Welding with a Battery | Mini Clip Tree Shear Repair | Bluetti AC200P

Foreign Hey welcome back to the channel today We're going to try to do some Maintenance I got the mini clips set up Here on the on the trailer and if you're Not familiar with a mini clip it goes From the front of the tractor and you Can reach up into a tree on the big Tractor we can do like 16 feet and Lily Snip off a seven inch limb that's Wonderful love it and you can rotate it Around flat lay it on the ground and Snip off a tree even with the ground at Seven inches however I found out the Hard way that you cannot snip off a Seven inch tree at the ground if there's A steel Spike through the center of it And we really put some damage to our Blade so today I'm going to take the Welder and clean this up and weld a new Edge on this and come back with the Grinder and grind it off back to a Precision cut Hopefully so the tools we're going to be Using today are the Hobart 140 the big Thing we're going to try today is I've Got the blue Eddie this is the 200p I Believe it is and this thing has been Pretty amazing to this point but if this Pulls this little welder oh my gosh this Is a game changer this is 2 000 watts of Power the Hobart it shows that it'll use 20 amps which is about 2400 however this Has like a 4000 Watt peak I am going to

Have to weld at full strength so let's Let's see how this works I think it's Going to work so tell me what you think In the comment if this blue Eddie will Work so this is what we're going to do You can see here where I clamp down on That steel post that was in the middle Of the tree there's a couple little Marks here there's a little little marks All along this this Cutting Edge but There's a pretty deep gouge right here And also a pretty deep gals right here And what this causes is uh it'll cut a Tree off but it'll leave these little Gaps and it ends up leaving the limb Hanging up in the tree so what we're Going to have to do is come back and Clean this up with a we got I got a Grinder pad we'll come in here and clean This up shine it up on both sides and Then we're going to create a little Metal lip on the underside And weld a bead across this then we'll Come back with a grinder and actually Grind this back flat and back to the Proper cut and again this is all hoping I'm no expert welder And this is hardened steel so let's see How this works It looks a lot better something to start With I do the underside now So I could rotate this over but I think For just this one cleaning this would be The easiest way to do it

You don't want to take off too much Right here because this it clamps Against this piece of Steel And that's what for actually shears it Off so we don't want to take any too Much off but I did Shine that up so it's Clean to weld on All right so I think we're ready to Maybe I'll touch that just a little more But I think we're pretty close to start Welding You can really see the dips and cuts and These little strands right here would Just let the limb hang up in the tree And it makes it where I have to like Pull the limb down so I don't recommend Cutting steel it's a Not what it's made for All right so what I'm going to do here Is I'm going to clean this up and I'm Going to use this as a backstop I'm Going to put a clamp on it and clamp This uh these two pieces of metal Together and as I'm welding across here I'm trying to do my best not to weld to This but this is going to be colder and I think it'll stop the weld from sagging And just this is going to be very small Precise welds This might work Just don't get too close Well that's true but I paid I think I paid like uh

Three dollars for these on sale So if that's what it takes to fix this I'm okay with that Melted a little bit look I think that's Gonna work good Keep the slag or keep the molten metal From falling through I'm going to sand me off the ground All right I looked at the edge of the cutter here And I'm going to say this Edge is about 1 8 so that's how I'm going to set my Welder up all right looking at it again I think I'm going to go with the 12 Gauge and we'll go 335 to start out That's really the little chart here Actually shows you a legitimate size of The metal you're welding and this is Really closer it's actually between 16 And 12 gauge is what the tip of that Cutter looks like Just so happens I looked in the bottom Of my welder where I keep the little few Little things laying around and it's Actually got the gauge right here It's going to be about 14 gauge so it's Going to be we'll start off with the 12 Gauge we'll start off with three 335. so If you've not seen this there's another Video I'll leave a link at the end of This video this is the Blue 82 or it's AC 200p uh it's 2000 continuous Watts It's got a 2000 watt hour battery and it Peeks out if I remember right somewhere

Around 4000 Watts which is pretty Significant we run a table saw with this The other day and it worked really well So I'm hopeful that with this amps we're Using this will work I'm gonna turn this dude on Takes just a quick second for it to load Up And we're at 97 percent screen's not not Super bright but you do have to Turn the AC on All right now our AC is on We should be We'll set this to 35 set this at three And we turn this on something should Happen Are Y'all wish me luck and if I think this Is stupid tell me in the comments Sure you will I need gloves Yeah I'm known for safety Yeah Gotta Have It on grant our welder Not on grind Foreign But that's Pretty nice what I'm going to do now is Knock this off And then grind it down Come back and keep retouching it until We get Make Too much definitely don't want to well This to it

Which I could well do You did make some marks on it but it Didn't weld it so we'll go ahead and put Our Edge back on and start from there Foreign That's pretty good but I can tell you This is going to be Some Art into this because I'll take this Little piece of metal And use it as a straight edge But I've got some I got I got to build Up right here pretty good bit Blue Eddie will absolutely run this Little welder I will try to weld Something heavier but I just don't need To right now Foreign That to the metal again Let's see how we did Oh no we gotta get a hammer So it is not perfect but it looks a Whole lot better than it did before I Think the whole thing has just been Pretty awesome uh I need to check on the voltage real Quick and we'll see how much uh how much Percentage of the blue 80 we use just Doing that little bit of work so we were 97 when we started and right now we're At 93 percent so and this thing never The overheating fan never kicked on Obviously we weren't we weren't welding

Continuously and this little welder is Not meant for that but gosh this is Pretty awesome So this Edge is So much better than it was before it Doesn't have a huge gouges it is not Perfect and I'm not entirely sure that These little welds are I don't think They'll pop out but I don't know if this Is softening the metal around it welds Are generally harder than metal around It so the only way we're going to know If this works is let's go try it all Right so what I'm going to do now I Forgot to do this I'm gonna go ahead and Close the features uh before we switch This over to the big tractor because I Want to see how how it makes up Small tractor just doesn't have enough Weight or ability but it's fine to move It around It has the same PSI as the big tractor It just doesn't have the hydraulic flow I mean it's not perfect but it's going To be a lot better than those uh eighth Of an inch gaps Gosh that looks pretty good Foreign Foreign Foreign So the first Vines we pulled down had Absolutely nothing to do with this video My wife said I want those Vines because I'm going to make wreaths with them all

Right let's take a look at this blade Now here I actually didn't do anything I Only correct it right in here where the Two big marks were overall It held up really well it's not perfect But it's still a lot cheaper than buying A blade and it's something I can do over And over again Let's take a look at the stump now I would say this stump is approximately Six inches wide maybe seven it's pretty Much close to the max this is Elm this Stuff is hard and difficult to cut look At that smooth cut that's that's pretty Awesome the other one is just a little Bit bigger So this stump right here was probably a Little bit more difficult but you can See the shear did a really good job I Had to come in and cut and I need to I Had to release shear and push in a Little bit further the further you go in The more uh leverage that your cutter Has your Shear has but look at how how Good it did it's a really smooth really Smooth sheer pretty happy with it now All I have to do is bring in the small Tractor with a stump grinder knock these Down in just a few minutes and we've Drastically improved this area

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