rewarding to see you know Something that you grew produce seeds Able to grab something from that again And of course able to save a little bit Of money in the process so we have an Entire patch across the property I Showed a little bit of this patch in the Last video that entire patch was saved Seed from the previous year in fact Going back two seasons ago we had bought One small pack of a mix of various Colors of sunflowers we planted that Small pack in a you know small little Patch and from that patch the flowers That we liked the most the colors that We like the most we saved and planted Into a much larger patch latch last year And then we have an even larger patch This year and we’re saving seeds again From that same patch and plan on doing a Multi-colored patch again so it’s uh you Know like I said somewhat uh I’ll say Addicting and also very rewarding to Save those seeds and we’re saving a Little bit of money which makes me happy So we’ll chalk up that is one more thing

As a lesson learned for future years we Will definitely be planting some more Safe sea beads and as we look at how Many weekends we open for pick your own Flowers uh you know given what I saw There last week it just didn’t look like It was going to be that many flowers but Uh I guess even if a patch is looking a Little bit thin we can probably still go Ahead and open in the future with a Patch that looks a little bit thin as Long as we’re sure that it’s going to Produce some good looking flowers which You know over there I wasn’t sure what It was going to produce because I’d Never saved those Pro Cut seeds before But Here we are so anyway wanted to share That with you like I said this has been A video at least a year in the making Many of you have asked in the comments On previous videos or on that original Video from last year uh you know the Status the update on how those flowers Did There’s your answer sorry I didn’t plan Them for you sooner earlier in the year So we can get that answer sooner Honestly I kind of forgot about those Seeds they were in a jar on a shelf Separate from all of our other seeds and It just took me a long time to kind of Get my act together and get those seeds In the ground but finally got it done

Here before the end of the season glad I Could share it with you guys if you got Any questions or comments leave those in The comment in the comments below this Video and I hope you have a good one I’ll see you on the next video bye-bye [Music] Foreign [Music]

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