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Did you know diarrhea is hereditary It runs in your jeans You're welcome I'm sorry but that joke was like way too Funny not to tell All right so it was a good night last Night got a buck last night so that's Cool Sam was there uh well it was like a Whole family affair so it was pretty fun It was awesome yeah so anyways we uh Deboned that ourselves it's hanging Right now at The Farmhouse got it with a Muzzleloader mm-hmm in the cornfield out Back so that was cool and uh Yeah so anyways yeah Muzzleloader 50 cal That was fun We got it with that and all that anyways We have a We've been deboning ourselves and we use A hand grinder and we've noticed we're In here at Princess Auto right now and They have some electric ones I guess There yeah so we're gonna get that Because our handheld one I like to throw Bacon through it too and it'll like Basically after one pound or you know One or two pounds you gotta clean the Whole thing out and redo yeah so we're Gonna try one of these ones they have in Here so we're gonna go in and see what They got yeah for me grinders for meat Grinders start there see if there's Anything else that we want maybe well We're kind of looking for an extra knife

Too because we have a a pretty sweet Knife we'd like to have another one for The d-bone part yeah the fillet knife Basically yep because I'd use the good One and he'd use like a crappier one we Debug like we cut it up ourselves so Yeah yeah having two good knives would Be awesome yeah so we'll see what they Have anyway let's head in Yeah look at deep fryers everything Okay Oh yeah oh yeah This is cool I had to get mixers Sausage makers jerky Food slicers Shrimp shrimp kebabe Shrimp kabobs there's pineapple shrimp Shrimp soup shrimp stew shrimp salad Dehydrators vacuum sealers we we Actually have vacuum sealer scales eh 660 pounds that goes up to that scale Man there's all kinds of stuff in here Sweet Meat tubs What's this thing Oh fish table cool up We're looking for a grinder [Music] All right we found when we're gonna get This one this will be an upgrade from The hand okay You did some more bags for our vacuum Sealer Great all set up

Control yep Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] So we have decided to take down all the Wiring I know kind of strange so we had never Really intended on wiring this cabin we Were just gonna run it like we did our First cabin for the longest time with Just lamps and oil lanterns propane Lanterns and then just plugging things Into like our blue Eddies and into our Solar what we might wire in a couple Solar lights and then just have lamps That plug into our solar powered like Generators and things like that so that Was originally our plan but probably Like six months ago or something when we Started talking about wiring and

Plumbing and all that stuff Canada was In a bit of a mess and we were thinking That we would want to move to the United States so we figured if we plumbed it Properly wired it properly if we tried To move to the United States we'd have a Better chance of selling the cabin if it Was fully wired and fully pumped so That's why we started doing we started The whole process of wiring and plumbing But now we've decided that Canada is Where we want to stay we we're just Going to kind of work through all the Stuff that comes with being Canadian and We're going to stay here and we want our Cabin to be off-grid and the way that Our previous cabin was run with like I Said just the solar power generators gas Generators lamps and then oil lanterns And propane lanterns and stuff like that So we don't want it wired we don't want To do the wiring and we don't want it Wired so because we've only just started With the wiring and we really don't have That much done yet we're ripping it all Out and we're just going to forget about It and not do it because that's Basically what we want and that's what We want for our cabin so we're leaving All the plumbing because we want Plumbing we have a bathroom and we're Going to be able to set that up we don't Need wiring in order to run the bathroom You can definitely do all that on solar

That's what we did before and we have Some pretty cool ideas for having a Water filtration system like a big water Tank in here in the house and it'll run Through the lines all on solar so all Completely off-grid and we were wiring It for solar we just don't want the Wires run all through the cabin we just Don't want that so we want it to be an Off-grid play so we want it to feel like That so we don't want it to be like the Conveniences of everyday life that you Normally have and we just don't want That for this place so I'm going to get Ripping all those out and we are going To start after that we are going to be Able to focus on doing the insulation Because we don't have to worry about Putting holes in the walls and running Wires we can start on the insulation and Vapor Barrier and get to doing the Interior of this cabin So let's rip out some wires [Music] How does this work oh You just pull it up These wires to get them out you just Yank EE In there or anything it feels really Tight maybe these ones are There's like a screw in there I never needed before I don't need it Now I've only needed it before we sold

It the last place that's it I don't plan On selling this place nope No this one's a good one good spot But you still we don't need all this Regular stuff to do in all the other Places there's no need for it I'm trying To live more simple It's not common [Music] Foreign To have a convenience if look at the Switch you can just turn the lamp on as Soon as we did before we already have Power units yeah [Music] Foreign [Music] So that's that it's all ripped out now And like I said we can start over and Get to the insulation that's what we're Supposed to be on right now is doing the Insulating and getting the cabin ready So we can come and live in here [Music] [Music]

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