What happened to the firewood stand thief?

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead I'm out in front of my Firewood stand it's empty right now Which is a good thing uh we're gonna Fill it up again today because I keep Selling wood but people keep asking what Happened and we finally found out what Happened to the guy that was robbing my Firewood stand if you haven't seen the Videos uh You can see the roads right here people Driving by all the time and not so much Today because it's a weekend but uh he He went into my cash post right here and He took an angle grinder to it he yanked It out of the ground uh you get you got To see the video If you haven't seen it I'll put some footage in here but anyway People are asking what happened to him What happened to him because you know I Had a game camera up there and he backed His truck right up to it put the license Plate on it had a nice picture of his Face and everything and I called the Sheriff and and told him you know my Firewood stand have been robbed and I Have footage and you know it wasn't a Pressing matter for him because they're Like a cash box at a firewood stand not That big a deal but he said I'm sending Uh he's asked me to send him the video And you know with the license plate and The picture of his face this would be an Easy one we'll just look up where he

Lives and show up and it turns out that He was doing it in the stole stolen Pickup so they became a lot more Interested they didn't know where he Lived but I told him he's going to live Within 15 miles me up this way based on The times that he uh but was bugging me And uh or robbing me and uh what the Video camera showed the way he's turning So anyway they went up the next day and He pulled hell right in front of him and He was arrested so his court date was Just a few weeks ago but it turns out he Uh pled guilty to theft of an auto he Pled guilty to robbery in a third degree Which is I'm assuming my firewood stand Which is less than 750 dollars and then They dropped they dropped the malicious Mischief charges and the what do they Have uh auto theft tools here that we Had a charge on them there so they Dropped those two so it uh the his exact Amount of time he's going to spend in Jail has not been determined but it Sounds like in talking to the court it's Going to be between 9 and 12 months and Restitution so anyway a lot of you have Been saying what's happening what what's Happening uh what happened to him it was A long slow process but uh he's pled Guilty to a couple charges and we'll be Doing a little bit of time and ever Since he has not been an issue I've been Like I had nine bundles out here just

The other day They're gone I charge five dollars I Open up my cash box forty five dollars I Mean it's been pretty consistent I mean There's been a small percentage of theft Or or loss of payment but for the most Part it it's going really well so anyway That's your update thanks for joining on The Flanigan Homestead where Christmas Trees are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects like this firewood stand on my Passion hope to see you again soon be Blessed everyone

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