We are going to do some shredding today With a Flail Mower we have these stalks Here behind us kind of left over from Last year's food plot screen we're going To start to put a little mode path Around this field as well we're still Figuring out how to use this property And what we want to do but I don't have a coat on today if you Didn't notice it's like 40 some degrees Out sun is shining it's officially Spring I'm feeling good got a brand new Funny top mower right here brand new Because the last two years that I've had These I've had to end up selling mine They're just in very high demand so we Order more every year and every year so Far We sell out so fantastic mower manual Offset you can run it just centered Behind your tractor or you can offset it To the side as well this is the smallest Lightest series of flails that we carry For subcompacts and small compact Tractors like the summit going to be the First time using it on this Summit Tractor as well 62 inch is the cutting Width the overall width is 6 to 10 Inches wider than that just for the Belts and and gearing and bearings and All that kind of stuff love the compact Nature again look I mean here's the end Of your three point one step and you're At the back of the mower that's pretty

Awesome compared to the bra shog out Here obviously there's a price Difference as well we've gone over the Pros and cons and some other videos too But I love flail mowers a lot of you Guys do too I'm excited to get to work I like mowing this time of year before Everything starts growing you kind of Get to reset and start over And in general it's a good time to get Out and walk your property and You know every year it creeps up on you You think you got all sorts of time and You think you'll be able to easily see Your land after all the leaves fill out And everything fills in and you just Can't it's a good time to get out and Really assess what you have going on and Kind of had that clean slate before Everything starts popping up and that's What we did today is actually where this This food plot screen is we're going to Shift it a little bit get it more in Line with the clump of trees that's Right next to that that deer blind Probably gonna end up moving that I Don't know got a lot of things going on But uh I think where we chop down that Screen we're going to end up Some are red in that area putting Stone Down and making that kind of a row for Tractor attachments and we'll have to Repeat that in a couple other areas too But just really trying to get some

Organization done this year last year Was just chaos And you can tell that because it's just Kind of chaos with all the attachments All over the place but this is going to Be the year of organization and so That's what we're going to tackle there And then we're trying to figure out what To do with these other patches we don't Have animals I think we know what we're Gonna do with one we're gonna put a Soccer field in there but the one that Remote and the walking trail around Today Well we got to open up certain areas of This fence a little bit just to kind of Connect sections of the walking trail Too and it's hard to do that right now It's kind of just closed off in its own Thing there's not a gate on the south End of the property where we're standing Right now and right near where that food Plot screen was the North End of the Past year and so the opposite end is Where there's no opening we got to Figure that out where all those pine Trees are and all that kind of thing but We really want to utilize this property To its fullest extent and got a lot of Ideas and those changed the time and you Know how that goes but Something I realized when I hopped back On the tractor and used a Flail Mower Was a fact

That I forgot how quiet those things are They just operate very quietly and Smoothly and even when they're running Things over now the times when it is Loud I I caught rocks and maybe the Camera picked that up I don't know if it Did or not but maybe the sound built too But I caught rocks two or three times And you can definitely tell when that Happens and those Hammer blades Well they're on they're on a little Swivel okay that bolt that holds them on Swivels around so as it hits them it Does give right away on that rotor as It's passing by and so it's it's Forgiving in that regard there's belts On the Flail Mower as well that's the Driveline protection or the belts that Are on there too but also whether it's The hammer blades or the wide blades They're all on those little individual Bolts and so they swivel and let things Pass by very quickly that way and the Protects it itself if you do break a Blade which I haven't yet we've had some Customers that have broken them here and There they are individually replaceable You don't have to go and replace all of Them you can just you know get a handful Extras if you want to so unsurprisingly A really good fit you know sometimes you Hypothesize and think that a certain Size attachment is going to work well on A machine even if you haven't used it um

So it's nice to legitimize that and I Can say that today the 62 inch not much Of a surprise we use the 62 inch on the 1025r as well which is a sub compact uh 25 horsepower Factor this is a compact 25 horsepower tractor so a little bit Bigger frame size beefier we've told you All about it before too with all the Extra features that it comes with but The tractor's really growing on me and This is just another application that it Excelled at Foreign Folks so these flail mowers are Top three top four top five most popular Attachments we sell I would say they're Not higher up on the list because we Constantly sell out we have to order What we ordered for this year we had to Order it last summer okay so we're doing A lot of predictions and kind of Conservative predictions I'd rather sell Out I guess than have a bunch of extra Inventory on hand but very popular for Good reason now this is the smallest Series we do have larger series as well We have them with hydraulic offset Hydraulic offset and hydraulic tilt so You need to have extra rear remotes on The back of your machine if you want to Do that but check it out on the website A lot of different series if you aren't Sure what to get just send us an email We'll get back to you just give us your

Tractor make your model if you do have The rear remotes on there too let us Know that and we'll get you set up with The right mower for your machine and of Course we sell and ship these all over The country we include free shipping to Most of the country rewards and Financing too so check it out not just These mowers but anything you need for Your three-point hitch or your front end Loader good works tractors.com and if You enjoyed today's video you want to See more hit that subscribe button down Below completely free we'd love to have You tag along I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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