Weigh Safe Long Term Review and Gauge Replacement

Are you tired of the hassle of switching out your trailer hitch every time you tow a different load? Look no further than the Weigh Safe hitch, a long-term solution that will simplify your towing experience. In this review, we will highlight the benefits of this innovative hitch system and provide insights into the replacement gauges that can come in handy along the way. Trust us, using a Weigh Safe hitch will change the way you approach towing.


When it comes to towing, it is essential to ensure your load is properly balanced to avoid accidents or damage to your vehicle. One great way to do this is by using a weight distribution hitch like Weigh Safe. As a content writer, I discovered Weigh Safe hitches in a video and decided to try it out. This article will be a long-term review of my experience using Weigh Safe hitches and my experience getting a gauge replacement.

What is Weigh Safe?

Weigh Safe is a company that specializes in weight distribution hitches. These hitches help you balance the weight of your load on your trailer as well as your tow vehicle.

Installing a Weight Distribution Hitch:

When I installed my Weigh Safe hitch, I noticed a significant improvement in my towing capacity and payload. My trailer felt more stable on the road, and I felt more confident in my driving.

Balancing Your Load:

One of the most important features of Weigh Safe hitches is their ability to help with tongue weight and knowing your load weight. It is crucial to balance your load properly, and Weigh Safe hitches make it easier to do so.

Weigh Safe Long-Term Review:

After using Weigh Safe hitches for an extended period, I can say that they are a great investment for any regular tower. It makes towing a breeze and truly helps with balancing the weight of the load.

Gauge Replacement:

One day, my gauge on my Weigh Safe hitch stopped working. I was worried that I would have to replace the entire hitch. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the company sent me a brand new gauge with no questions asked.

Supporting Rock Hill Farm and Homes:

As part of my research, I discovered that Weigh Safe is associated with Rock Hill Farms and Homes. Their Facebook page is full of content that anyone interested in farming or agriculture would enjoy. They also daily upload videos of their 20-acre hobby farm, John Deere tractor, and other equipment. The camera equipment they use can be found through their direct affiliate links. Furthermore, you can support their channel by buying them a coffee.


Overall, I highly recommend Weigh Safe hitches to anyone looking for a weight distribution hitch. The company stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty on the gauge, and they sent a new one no-questions-asked when it stopped working. It’s an excellent investment if you’re planning to tow often.


  1. Are Weigh Safe hitches compatible with all vehicles?
    Weigh Safe hitches are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including trucks and SUVs.

  2. Can I install a Weigh Safe hitch by myself?
    Yes, you can install a Weigh Safe hitch by yourself, although it is always recommended to have it done by a professional.

  3. How does a Weigh Safe hitch improve my towing capacity?
    A Weigh Safe hitch improves your towing capacity by distributing the weight of the load more evenly across your trailer and vehicle.

  4. What should I do if my gauge stops working?
    If your gauge stops working, contact Weigh Safe customer service for a replacement. They offer a lifetime warranty on their gauges.

  5. Is supporting Rock Hill Farm and Homes necessary to use Weigh Safe hitches?
    No, supporting Rock Hill Farm and Homes is not necessary to use Weigh Safe hitches. It is just an option if you are interested in their content or want to support their channel.

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