Folks how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors I thought it would be fun a lot Of you guys have participated but to go Through the top 10 tractor pulls not Poles but poles like I pulled people on A question and they answered and Responded but to see what the rest of The tractor Community is is thinking or What they're dealing with so I went old School I printed them out the top 10 Results the most popular just based on The amount of votes that that folks did And throughout the course of 2022 and Without further ado Let's get to number 10. all right so With 2 800 votes on this one have you Ever had a flat tire on your tractor 31 percent said never 42 percent said Yes on the front tire 20 on the rear tire and seven percent They just don't answer poll questions so The majority of you guys have had a flat Tire and we recently did a video with Multi-seal you can put that stuff right Inside your tires whether it's air or You have liquid in there there's a Solution for either one you add this Stuff it saves punctures bead sealed Leaks all that kind of stuff so check That video then go to multi-seal you'll Save five percent with code GWT number Nine most popular with 2 900 votes what RPM level do you set the throttle when You're starting your tractor and in fact

We made a whole video dedicated to this Topic because It comes up on a fairly regular basis Our results read wide open throttle baby Only four percent selected that Good on you guys bad on you four percent That do not too high not too low right In the middle 23 percent and Easy Does It low throttle or at idle 73 Congratulations I think that's what most Your tractor manuals say always Reference your manual folks if you're Enjoying this video take just a moment Hit that subscribe button down below Give us a thumbs up if you like it and Leave a comment to let us know what you Think and if you own a tractor and need A tractor attachment we'd love to earn Your business check out Goodworkstrractors.com we sell and ship All over the country every day of the Week number eight do you own a tractor And or an ATV or a UTV and this kind of Question here is is kind of for me to to Relate to my viewers to you guys to what To focus on right and so if there's A natural segue to go to a different Market this kind of information helps me Understand that better with 3 600 votes We had five selections here five choices Just a tractor for me dog 33 a third of You folks watching just a tractor ATV or UTV seven percent okay so that's Minority but the winner winner chicken

Dinner I own both what did I win 48 of You voted that neither thanks for Rubbing it in 11 and you never have the Right option for me at two percent I Don't know what option I left out but That's what they selected 3 600 votes on This one what attachment do you use to Maintain your gravel driveway not Install a new driveway but smooth level Re-grade an existing Gravel Drive had Five choices the overwhelming winner was The first one the Box played with 52 Percent land plane 13 rear blade 16 Landscape rake nine percent and other 11 I'm going to venture a guess that a year From now if I did this poll the Box Plane is going to start putting a dent And all these other choices it's a box Blade and a lamp lane two in one tool Coming to you In 2023 It's going for a rhyme folks we are Proud to be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the

Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at Rimguardsolutions.com if you could only Pick one tool to prep ground for seeding A garden a food plot lawn Etc then what Would you choose no surprise here I Think you can probably guess it before Even reading the answers But we'll give it to you anyway Rototiller Far and Away 78 percent of You 3 800 votes total 78 said rototiller Disc harrow 10 cultivator 5 plow three Percent other I don't know what that is But something other Maybe by hand it's Probably by hand turn it you know by Hand there four percent selected other I Get a lot of snarky comments anytime I Post a tractor that has a belly mower on It so I think that's why I made this Pull 4 000 votes on it do you mow the lawn With your tractor or is a tractor that Has a mower on it not actually a tractor That's the question huh anyway we got Sure do 44 negative Ghost Rider 30 and here we Go real tractors don't mow lawns For the feather rufflers out there 27 Percent of you folks selected that now My own viewpoint on that and I covered

It again recently I've talked about it a Lot I can I can make a case either way It's nice to have an all-in-one tool a Lot of folks have a subcompact or a Small compact tractor it just makes Sense I get the big farm guys that are Like hey you know unless you got Something like this this is small for a Farm guy right but you can make a case Either way worst case get yourself a Rear three-point finish mower just slap It on the back drive that around mow Your Open Fields when you need to and we Happen to sell those two did you grow up On a farm around a farm or work on a Farm in your younger years 4 400 votes On this one with 35 percent saying I Grew up on a family farm 27 saying I Grew up around Family Farms or in a Farming Community 18 I worked on a farm In my younger years seven percent no Exposure at all AKA a city slicker and 13 I didn't but I wish I would have so I Describe my own answer as well I said my Exposure to farming and tractors was Primarily through my grandparents Farm This was three hours away from us but I Was excited every time we got to visit Whether sitting on a tractor walking Through fields or simply smelling the Air it was a place I was drawn to it Stuck with me to this day if you were Buying land would you want all Woods all Fields or a mixture of both 5 300 votes

Poured in for this one and I did leave Out an option of like a stream a river a Pond something like that but we have all Woods only eight percent said that's What they'd want all Fields only five Percent said that's what they'd want a Mix of both fields and woods 65 percent And then I had an all that plus Waterfront that could have been all that Plus water is what I should have said 23 Wanted that we're getting close to the Top with 5500 votes a pretty simple one But it caught people's attention What color is your tractor Far and Away Green was the most popular choice with 45 but now when did I when did I post This I think it was before the summit came Out now there's a couple shades of green Okay so that number will probably bump Up a little bit more even Second place orange 27 Kubota coyote all Right red third place 17 quite a few Brands into that Red Spectrum blue with Seven percent and other Yellow what what other colors are there White Purple Oh yeah Bobcat yeah Chris is Right five Percent under other so all the other Colors whatever whatever colors you have That's uh That's captured all right in our number One poll of the year for 2022 was

Your driveway gravel concrete or asphalt 5500 votes came in for this one With gravel stone or other aggregate Being the overwhelming majority with 57 Percent concrete 15 asphalt 18 a mixture Six percent and other What what is it if it's if it's other What is that made of Bones probably like Crushed bones or seashells yeah four Percent for other all right that's going To wrap those up I gotta pull out there Right now I think I just posted it Yesterday actually we're gonna see Where those results are at how many Tractors have you owned let's check in On this we have 2500 volts on there so Far one tractor 36 percent of folks said They've only owned one tractor two Tractors 18 three tractors were dropping Down to nine percent we jump back up Though with four or more tractors back Up to 19 we know who has a problem That's a good problem though I don't Just don't show the other tractors I Don't have a problem never owned a Tractor 17 Okay so Quite a broad mix there but kind of Strange a third of folks One tractor if you tack on the never Owned a tractor over half the folks Watching are one tractor or fewer that's Pretty crazy alrighty folks that's going To wrap it up for us today I think it's Fun to see kind of just a compilation of

Statistics I like looking at that stuff So hopefully you enjoyed that too if you Want to see and participate in those Future polls we put them on our YouTube Community tab so just if you're Subscribed that's the easiest way to be Notified when a new poll comes out but It's just fun to get a just a Viewpoint Of a breakdown of everybody that's in The tractor World watching and following Along so of course we'd love to have you Subscribe if you want to add your Answers leave a comment down below if You're looking for something for your Tractor for the front end loader or the Three-point hitch well we sell and ship Attachments all over the country every Day of the week check out good works Tractors.com if there's nothing for you To buy head on over to our merch shop Get a sweatshirt a hat a coffee mug Whatever it is It's made to order stuff they'll ship it Out to you in a couple of weeks we don't Keep any of the profits from there we Donate it all to charity I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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