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A Catholic a Baptist and a charismatic All died at the same time and went to Heaven upon their arrival Saint Peter Told them that their living quarters Aren't quite ready yet so he asked Satan If he would keep them until their living Quarters were ready a few hours later Satan called Saint Peter and said you Have to come and get these guys Peter Asked why Satan took a long sigh and Then replied the Catholic is forgiving Everyone the Baptist is saving everyone And the charismatic has almost raised Enough money for air conditioning You're welcome Before it's not the exact one we were Thinking of but this one is on sale and A way better price so we're going with This and we can't wait to get it up and See what it looks like I don't know Foreign [Music] Box Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign These here I'll show you what I'm Talking about We're gonna go right there Foreign In here This is going to set these are going to

Sit in there so it's just to build this Out So it's just to build it there there Right There there that'll bring it out like This and then when you put the trim over It that'll just hide the whole casing or Whatever so That's why we still had to get a couple [Music] So that's thin You should have everything to finish That room Oh my man that sun feels so good I know Right it's real nice out here yeah We're still not living in here full time So We'll be here for a bit and it'll be Warm but then we go for a night it's Cold again yeah It's like a fridge it's not that bad Today though no it's not too bad it's Nice nice over here though And then these ones here are for all These so we're gonna need one by four But this was way cheaper so we got this Instead It's three and a half inches wide Instead of a true four but I think the Fours are actually like three and three Quarters anyway so they weren't quite For themselves that actually looks like There's plenty of room here anyway That's good so I was just making sure

That we still if not we'd have to oh Yeah there's nothing oh good you know Everyone looks a little wise here but no There's still plenty so we're good and Then it's around the the top and then The corners yeah You all good yeah cool Oh that one looks like a good hit oh Craig they're not perfect for cottage Grade so They're not perfect but Cottage gray looks nice I think it'll Look nice Yeah this here you could do like a Wainscouting on the bottom or something Too like I think that's what you do a Lot because it is like a groove right Foreign [Music] Yeah so we were gonna get So one by three So we did like so the corners would Match but since this stuff's so thin You think we'll be all right just by Using the same size All right softly like that roughly ready Yeah like something like that yeah it's Obviously we'll sort it out properly but We were going to do like one of these Would have been one by three one one by Four and then the one by three goes over Top to four that was the ideas for the Next but this is thin anyway see You're not really missing any you're not

Losing that much yeah I get 5 16. See it doesn't even look like That looks cool and then the same thing Up top Right on that top part will be the same And then Down here Something like that and hopefully that Still works like because we left a gap On some of this so we'll see if we're a Little wide we may switch something out There but cool figured it I think we'll Be all right worst case you could put a Little round Round bead if it's a little wide on any Spots you can always do a little quarter Round or something random If we have to I think we'll be good Though Like here's wide yeah but but that is oh No that's the whole thing right and this One here you see that big wide on there I waited to put a couple things in this Just to build it out so it's not so it Holds properly just thing here and there But we'll do that later yeah I think It's gonna look good yeah all right so We have all that dropped off and ready To go but today is actually Valentine's So we are going to spend the rest of the Evening just doing Valentine's Day Things and enjoying the evening but First I want to get to that blue Eddie Giveaway

Foreign [Music] [Music] So congratulations to Danny vest I hope That this unit is really helpful to you On your RV and Adventures as stated in Your comment so thanks again to Everybody for commenting for watching Our videos and for just getting involved We love doing these giveaways we've done Quite a few of them so we're really Happy to be able to share that with you Guys and again Danny so just send us a Message either on Facebook Messenger on Instagram or on our about page you'll See our email so if you're on the Desktop you'll be able to see it if You're on like your iPhone or whatever You might not find it but you'll find a Way to get a hold of us you've got five Minutes and then we move on to the next Person I'm just joking we'll uh give you Jill well I don't know we'll give you a While a few days at least so get a hold Of us and we will have that shipped out To you right away so I hope you guys Have an awesome Valentine's Day see you In the next one [Music] Thank you

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